Monday, June 30, 2008

"I spy with my little eye..." Summer Fun

It's been awhile since the legos have been brought out but the bigger kids were having fun with them.

I spy... the state of Oregon, R2D2, a dinosaur and Logan???

It's fun to swing on the shady porch on hot days.

Our little dollies.
Cooling off with little help from cousin Sebastian. He got plenty wet too.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Baby play

Isn't it fun to watch babies play. They rarely interact with each other.

Rowan discovered that Simon has an amazing array of play things in his kitchen.

Ophelia Whipple is fascinated by Rowan's feet.

This is my favorite...I wonder what is going through their minds?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Busy weekend....many blessings Cherise (& Kiel)

Here they are...Cherise and Hayden...our 3rd set of "Fourths"
The weather was very nice to be eating out on the porch.

Rowan likes biter biscuits. He just doesn't like people to know he gets messy when he eats them.
Wyatt and Simon play with toys.

Cherise and Kiel helped out with the food prep for Cherise's bridal shower.

Cherise has super culinary powers.

Putting out the cream puffs...the finishing touch.

Cherise and her bride's maids... (or would it be matrons?) Alyssa G. and Lalita H.

One of the reasons for Kiel and Cherise coming to Portland (besides the bridal shower) was to attend a wedding in Newburg. They dressed pretty fancy. We are very excited about their upcoming wedding.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer surprises and milestones.

One of Portland's newest licensed drivers...
Courtney passed her drive test on the first try. Something none of her siblings accomplished. Sorry guys, you are all great drivers now though :)
Kiddoes on Grampa's truck.
Rylan surprised us by coming from Korea at least 5 weeks before we anticipated him coming. Danika isn't too sure about him. She likes watching him though.
Uncle Cam helping out with "art".
Jess and Joylynn and their Danika dolly

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day, Har!

Father's Day, being on a Sunday started out with Harlan in his normal spot on a Sunday the sound board at Generations Church.
He is wearing one of his presents from the kids. Nice shirt.
We took a little drive up the river. Ended up in Hood River and stopped for lunch and a few photo ops.

It was windy and the surfers were out in force on the river.
A couple of American beauties.
Ask Hayden sometime what he wants to be when he grows up ;)

Cam doesn't like the bright sunshine.
Krystle is adequately protected from sun and wind. Notice the is official she is back in the delayed entry program for the Navy. She should ship out for boot camp mid-September.
We found a bench and had the kids pose for just one more picture. All in all it was a pretty nice day. It was good to have Krystle with us for the outing. We got to see Joylynn and the kids this morning at church. Alyssa and Cherise both called. I'd say Father's Day was just as it should be.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Portland, P-town, PDX whatever you call it....It's beautiful

Whenever there is a construction project around Portland and I'm sure it is true of other projects around the nation...a certain percentage of the budget of the project has to go for art. Some of the artwork makes us scratch our heads and say "what is it supposed to be?"

This one is obviously an eye. And what is it looking at you might ask?
It's Union Station. Isn't that cool!
We crossed a pedestrian bridge and looked down on this scene. Things have been rainy and cold here but what a benefit with all things blooming and growing.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

School's Out and it's almost Father's Day

Hurray! The 2007-2008 school year is behind us!

Even though school rocks. These guys are happy to have a break for the summer.
Mother's Day is in the past and we are looking forward to Father's Day.
One of the best Dads and Granpas I know spending time with the "Saucer Kids".
I don't know who invented them but thank the Lord for the Exersaucer. It is one amazing aparatus.
We had a little bit of a jousting match with Danika and Rowan.
There were no losers just happy babies.

All good visits must come to an end. Lyssa, Rowan and Max headed home after being with us for a few days and then spending a week with Logan's folks, then back here for 5 more days.

Getting buckled in.
Ready to roll.
See ya soon!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Happy 24! Logan

Happy Birthday to one of the best guys around. He is not one to boast or even want a fuss made about his birthday or multitudes of other accomplishments.

He tolerates my taking pictures.
He loves my daughter and adores his son. He is a wonderful teacher and loves to share his knowledge and experience with our younger kids.

He is a Kiwi by birth. He likes smoothies, french toast (yay TOAST!), and a good steak.

I have many more things I could say about Logan but hopefully you all can spend time with him in the year ahead and have some stories of your own to share on his next birthday.

Until then...Thank you Logan for being the example you are. Have a super birthday. We'll see you soon.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Barber of NW Portland

Wyatt has become a barber. He has cut both of his sisters hair.
There is no haircut that would make this little dolly look bad. Isn't her new "do" darling?
More of my flower pictures.
Sometimes Grammas get to take kids to their well baby checks.
Nine months and only one shot.
Fifteen pounds 5 oz. 27" long
Danika Jane Kelly
Pssst, hey bud....