Saturday, April 28, 2007

A touch of paradise...sorta

For the briefest of times, in the late spring, I get the feeling that we are living in a more tropical climate. I always like to imagine that my blooming rhododendrons are lovely exotic flowers with a beautiful fragrance. The fact that they never drop their leaves in the fall and react somewhat dramatically to frigid weather gives me the illusion that they would thrive in a warmer place. I'm sure there are "rhodies" everywhere in the world from mountains to the tropics. Here they come in an enormous variety of colors.

Portland may be known for it's roses but in my opinion the rhododendrons are right up there in beauty.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Less than 8 months til Christmas....oh and Happy Birthday Gary!

We celebrated the birthday of a very special friend last night. Gary Duckworth turned 47! Here are a few pics of him(in pastor mode) with various members of our family.

There were a lot of other people there whose lives have been blessed by Gary and his wife Joy and their family.

My friend, Jan, got to be there. It was great to see her up and around after surgery.

Her whole family was there. Jon didn't let the party stop him from doing some school work.

Cam got to have a "David" fix. It is hard to decide who Cam's favorite big guy is....Gary or David.
Joylynn, Wyatt and Genevieve were able to attend as well. The Duckworths have a very fun house for little kids. A long, long, hall for running down. Wish it was drier outside because the yard is huge and great for running around it as well.

I think everyone had a good time. Looking forward to more barbecues, bonfires and birthday celebrations this summer.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Friends, Fellowship,Fire, Family, Fun, Food, Flouncies & Farmer Breeches

It has been a quite the weekend. I don't think we could have packed much more into it. It was wonderful though...We got together with old friends and family. Here is a photo sampling of who we spent time with.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It's beginning to look like Spring

Today Courtney did some planting for me. My window box outside of the bathroom window now has pretty geraniums growing there.

This past weekend Max had his "Mom & Dad" bring him to Gramma's house. Isn't he just so cute. His parents are pretty cute themselves.

I also picked up a new little swimsuit for Genenvieve. Isn't her "baby phat" with leopard print adorable! You wouldn't believe this but I took 13 pictures before this one to get just one without her turning around or trying to do something other than pose for the camera. I wonder if the real paparazzi have this much trouble ;o)

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Skills Day 2007

The Pioneer Clubs of Oregon and SW Washington put on a Skills Day every year. It is a day camp of sorts, just one day but each of the "campers" get to choose classes based on their interests. There are many varied classes from food, to sports, to beauty and image, to acting, to scrapbooking. There is something for everyone. I have been blessed to be involved in it for several years now. Each year just blows me away. It is so well organized and carried out. New Song has a perfect facility to host it too.Cameron is my skills day kid. He had to wait for years while his brother and sisters went to skills day every year.

His first class this morning was Wood Working.
His second was outdoor cooking which they finished up with making homemade caramel corn. It was YUMMY!

Next it was lunch time. Afternoon sessions started with Cameron making blueberry muffins. Then he finished the day off in candy making class.

Actually the day wasn't over until he introduced a fellow camper from Weston, Oregon to one of our resouce room's many distractions ( I mean attractions). It is always nice to have sparing partner.
Thanks to all that made today so memorable.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Wyatt, Can you be 3 already?!!

Newborn with Great Aunt Kelly April 2004

1 yr old April 2005

April 2006 with his Sissy Genevieve

April 2007,
Happy Birthday, big boy! We sure love you. It is nice to have you nearby so we can have fun. Thanks for still liking to snuggle with Gramma. You are a such a sweet boy and a good big brother, too.

Hope your birthday is the best yet.

YOU ARE 3 NOW. Hurray!!!!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

23 Birthdays of Happiness for Cherise!

April 5th is Cherise's Happy 23rd Birthday. We are going to be in Walla Walla to celebrate with her. Hurray! Whether we are in on a road trip or on a golf course we have fun when Cherise is there.

Whether you are trying to kiss up to her or share your birthday cake it is fun to have Cherise there.

Sometimes it is great fun to play board games when Cherise is here. Especially Scrabble.

It is fun to be in the rain with Cherise. Notice she is the only one that lives in a dry area of Washington and she is the only one that wears rain gear.

Even though she gave up WSU for Whitman it is fun to have early Thankgiving at Alyssa and Logan's when Cherise is there.

She dresses fancy for special occasions.

And even when you give her the evil eye she still loves you and wants to have fun with you.

Just ask Lalita. She calls Cherise "Friend" and has for sometime.
Thanks Cherise for coming into our lives 23 years ago and making many many days fun because you are here.