Monday, March 23, 2015

Football & family celebrates Jess's birthday

NFC playoff game
 Henry brought two footballs to indicate which teams were playing for the chance to go to the Super Bowl… Henry's Seahawks or Gramma's Packers?

Quinn didn't really care. He just enjoyed the game.

I changed into my Seahawks colors before he went to meet up with Jess and Joylynn and their kids to have a surprise birthday dinner for Jess.
The Old Spaghetti Factory
It seems like the OSF is the place for our family to celebrate birthdays when the whole gang is going to be in attendance. It really has a great family friendly atmosphere and offers a great three course meal for a reasonable price. There were eighteen of us having a great time!

Happy 40th Birthday, Jess!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Lloyd Changes and P-town pics

It's sad to see
The middle of January and beginning of February brought a couple of changes to Lloyd Center. The Nordstrom store closed and the theater did as well.
 Rylan worked here for 17 of those 24 years except for the time he was in Korea. Garrett looks pretty happy in that picture with me but the poor guy had tears in his eyes when he turned away from that closed gate.
 He cheered up pretty quickly when Harlan joined us for lunch at Billy Heartbeat's.

More infant-icipation: pampering and walking

Pedicures- gotta have good looking feet to be in labor ;0)

Hiking at Washington Park

After walking around the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial we moved on to the Oregon Zoo.

She didn't bring on labor but did score a new little cuddle friend for the baby. Red pandas are a favorite :0)