Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mall & home

Shopping with the girls and Garrett

Have I mentioned that I really like our mall?  The ice is back on the rink and people are enjoying skating again.  Genevieve and Danika both want me to take them skating. 
I think shopping is a safer option for me at this time. :0) 
I had an additional 20% off coupon for Children's Place.  They were having a terrific sale as well so we picked up a few summery things while we were there. They are into the Back to School mode so summer stuff is on clearance. It's not even July!
Makin' a bacon run
 Hayden had seen a commercial for this Burger King treat and thought it sounded good. I was disappointed that it had chocolate on it.  I imagined it to be only bacon and ice cream.
 Doesn't it look yummy?!

Cam was one of the guinea pigs.  He actually liked it, as did Hayden. I guess it's no different than having salted peanuts on a sundae. Only has a little more smokey flavor.
Wyatt is here sans siblings
The other kids are at home for the weekend but Wyatt has a birthday party to go to so he got to spend a solo night here. He got to get out the big lego bucket and build to his heart's content without little guys getting into his creations.  He also got to eat his blueberry pancakes on the porch as it was a very nice morning.

Charles is on break
Courtney and Charlie were sharing music and pancakes this morning.  He is on break from Job Corps for a few weeks.  So except for the time that Courtney is working, they'll be hanging out together and that is a very good thing!
Hurray for summer vacations!
Mixed shade planter
This is the mixed planter that I found at Fred Meyer the day of the humming bird. It's starting to adjust to its placement on the porch.  I enjoy the impatiens growing out and up and the fuchsias draping down along with the non flowering plants that round it out.
I think it's inviting me to come out, sit and enjoy a cup of coffee.
Sounds like a super idea.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Today's goal = Joy

Enjoy the moments
 I was pouring my cup of tea and realized that it wasn't simply tea that I was going to be partaking of, it was a "cup of JOY"! Just what I need today and every day.

Cell phone pictures bring much JOY
This little girlie is getting so animated. Look at her sitting up on her sissy's bed. Looks mighty pleased with herself. Hayden needs to give her tons of hugs and kisses from Gramma when he gets there next week.
Oh Joy!
Look who's learned a new trick
Anabelle can open cupboards! Look how proud she is of herself.
Can't wait to see what comes next.
"Picture me"
Cutie Katie wanted her picture taken after they went out for a walk. I was just thinking I needed a new picture of this big girl too.
The biggest Grand-dollies
These two young ladies went to the mall with me today. Uncle Hayden and Garrett were there too.  This is a cell phone pic of their new sunglasses. They have newly trimmed bangs too. We picked up a few more summery tops for each of them.
We're ready for hot weather now.

I am extremely thankful for the blessing of these 5, our granddaughters.
"Surely you have granted (me) eternal blessings
    and made (me) glad with the joy of your presence." 

Psalm 21:6

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pretty mundane day

Middle of the night intruder
 Garrett has come into bed with us less than a handful of times.  I don't know why he decided to join us around two o'clock this morning but he crawled right between us and went back to sleep. 
When Harlan got up at 5, Garrett made sure he wouldn't come back by sprawling across his pillow. I got up around 6:30 and snapped this picture.
 He looks just like one of the monkeys on his pajamas!
Sisters in braids
 Courtney braided Genevieve's hair yesterday so she wanted them again today.  And when Danika saw them she wanted some herself. It's going to be easier when their hair gets longer but they looked pretty cute.
 Genevieve has lost all of the little girl roundness from her face.  Though they still look a lot alike, Danika looks more like the Kindergartener that she is going to be in the fall.
Monkey see ~ monkey do
 Since I was taking a picture of the girls, he had to get in on the action too.
Dress up fun

The silly girl was trying to navigate in swim fins across the living room.  And if you know Danika, she didn't just walk.  She danced and spun and landed on her bumper.
 More dress up clothes

I ran to Old Navy to exchange something for Hayden and was walking past The Men's Warehouse when I saw this formal wear.  It was pretty cool looking.  I was daydreaming about Hayden wearing a tux some day.  Not that he's going to have an occasion to do so any time soon.  But when I looked down at their feet I had to chuckle. Hayden would so wear those shoes with that tux.  Perfect!

Our formal living room isn't

It has been a long time since we had a "formal" living room.  I don't know if we ever really did. It is just another area to play in.  Especially since we had a large blank piece of metal on the fireplace that was just perfect for magnets. It's much easier to play with them there than on the dishwasher or fridge. So for now we have a magnet play area in the living room. And Garrett is learning about animals and their sounds.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Chicken nuggets and loose teeth

I love the sound of falling water
 I was parked next to these pillar fountains. I had my van window open and the sound was so relaxing. I could have sat there for hours if not for the other sounds coming from within the van. They were the voices of...
Hungry children

 We usually pick these guys up from their house around supper time on Sundays. For a few weeks we've been driving over to the Fred Meyer gas station next to Jess's work so a Wendy's run is a good option. This time we had a full tank of gas but still hungry kids. So we detoured to McDonalds.

They look pretty happy to be there, except
Garrett wants no more pictures!

Garrett was wearing this t-shirt when we picked him up.  It was Wyatt's when he was a youngster. I think the shirt explains a lot. He should still be wearing it today because. as I was typing this Genevieve caught him running through the house with a spool of string. He started in the dining room and ran around the island in the kitchen, back through the dining room and was heading through the living room toward the den when he was stopped.  I don't have a wide enough lens  to catch what it looked like. He didn't have enough time to make any decent knots so clean-up was pretty easy.
The string is back on the spool and he is off to play with actual toys right now.
What a boy!
The tooth-fairy's comin'

I finally convinced Genevieve to let me help her tooth come out.  It's been hanging by a couple of strands since last week. This is her second time she's lost a tooth.
Her permanent teeth have already erupted behind the baby teeth so she is going to have to start working them into place. But the new ones are so big I think a couple more little teeth will have to vacate before the adult teeth settle in.
I sure enjoy this losing teeth stage.
Though each and every milestone is important to acknowledge and celebrate!
Way to be brave, Genevieve!

Busy bees

Better than Wheaties
 Old fashioned oatmeal, fresh blueberries and walnuts... this should be the real "breakfast of champions"!   
Mosaic Craft

I picked up two small craft kits at Old Navy a few weeks ago.  This past week the kids were wondering when I was going to do them.

They were thrilled when I set them up at the dining room table and let them do the matching of the colored sticky squares to the right numbers on the projects.  It was a nice way for them to spend a few minutes.  I'm needing more of this sort of thing.

We have to work on the clean up after craft time though. This project had extra squares of each color left over that I'm finding stuck all over the house. I'm not a fan of stickers!

 Garrett wanted to be right in the middle of things. I really have to find a more age appropriate craft for him to be doing next time.

Handsome prince and pretty princesses
 The girls finished their crown. They each took a turn wearing it. Even Garrett wanted to try it on. 
Dinosaur wall hanging
 Wyatt's dinosaur project came with a hanging tab.  We're going to have to put a little hook or brad next to his bed so he can display it.
Very fun. 

Pretty little princess

I love this picture of Anabelle that I took with my cell phone as we sat outside on the porch.  You can see those two bottom teeth so plainly.  She is so happy and smiley!
She is going to be 1 year old in less than two weeks! 
Where does the time go? 
Snow white hydrangeas
I took this during one of our walks this week. I think I should make a folder of just flower pictures.  So many of them would make excellent note cards.
More ideas for projects. Organization is needed before I take on any more projects.
As big as our house is, it's not big enough for all that's trying to be crammed in here.
We need a place for everything before everything can be in its place.
If we can't make a place or find a place, it needs to leave.
This could be a painful project ;_(

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A friend's grad and commission

New Army Officer
Congratulations Lt Jonathan Nuttelman!

I got to go to a graduation/birthday party yesterday.  Our friends' oldest son just graduated from Oregon State University.  He was part of the Army ROTC there and in addition to graduating, he was commissioned as a 2nd Lt in the U.S. Army.
Michael (holding camera) and Jan here with Jon, have much to be proud of. 
Jan put together a beautiful scrap book of his graduation and end of year festivities. She is so creative!
Happy 23rd Birthday, Jon! 
God's blessings on your future and career with the Army!

Sunday dinner 

We saw plenty of pig statues and likenesses but didn't see any pancakes. I guess we'd have to have ordered those ourselves. It was our last dinner with Sebastian as he's going home later today. I think he's had a good time hanging out here.
 My chef's salad looked like a monster. You know you're in a good ol' restaurant when your chef's salad has pickles and olives on it. Pig'n Pancake is known for it's 1960's decor and food choices. It is a nice trip back in time.

Home to Courtney making goodies

Courtney learned something new about Charlie.  He loves strawberry/rhubarb stuff. So little Courtney homemaker got the stuff together and whipped up a Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp.
It looks delectable and delicious!

Old and new school
My Bible study homework is going good.  The only problem is that I try to turn the pages on the workbook by tapping the edge of the page and it doesn't work.  I also broke down and got my iPad out to look up the scripture references. I'm so spoiled with my online devotional and Bible app. But I must say that I've enjoyed every bit of historical background info that is in that big study Bible. 
I'm gleaning the best from all sources and look forward to the discussion on Monday night!!!