Monday, January 30, 2012

Relatives and Rainbows

Sunshine before the rain

Woke up and saw this rainbow from my kitchen window. I tried to find out where the other end was. Found it by "looking" (with my camera held high) out of the window on the landing on the way upstairs. It was a pretty start to a mostly rainy Sunday.

The Family Tree and its branches
My branch of our family tree has roots in the Copper Country. It's one of the reasons I like copper accents in my home. Reminds me of my homeland.
Harlan's sister-in-law, Susie, and her husband Russ stopped by to drop off a book that I ordered. It was so good to visit with them for a bit. They are doing what we hope to be doing in a few years. They are traveling to see friends and family here in the states and Canada.
Thanks for coming to see us. Safe travels!
The book I ordered. "Come Along on My Journey" by Harlan's Aunt Helen. I'm looking forward to reading it. I know more about the Matson side of Harlan's family since his mom was so great about keeping records of the VanAttas and their journey from the East on the Oregon Trail. I have heard many stories of the Hilmans as well but am excited to "hear" Nani tell them.

The Harlan Hilman branch
Though our family bowl is holding fruit today, I think it would be better represented if I filled it with nuts! I love our anniversary gift from Nate and Krystle.

Schooling at home = improvisation

Hayden doing some arm exercises with the help of the kids. Broomstick + young children = upper body work out for both Hayden and the youngsters.

Then they all wanted to get picked up by their ears. Another work out for Uncle and the kids.

Back to the books
The boys started back to school today. New semester, new challenges and a new frontier for Hayden.

My monitoring station
I moved around my computer area a bit and put the printer where supposedly the little guy won't be messing with it. Even while I was typing this blog post he got up on the table and walked over and started pushing buttons on it! What a busy boy!!!

Grateful for Coco

Courtney has a Boot Camp PE class every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and is just getting back to the house when I am leaving to bring the kids to school. She often hops in the van and goes for the ride. Which means when we get to Danika's school she brings her to class and signs her in. It saves me from having to get Garrett out of his car seat and dragging him in to the school.

Thanks Courtney! I'm happy you are willing to do this for Danika and ME.

Steeple chase
On the drive between schools I noticed a seagull sitting on the top of this steeple. There are so many churches nestled in the neighborhoods around here. I don't know the names of them but decided to take a little detour on the way home to catch photos of the ones I saw.

The one on the above right isn't exactly a steeple but it was on a church that happens to be for sale.
The closest neighborhood church that is only two blocks away. Augustana Lutheran. It has a copper clad steeple with a lovely green patina. Which brings me back to my roots once again :o) and wraps up another blog post.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The boys and celebrations

Evie is not a boy
I know this post is supposed to be about the boys and their accomplishments but I'm putting this cute little imp on here too. Her mom sent me this picture of a post smile grin and I thought it was adorable! She's super precious!!!

End of semester Celebration!

The temperature was right at freezing yesterday morning as the boys and I dropped the other kids off at school and headed out on an adventure to celebrate the end of the first semester for this school year. The fog was pretty cool looking and the frosty grass just added to the coolness.
When cold weather hits our roads get stripes of de-icer sprayed on them. It seems to be somewhat effective. At least when you see the stripes you know to slow down and watch for icy patches.

Out to breakfast with Hayden and Cam

We ate at at IHOP but the window shades say GOHI and the receipt read DOHI. Whatever you call it... we had a fun time there laughing and kicking back with no school to worry about. Thank you Krystle for watching Danika and Gar-bear so we could just relax and have a morning away.

A tasty time was had by all.

My guys
Everyone wants to be part of the "in"crowd.
Here they have arrived!

Teacher recognition
Wyatt was awarded a certificate from his teacher at an awards assembly. Unfortunately he never told us about it so we weren't there to see him recognized.
He is a thinker all right. He always has his wheels turning and loves creating inventions.

Headed to a Birthday Party

Genevieve got to go to a party a few weeks ago. Now it's Wyatt's turn. His classmate Eden turns eight this weekend. She had a boy and girl party at her house.

Good luck trying to get those boys off of that trampoline. Her little sister was bouncing around in the center.

I think that this spread might bring 'em back into the house. It was nice to meet a few of the parents and see that Wyatt has a nice bunch of friends.

Happy Birthday MOM!!!
Today is my mom's birthday. I don't have a recent photo to post so I'm posting one that I've had on here before. The one with me at the Houghton County Airport before I headed back to Portland from my time there this summer.

I mentioned on facebook that I want to grow up to be more like her. So far I've got the brown eyes and the grey hair. I'd love to have her energy and some of her giving nature.

If you've spent time with my mother and actually had her sit down with you and visit that's great. Most of the time she has to be doing. So when she's here in Portland, she's going non-stop. This picture was from this past summer at Kelly's house in the valley.

If it makes her happy to sweep and scrub that's fine. I for one appreciate her expertise and organizational talents. (I missed out on that gene). So thanks Mom you're loved and cherished above all others.

Happy Birthday Mom, Gramma, Muumuu!
Hope you had a terrific day

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Snatches of our week

Cherise and crew came through
Reesie and her family stopped in overnight on their way home. I enjoy these little ones so much. Look at this little girl...have you ever seen such perfectly perfect baby eyebrows? Anabelle and Henry both have great eyebrows. But then Cherise's are pretty cool too. Belle-belle is such a little peanut. I finally saw her roll over, unfortunately it was on video on her mom's phone. Maybe she roll for us on the next visit.

Kiel worked during the morning on Tuesday so Cherise and I and the little kids went out for a bite to eat and some coffee. The cousin boys got along pretty well but both of them were not long on patience once they had enough to eat. My coffee refill and the rest of our breakfast turned into take-out.

Anabelle Alyssa was happy to just hang out with us.

Mr Fix-it
I had Cam take care of a chirping smoke detector for me. I think I'll have to have a boyo to-do list as well as a honey-do list. Oh the projects I can dream up!

Where in Portland am I?
At my Hollywood West Fred Meyer! I pulled into a parking space and the sun happened to be directly behind the water tower. It made for a cool silhouette. Almost looks black and white.
Construction continues there. It is a hard hat area. I wish I'd've taken a picture of the sign saying that because inside we had...

Crazy Hat Day

Sometimes you have to do silly things when you need to get a few more things and the little guy has had his fill of being there.

Garrett is here with one of the guitars for the Wii. He loves to play with all the toy guitars. He tries to play with the real ones too. He also drums with anything he can get his hands on that resemble sticks. The kids loves to rock and roll.

Miss Fashionista

Danika and her wardrobe choices haven't been highlighted on here for a while. She wore these outfits to school this past week. The polka dot jumper was worn with a black long sleeved leotard top under it. It looked funky but cute. She is addicted to jumpers and dresses and skirts and tights. Silly little fashion bug.