Sunday, April 17, 2005

News and not so

For those of you that wondered. Frodo was adopted within a couple of weeks of being at the Humane Society. We only reduced our cat population by 25% here but it seems like a 75% reduction in stress levels pertaining to petdom.

Sick and Tired:

That pretty much describes most of the occupants of the house at this time. Har has been trying to get rid of a nasty chest cold. Cam and Hayden are coughing now :o( Wyatt seems to be doing pretty good. He is walking around more and more. Constant motion that one. But he does crash for a couple of hours every morning and around an hour in the afternoon so even little guys need to recharge.

Taxes are pretty much done for everyone here. Rylan's federal return is the only one left to file and he has an automatic extension for being overseas. Gotta get some help to decipher some of the requirements and exclusions. I like doing it though.

I'm doing a little bit of sewing for MJ Wallace. I like it. Makes me wish I had everything in order around here so I had a space to do some projects for myself. If I have anything spread out in the dining room it has to be shuffled away by Friday evenings when Young Adults meet here.

I think that is about it for any update. I have been bugging Mr Relational to update his blog and he recently did so now it was my turn to give it a whirl.

Until next time....