Monday, September 15, 2014

Hayden and my big night out

Cashing in on a birthday present
Hayden received tickets to a concert for his birthday. They were for an artist that the two of us enjoy and had gone to a concert of hers at the zoo years ago. So I was hoping that he would agree to take me with him to see her this time.
First we had dinner

The sign on the right is hanging on the wall of another restaurant near our place but it seems appropriate for Hayden's and my evening down town too.  We went to the Japanese restaurant that Cam introduced us to on his birthday.

I don't know what was going on down in Pioneer Courthouse Square that evening but I felt like a tourist. We really should go downtown more often. There is so much to see!

According to the tickets we were allowed to enter the concert hall an hour before the concert but they made us wait an additional 15 minutes.
No problem :0) There was plenty to do and lots of things to take pictures of as we waited.

This was my first time in the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. What a beautiful place! 
Brandi put on a tremendous show as always! She just continues to get better as the years go by. 
The best part about it was spending time with Hayden doing something that he enjoyed as well.

Back to school time - junior year for our guy

Cam went out for cross-country

Our Cameron was on the track and field team last spring at Grant High School. He was not on any of the running squads but threw discus, shot-put, and javelin. Sometime during that season he decided that he was going to join the cross-country team. They started training three times a week right after school got out. He's been running all summer and had his first official meet in the end of August. He's competed in one other and had to sit out one because of an ankle issue. But  he's back up to speed and should be running with his team and showing that GRANT GRIT for their home meet this week.

He's got a great coach and staff to work with. He seems to really enjoy the camaraderie and the challenge of being a runner.
Henry-boy was all set!

These days every school student is encouraged to bring supplies to share with the classroom for the entire year. This was right up Henry's alley. He's quite the planner ;0)
He wrote down the first day of school on his own calendar. But he found out that the Kindergarteners didn't start until after Labor Day. He took that news pretty well and enjoyed the long weekend with his family.
Getting spruced up for school

Genevieve needed a trimming on her hair before school started. A week before I took the girls to Great Clips to get that done.
G'vieve loves the spa treatment of getting her hair shampooed and styled. It's quite the treat. These two have even set up a salon in their yard and do shampoos and mani-pedis for their little friends in the neighborhood.
Har and I stopped over there on the evening of Labor Day. I took a pic of Wyatt after he changed the calendar to September. He and Genevieve and Danika all take the bus to school and back.
I like that they have a bunch of kids in their cul-de-sac to be busing with. I can hardly believe that they are in fifth, third and second grades this year.

Cherise sent me these pictures of Henry at his school and in his classroom on the first day of Kindergarten.
 Alyssa text messaged a picture of Rowan on his first day of first grade.
And this one of all of the kids on Kate's first day of preschool for this year.
 Cam @ Grant High School 
He told me as he got out of the truck,"You don't have to take a picture!" 
Oh, Cameron! Yes I do.
Milestones like these are photo worthy. 
Blessings on your junior year, my boy.
"Love you... have a good day!"

Friday, September 12, 2014

Our #1 daughter is THIRTY-TWO

Where have the years flown by to?
I am reminded of the song from 1957 called Turn Around.
"Where are you going My little one, little one?
Where are you going My baby, my own?

Turn around and you're two
Turn around and you're four
Turn around and you're a young girl
Going out of the door

Turn around Turn around
Turn around and you're a young girl
Going out of the door

Where are you going My little one, little one?
Little dirndls and petticoats Where have you gone?

Turn around and you're tiny
Turn around and you're grown
Turn around and you're a your wife
With babes of your own

Turn around Turn around
Turn around and you're a young wife
With babes of your own

Turn around Turn around
Turn around and you're a young wife
With babes of your own"

Joylynn at 11 months, at 5 yrs old and with baby Wyatt in 2004.

 Birthday party delivery

Just like we did with Danika, I made a cake and we packed up other snacks and stuff to bring over to Jess and Joylynn's house. She requested a German chocolate cake so I made one and decorated it with silk hydrangeas. We also bought her a hydrangea plant in lieu of cut flowers.
 We had her open gifts before we took her and Jess out to dinner, so the kids could get to bed at a decent time. We left Hayden, Cameron, Courtney, Charles and Krystle with the kids to enjoy a pizza night while we went to an Italian restaurant.
 Harlan had been to this place with some workmates back in 1979. Joylynn had been there in 1999. It was a first for Jess and myself. Any business that has been going for almost 40 years in the same location has got to be pretty good!

It was delicious!  Everyone enjoyed their entrees and had plenty to take home too.
Cake and goodies back at the house

Cake, cookies, a meat, cheese and cracker tray in addition to homemade spinach dip and bread made for a nice little party. Can you tell what Joylynn's favorite color is? ;0)

We once again had a lovely time at their place. Before we left Genevieve was asking if I could make her a cat themed party in October when she turns 9. I think I might be able to pull something together, G'vieve.  Give me a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I want to wish your momma a…
Happy 32nd Birthday Joylynn!
God's blessings on the year ahead

Happy Birthday Miss Danika!

She was such a little peanut

Can hardly believe that this little girl is SEVEN already!

A while back when I took the girls to the Lavender Blue tearoom we talked about possibly doing a tea party theme for Danika's August 29th birthday. Garrett and Genevieve help set things up while Danika was getting a mani-pedi with her mom.
Everything turned out pretty cute.

I brought dresses for Genevieve and Danika to wear to the party along with fairy wings. Her mom and Dad bought her this pretty sparkly yellow and white dress. Mid party she changed into the one we brought.
Krystle wore a dress that matched Danika's. Pretty in pink and green!

The checkerboard cake was a delicious pink lemonade and key lime flavored concoction. 
 Present time

She got lots of crafty things, a couple of Ever After High dolls, some school clothes, a pink microphone and her own tablet! Everything a seven year old girl could want :0)

Happy Birthday Dolly! We sure were happy to celebrate with you :0)