Friday, April 25, 2014

Grey skies and goodbyes

Here's your rain, Lys

One thing that Alyssa misses when she's enduring the hot humid summer weather in Virginia is our cool rainy Portland weather. Here are photos you can look at when you need to feel cooler, Lys.
Taking the kids for a walk in the rain

 The girls have been walking around with that pink umbrella for days. They realized that it was raining and they could finally really use it. We managed to collect a couple more so everyone who wanted to use an umbrella had one. We just walked a few doors down and back but it was good enough for them to get their "fix".
A PDX send off

 We got to the airport with plenty of time to spare so we had a leisurely time of having something to eat and then Har and I let Garrett play while we watched for Lys and Logan and the kids to get through security.

One final wave and they were on their way and we headed for home too.
Spring flowers here and there

Our rhododendron and Alyssa's dogwood and the pretty purple flowers that are covering her side lawn.
Day is done
After a day of on and off showers we had a lovely sunset. 
Looking forward to a few dry days…soon I hope.

Every moment is treasured

Been looking up these days

 I guess it's the time of year or something but I've been noticing more church steeples lately. They are all so unique. I think my eyes are being drawn toward all of the green leaves popping out and blossoming trees, so I'm looking up more. Looking up is always a good idea :0)
Enjoying some Easter snuggles

Cherise sent me these pictures of her kiddies and their Easter stuffed animals. The colorful eggs are giving Quinn something to focus on during tummy time. He's noticing a lot of things lately. He's fascinated with his fists and reflexion and lights up when anyone talks to him. 
Can't wait to see them in person again!
Playing outside between showers

 Garrett has a place in the front yard that he likes to dig. He has a few toy garden tools that he reluctantly shared with his cousins.

 Rowan and I drew a chalk course on the sidewalk. He ran around and around and did all of the obstacles along the way. He got a bit perturbed with his sisters and Garrett who just ran around ignoring the directions.

I am thankful for my raggedy yard and the kids that love running around out there amongst last years leaves and dandelions.
I'm also finding myself coveting my neighbor's lilacs. Though I am grateful that I can see them from my window :0)
 Finding loveliness while driving

 I get stopped in traffic at various points along my drive from Beaverton back into town in the mornings. The other morning I spied the Fremont Bridge between some sun drenched foliage. And across the street from that view was this garage dug into the hillside. Beauty!
Our "Cracker Barrel" wanna be

We ate and shopped at Cracker Barrel when we were back in Virginia last summer. We loved it!  The closest thing we have around here is Bob's Red Mill store and restaurant. So on the last day that the kids were going to be in town, we went to breakfast at Bob's.

 The food there is great! I just have to go there a few more times to get into the swing of how to order. I love sit down restaurants where a server comes to take my order. Standing at a register when others are waiting for me to decide what to get is too much pressure and uncomfortable. 
It was great being there on a weekday morning as we almost had the entire upstairs dining area to ourselves.
Har took a picture of me as a "bag lady" holding purses and bags while other pictures were being taken out by the mill wheel. The light blue one is a souvenir bag for Alyssa to tote around on her errands to remind her of "home".

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter weekend here and afar

Pictures of food and 
photo hopping between PDX and Tri-cities
Blueberry porridge in Portland.
Too loud coffee grinder in Tri-cities.
Grampa groomin' the front yard.

Katie is an expert on babies and Rowie is an expert on his Nintendo 3DS.
Harlan and I got to run errands on Saturday. Just the two of us. This water ring on the table at IHOP says it all!  ;0)
Coloring eggs 

Wyatt, Genevieve, Danika and Garrett had a blast decorating eggs with their mom and dad.
Bath time at the orchard house
Logan and Alyssa visited out at C & K's and stayed over for a couple of nights.
 Anabelle got to hang out with the girl cousins and have a bubble bath with them.

Aunty Lyssa got a Quinn fix. Though I'm sure it wasn't near long enough. Look at that boy checking out his muscles ;0)
Meanwhile back in Portland

Genevieve wrote a note for the Easter Bunny. Wyatt decided he was going to add one too. This was a first around here. Leaving carrots for the Bunny? I guess if you leave cookies on Christmas Eve, that makes sense.
Easter Morning and afternoon

Managed to snap a picture of the decorated cross at Augustana Lutheran on my way home from dropping Har off early at church. &
Alyssa sent this cell phone picture of Cherise and Quinn just before they started an egg hunt in the orchard on Sunday morning.
I took the kids outside for a couple of pictures before church.

We took one with Krystle, Hayden and Cameron when we got to church.
Road trip back to Gramma and Grampa's
They used our little 5 passenger pick-up to motor to the Tri-cities. The passenger airbag was turned off and Katie sat between Lys and Logan in the front seat. It was a cozy 3 1/2 hours each way. Katelyn looks sleepy here but her mom claims she was going a little stir crazy ;P
Front yard egg hunt & Easter dinner 

The ham dinner was delicious. Courtney helped out a lot in getting it ready.
I especially appreciate that she came over the day before and made an incredible cheesecake with a shortbread crust. The Cheesecake Factory has nothing on her. That girl knows how to made a lovely cheesecake. My waistline and I are thankful she doesn't make them very often!
Easter in the Copper Country?
 Doesn't this look like a Yooper Easter Bunny and his friend? 

From all reports the weather was sunny and beautiful for Easter Sunday celebrations there.
I sure hope that the snow melts before too long. Do you think that the longer snow is on the ground the less mosquitoes in the summer? One can only wish...