Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Courtney and Me at the mall

Starbucks near the Santa tree

Welcome to Lloyd Center!!!
Cam said, "I'm pretty sure he didn't say that." But doesn't it look like he's saying that? They've had more elegant decorations at Lloyd Center in past years but I think that this years things are nice and make it very festive.

We sat at a little table for two next to the fence that surrounds the Santa scene. Santa wasn't there and they didn't have a out to feed the reindeer sign. So I have no idea when to go back and get Courtney's picture taken with him. She was complaining that it was cold sitting there. I guess it was the piles of snow affecting the temperature.
 Courtney took my picture by the big tree. Then we went to get our nails done and shop a bit. I had to practically twist her arm to do that with me ;0) It's been so long since I've been to the mall with anyone but myself. It was kind of fun.
New Christmas decor at Nordstrom's

 I love the new decorations that Nordstom has this year. They change it up once every few years.  Their trees are gorgeous!  As are their window displays and planters. So so pretty.

In this coming Advent season
Jesus said:
I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life” John 8:12
He also said:
 “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden."  Matthew 5:14
Let's remember to share His light!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Slow changes

Out with the fall leaves and
In with the snowflakes
 Our cup tree changes with the seasons. I only have three groups: spring/summer, fall and winter. We have now headed into winter mugs. If you look closely at Krystle's Thanksgiving food you'd see that we have our poinsettia plates in use now too.
Elves and pixies

The kids spent three days of their school break all together here at the house. One morning I sat them all down and put headbands and santa hats on them. Garrett is wearing a childs' sized one and it is really too tight on him.
He wanted to sleep in the Santa's Little Helper apron.
Projects to sell

 I will be trying to get a few lap quilts made in the next week. On Dec 5th & 6th Krystle has a table at a craft fair at her college. I asked if I could send a few quilts with her to see if any would sell.  She said, "Sure." So we'll see if they do.

She is busily making sock monkeys out of bright and colorful socks & animal print socks. Here she is with two of the ones she's just finished. She had a couple really cute little ones but she's already sold those two by just having them with her at PCC and talking to people about her plans to sell them. One was a black leopard print that looked like a ninja. Very cool!

Two years married
 I had Charles and Courtney pose for an anniversary photo. It's been two weeks since their anniversary but I haven't had an opportunity to get them both in one place that was nice enough to photograph.
Sunday I did.  Aren't they super cute? I like the fall leaf framing on the left and top. Perfect for a November anniversary.
Our freshman 
 Cam fell victim to my shutter-bug habit. He's growing taller and maturing into quite the guy!
We took the kids to 
McMenamins on Broadway
None of these guys have been to any McMenamins restaurant except to see a movie at Kennedy School. It was nice to sit with these adults and young adults and enjoy some quality food. We ate out on their patio. The heaters were turned on and the screens were part way down. It was a beautiful day to be out there.

 The scenery was lovely. I'd like to read some history on this building across the street. It houses a hair salon, Pastini and used to have Pizza Schmizza, which has moved just down Broadway on the corner at 7th Avenue.

McMenamin's has quite a selection of whole leaf teas. Courtney had  a pot of black mango tea. She enjoyed it very much.

The guys put lights up on the porch today. So slowly but surely it's beginning to look like our holiday home :0)

Friday, November 23, 2012


We gathered together...
 I love my new candle centerpiece that is going to take me through til New Years with a few fall things removed and a few Christmassy things added.
The kids' table
 Joylynn said that she didn't ever remember us having a "kids' table" before but I'm pretty sure we have. I found this great table cloth with activities on it. Perfect for keeping them occupied while the food was being plated.

 I think we bought enough sparkling beverages for the whole family if everyone was here. We had only 14 of the 23 of us eating here this year. We have quite a few unopened bottles left. Hayden had the honor of pouring.

 Joylynn and the girls made place cards for everyone. She only had enough for 12 and there was another kit here so Genevieve and Wyatt made Rylan's and Charlie's. I took a picture of Krystle's plate. I just noticed that she didn't take any roasted brussel sprouts!
A few of the attendees

Garrett, Gramma, Charles and Courtney.
Harlan was seated to my left. Krystle and Hayden to my right.

Joylynn and Jess by candle light. Cam sat on their side of the table with them.
 Henry and Anabelle were with us via a photo sent by Cherise. We just made it large and put the iPad on the table. Their ham dinner looked yummy!
Dessert pies and coffee
I didn't make our pies from scratch so Marie Callander did it for me. Just bake and eat :)
We had a whole pie and a half left for coffee time today.

I'm grateful to have had a house full of kids and grands to pause and recognize all of the blessings we have. Thanksgiving is over but we are anticipating the Advent season.
Harlan and Hayden are deciding where our Christmas tree is going to go and what lights are needed where. I'm more than willing to let them figure that stuff out.  I have more sewing to do :D
The finished quilts
(L-R) Alyssa's, mine, Cherise's, Joylynn's, Krystle's and Courtney's. The only person who knew they were getting one was Alyssa since she picked out fabrics when she was here.
I did get to Joann Fabrics this morning as $1.75 a yard for flannel that was regularly $6.99 a yard is pretty great!  Picked up enough to keep me out of mischief for awhile ;)

Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving Day and that 
the season ahead will be filled with JOY!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

A bit of a reno- and conferences

Grampa and his helper

We did a little bit of moving computers around. The computer that was on the dining room table is being moved to the right hand side of this desk. The linux machine is moving to the left side. We are going to be sending our Connections Academy equipment back to them as we never use it anymore. Garrett enjoyed climbing all over it while Harlan was trying to accomplish running all the wires to set up the printer and wireless router and everything else.
I'm sure Grampa appreciates any help he can get :P
Joylynn and her "babies"

Joylynn was trying to get Garrett to come and sit with her. She tried to make him jealous by having Courtney be her baby. It worked. He's such a goofy guy.
 Courtney is kind of goofy too, sharing her hair with poor Garrett who doesn't have much.
Speaking of hair...
 Genevieve decided she'd cut her own bangs. I'd been promising to take her back to Great Clips for another haircut. She kind of made sure we did it sooner than later.

 It's not too disimilar to her new school do. It's a perfect cut for her to manage on her own.
Kids' parent teacher conferences
 Jess, Joylynn and I attended three parent teacher conferences in a row on Tuesday afternoon. First for Danika, then Wyatt (he was required to attend) and lastly for Genevieve. They are are doing really well, though the girls are needing to be encouraged to ease up on the drama and socializing in class. I'll let you decide which girl needs to work on which ;)
Wyatt's biggest hurtle is penmanship. He doesn't find it easy to write. His composing is terrific, it's the physical task of writing that is laborious.  If he could dictate all his written work he would blow everyone away with his descriptions. He settles for easy short sentences rather than work so hard to get his amazing thoughts on paper.
I'm very glad that we can all (Jess, Joylynn, Harlan, and I) work to support them with their schoolwork.
Over run with projects

The stack of fabrics represents the eight quilts I'm working on. I'm totally finished with six of them and have only the bindings to put on the other two.
I think I'm going to make it to Joann Fabrics early sale on "Black Friday"!
I've got more projects in the works.