Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I have been driving a great deal lately. Up and down the Columbia River Gorge. To Spokane and back to Walla Walla and back twice. I think I'd like to slow down a little here. We need to get into school mode. Routines, bedtimes, schedules. Never thought I'd be looking forward to any of those but I am. I'm looking forward to more rain too. Yay for FALL!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

With this ring...

Weddings. We rarely get invited to weddings. This summer has been an exception. We have been invited to 9! Each one we've attended has been unique but very lovely. It has given us many new ideas for future events that we will be directly involved with.

Thank you Stacey & Josh, Christy & Justin, Tiffany & Jeff, Karyn & Brandon (all pictured) along with Brooke & Jason, Eric & Kisha. It's been fun being a part of your day. We look forward to celebrating with Lita & Bob, Katie & Brad, and Kristel & Brent.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Traveling again.

The younger 3 children and I are heading to Spokane for a wedding tomorrow. "Home Fries" is going to add a few miles to it's odometer but I enjoy the drive up there.

Haydenwill be celebrating his birthday on Wednesday. I'm including a few pictures of him taken in the past couple of monts. A self photo, a "Good Uncle" photo and a freaky photo from his trip to the lagoon. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAYDEN! It's been a fun 11 years.

We are hoping to be back in the area in order to take him out to lunch. He has been talking about going to Olive Garden for months and months. I'll have to double check with him to see if that is still where he wants to go. I know if I asked Cam he'd like The Old Spaghetti Factory. Either that or his new fav Taco Del Mar.

It's hot and we're heading to the pool.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Wallas!

Our trip was lots of fun. Cam had a wonderful birthday. Hayden even got in some of the present action since Cherise and Adam and Lyssa and Logan won't be here on the 17th for his 11th birthday. The Robinson's dogs even got into the party mood.

As I said Hayden will be 11 on the 17th. Rylan turned 25 on the 1st and with Cam's on the 7th we have all the boys celebrating in the same month. Whew August is one hefty hit in the old pocketbook.

This summer has been so eventful it seems. With kids camp being in the middle of July instead of the end of June it has made the summer just fly by. Back to school pretty soon. We are looking into an online public charter school. Would be a lot of record keeping for me but I think it would be good for our kids. Lys and Krys will both be at PCC.

My sister and her husband and kids are coming this weekend. Their daughter is getting married next week in Spokane. It will be another fun trip for the kids and me at least. Har will be home holding down the fort. Then Cherise will be home for Lita and Bob's wedding! That will be a great day. Lots to still look forward to but lots to get accomplished too. I'm trying to enjoy each day as it comes and not be too focused on future events or looking back on what I could, shoulda, woulda....

Enjoy the wonderful weather this coming week. Yay for a week in the 80s!

Friday, August 05, 2005

Walla Walla Walla Walla Walla

Do you wonder what turkeys say in Walla Walla? I like that some people we know just call it the Wallas. Anyway you say it we are going there!!!! It's never been high on my list of destinations but now that we've been there a couple of times and experienced some of their wonderfully laid back town, it's real nice. Besides our CHERISE is there and her fabulous boyfriend ADAM and that makes all the difference in the world. It's spectacular & wonderous & we are going to be there tonight. I wish the whole family could be together but some people have to work and some people have to work and shouldn't travel that far by car because they are going to have a baby and some people live in Korea and don't swim that well to get here in time. So CHERISE is going to have to settle for just those of us who can make it. And CAMERON is going to celebrate his 7th birthday on Sunday. Seven on the seventh! Yay for golden birthdays! CAM you are quite a kid! Yay for summer!

I'll Blog back at ya when we return.