Friday, February 28, 2014

Zoo trip turned into Museum trip

A date to go to the zoo
While talking to Garrett over the weekend it came to my attention that he wanted me to take him to the zoo. I checked my schedule and the weather reports and decided that Wednesday was THE day! Courtney wanted to join us so after bringing Cam to school we went out and picked up the boy.
 We got to the zoo and parked in one of the numbered spaces and paid for parking only to find out that we were an hour early for the opening. 

They open at 10 in January and February. Sometime in March they go back to opening at 9. Since we already paid for parking until 11 it was decided that we'd walk over to the children's museum.
It was Garrett's first time there and he had a wonderful time. I decided to apply our admissions price to a years pass to the museum. I listed Henry and Anabelle as two of my kids too. All I have to do is go there twice in the next 12 months to make the expenditure worth my while. I think that will not be too hard to do ;0)

Garrett and I drove Courtney back to our house to drop her off at her car. We then headed back to see Joylynn. She needed someone to watch the kids during a couple of appointments and into the evening. So I pulled the kids from school a bit early and took them to NE Portland with me.

We made a brief stop at Freddy's to say hi to Miss Lisa and pick up stuff for supper.  We watched Frozen and had supper. I brought them home in time for them to get jammed and to be. After all they had school the next day.

The hometown kids

Belated Valentine Visit

Since I wasn't able to see these kids on Valentine's Day I drove over on my first morning home to see Garrett. I was surprised to get to see Genevieve too!
She was feeling a little under the weather earlier that day so Joylynn kept her home. Her slight temp was gone so we thought it would be fine to run out for a lunch date.

Joylynn and I had fun with these guys at Panda Express.
The very next day Garrett stopped by our place
with his parents :0) 

J & J had an appointment on our side of town so they popped in for a few minutes. They got to visit with Courtney and Charles while I got some snuggle time in my "thinking chair" ;0)
Friday night back on the west side

With Jess at work and Joylynn at a class, I got to hang out with the kids for pizza night!
I bought one adult pie and put it in the fridge for those big kids and bought Mini Murphs for the grands. They sure enjoy making those pizzas themselves.

Pizza was followed by Dairy Queen treats that were picked up earlier.
After what it seemed like weeks of not seeing these guys, I feel spoiled to have seen them three days this week!

Heading home with a quick detour

Monday holiday = 
one more morning with these kids
We posed for some pictures and took some video.
Grampa, Henry and I played a rousing game of Chutes and Ladders.
Anabelle and Momma played with puzzle blocks.
And Master Quinn just chilled in his seat.
Hitting the road
I saw a faint rainbow touching the hills to the west of Benton City as we started our drive home. We were taking the back way through Goldendale and stopping to see Har's sister, Naomi and her husband, Michael. I've never seen Goldendale and Portland on the same road sign before. I almost didn't manage to catch this picture but we did take that left turn and got on highway 97 heading toward Goldendale.

Satus Pass had a bit of snow on it at the upper elevation. The forest fires of last summer left many trees russet orange. It almost looked like fall again. 
Feels like home!
Harlan and I feel so comfortable and at home with Mike and Naomi. 
We were like typical visitors, showing up at lunch time! They were expecting us though and Naomi had prepared a yummy lunch for us.

Next time we are staying longer and taking a sauna!!!!
Last leg home

This road was more familiar to us. It was pretty grey on the way.
We even experienced a few showers.
It's a SIGN!
With all of the snow, freezing rain and our trip to tri-cities it seems like a long time since we've seen Garrett and his family. I'm hoping to make the trip out to see them soon.
I wanted to be home before dark

After driving through pouring rain it was nice to be driving into Portland at sunset and having dry roads. And we did make it home before dark :0)