Friday, August 31, 2012

Musician or mechanic

Jam session

We have 3 toy guitars that play tunes and notes around here. The other day Danika and Garrett were putting on a concert. I love watching them rock out to songs or hearing them sing the same songs over and over. Garrett cracks me up the way he holds the guitar like it's a bass guitar. He also always holds it like he's strumming it with his left hand.  I wonder if he's going to end up being a lefty.

Grampa's bike mechanic apprentice 
 Harlan can't work on anything around here without a little helper at his side.  Often the girls want to help but most often it's Gar-bear. 
 Har had to replace his brake pads. It was getting so bad that the bike would hardly stop when he braked. Not a safe way to commute.
Brakes got done in spite of the helping. Now his bike shoes are at the cobblers shop. Hopefully by the time he has to go back to work next Tuesday he'll be up for the monthly bike commute challenge.
BPA is challenging people to bike to work for the entire month of September.
Being observed for 30 years
According to the newest flyer form JoAnn Fabrics September is National Sewing Month! Something else for me to celebrate!!! I have a couple of quilts that are needing to get done.  One for each of the boys before it's starts getting cold at night and one for Evie for when she comes. 
Check out the website.

I forget if I posted any pictures of these flowers taken up at the zoo last Sunday.
If I did then I'm doing it again.
They remind me of fall instead of summer.
 Autumn is on our doorstep.

Five year old check-up? Check.

A visit to the pediatrician

I didn't want Danika to have to go to the doctor's office on her birthday so we chose the day after for her 5 year old check up.
This is the big one that makes sure she is ready to start school.
The form that I had to fill out regarding her growth and development was very lengthy. They wanted me to give them example of her ability to express herself properly.  If you know Danika, she has no problem in that department. After seeing the results the doctor said that she is not lagging in development whatsoever.

She is 42 lbs and 42 in. Perfect for starting Kindergarten.

"Rules are to help keep us safe"

 The exam room had various signs around but I chose to take a picture of the carseat/ booster seat one since I have trouble with Wyatt wanting to ride without one.  I don't think he's 4ft 9in yet.

Danika was pleased that Joylynn got to be at the appointment too. Especially since we were going shopping afterwards.
Awesome doctor
Dr Bledsoe is wonderful! I always feel so encouraged and supported with her care of the kids. I loved her sweater today.  It turns out that she made it! 
 Eyes and Ears work well

 Her hearing and vision screenings were fine but she was getting a bit apprehensive about what was coming next. The immunizations!

4 Pokes and a Promise

I told Danika that if she was super brave during her shots that I'd get her something from the store. I would have gotten her something anyway but it doesn't hurt to encourage the "big girl" stuff.
She didn't cry a tear.  In fact she shed more tears yesterday anticipating the check-up.
Silly girl!

Not only did she get a Sing-a-ma-jig, she also got a spiffy Barbie lunch box that she will hopefully use to carry her lunch if she gets to be in full day Kindergarten.  It's yet to be determined.
Back to school Christmas lights!?

I am as excited for Christmas to come as anybody, but even I have a problem with decorations hitting the shelves in August. I'd like to start seeing them after Halloween at the earliest. But I must admit if they were on sale I probably would have picked up a couple of boxes. You can always use more you know ;0)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Grand adventurers

Oh my goodness they're getting big!

 My sister Kelly watched Katie and Evie today as Rowan had a dentist appointment. Kel took pics of the girls and sent them. Katie's hair is getting so long and curly and she looks like she just got back from Mardi Gras with all those beads. In a little over a month we're going to get to see those two in person.  Can't wait!

Rowan's Ironman teeth
 Rowan had an appointment to get some work done on his teeth. He got a couple silver crowns.  Wyatt has 4 of them.  They are actually a great option for little ones who have larger fillings needed. They protect better than a filling against further decay.

Har's siblings
 Harlan's family had their reunion up in Canada this summer.  We were unable to attend but I've gleaned a few photos here and there.  His sister Naomi, sent me this one of the "girls" and Auntie Helen "Nani" (Harlan's dad's sister). Nani and Loretta live in Alberta and Iris lives in California. Naomi lives not far from the home place in Goldendale and Anita is a Portlander.
They are sometimes lovingly referred to as "The Aunt Farm".
 A gathering of the brethren occurred this past Monday morning in NE Portland. Harlan was able to get away from work to meet with 4 of his brothers for breakfast. Dennis is still here from Finland. Clint came down from BattleGround and Raymond was out from South Carolina to officiate at a wedding.  Howard is the only other local bro. 
It was quite a treat for them to have a mini reunion.

A new California resident

Anabelle look like she's enjoying that California cheese from those "happy cows" along with her macaroni. It's going to take some getting used to seeing palm trees in photos from them.
Sunshine, sand and surf will be backgrounds for them now.

Time spent with friends = PRICELESS

Our friends from Raymond, WA
We met the Duckworths when the guy on the right in this picture was 4 years old and our Cam was in diapers. So we've known them for a long, long time.
Gary and Joy were in town to celebrate their oldest sons 20th birthday and they were kind enough to contact us so we could spend some time with them. The 7 of us went out for Asian food and then went on to Jimmy Mak's to listen to some good music.
Introducing our boys to live JAZZ

(Hayden took a picture of Cam's lemonade because he thought it was funny that it came in a beer glass.) This is the second time Harlan and I have been at a Mel Brown B-3 Group performance. It was Hayden and Cameron's first time at a club. They really enjoyed it. Garrison did too! What a great group of professional musicians. They love having young people in the audience. But since we had those young people with us, we had to leave after the first set too.
New Camera!
I finally got a replacement for my poor old Kodak. A brand new Canon. I went from a 5X zoom to a 20X zoom. Wow! I'm enjoying getting to know how to use it.

Coffee fellowship
Har and I got together with Gary and Joy one last time before they headed north for home. It's great to laugh together and share those common struggles that go along with being parents of adult and adolescent children.
This is a test
I was more than a long block away from these flags flying at a motel near the intersection of NE Sandy Blvd and I-205. I was stuck in traffic and got my camera out. I used the full extent of the zoom feature and the camera locked in on the flags and took these clear as can be photos. Impressive.

"The greatest of these is love."
These are several of the ladies from our home-fellowship group from the mid-eighties. A couple of the local gals couldn't make it and one very dear gal lives too far away. But our friend Paula invited us to come to her home for an evening of catching up with each other all these years later. What a wonderful time we had!
From L-R: Karen Hanson, Paula Kennedy, me, Rita Denman, and Kathy Buriff Spencer. I have run into Paula and her husband, Jerry, a few times over the years and she and I got together with Karen a couple of years ago. I haven't seen Kathy since we moved from Vancouver in May '87 and the last time I saw Rita was at Joylynn and Jess' wedding 10 years ago.
It was about time we renewed our acquaintances.
We are not going to let another decade go by without letting each other know how grateful we are to have a history together and how wonderful it is to pick up where we left off and realize that we share something that is eternal.
Faith, Hope and Love

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Miss Danika and her very good day

 Danika said to me the night before her birthday, "Maybe you could bring me breakfast in bed tomorrow." I didn't manage to get it to her when she first woke up but she was pretty pleased to have her tea and toast served to her on a tray.

Special treats
 I think she was trying to show Wyatt and Genevieve her strawberry blended cream but she looks like the Statue of Liberty. I also got her a birthday cake pop. 
Needless to say she didn't eat much supper :P

Present opening helpers
Genevieve and Garrett were "helping" open presents.  She got some coloring activity books, a bunch of bead necklaces, some school clothes and a polka dotted raincoat. She LOVED everything!

Happy 5 year old

She was very sweet about not going to Chuck E Cheese or McDonald's to party. She will be going to a place called "Out of This World: Pizza & Play" to have a party with Jess and Joylynn tomorrow.  Joylynn came to spend the day here today and Danika asked if they were coming back to this world after they went out of this world. She also wanted to know if her dad was going to go out of this world and back to this world. Kindergarteners are so funny.

Sugar overload
Garrett has had a little bit too much partying.
Good thing it's almost time for bed.

Birthday, orientation and end of study

Happy 5th Birthday Danika!
Danika turns five today. This picture was taken outside of the school on Monday. I'm sure we will be taking lots of pictures of her today and we'll do a post of all the festivities perhaps tomorrow.
Entering a new world of learning
Monday was Danika's Kindergarten Orientation.  She ran ahead to open the door and I was glad I had my camera ready to take a photo of this big step.

While all of the parents and kids were arriving they provided paper for the kids to draw on. She drew a picture of me complete with grey hair.
Closing the door on our study 

I had the privilege of entering a place of sanctuary every other Monday night this summer. A couple of dear friends and I went through a Bible study on the book of Jonah. I learned that there are several "Ninevahs" in my life that I have a long way to go toward being the obedient servant of the Lord that I desire to be. The biggest thing I learned is that I have been out of a place where I could experience the God given benefit of fellowship with other sisters.
Sharpening our countenances

"As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countance of his friend." Prov 27:17
I want to thank Helen for spearheading this time of study and fellowship and for opening her home for us to meet in.  I've known Helen for several years but I'm getting to know her a bit more through this time. She is one mighty woman of God. Her heart is tender to those things that He has for her every day and she shares her insights often in her writings. I'm blessed to call her my friend. My forever friend, Kim, was the other woman in our group. I don't think I have anyone in my life apart from my biological sisters and daughters that I can be myself with more than I can with Kim.  She has been such a steadfast presence in my life throughout lots of ups and downs. I'm thankful for her faithful friendship and the wisdom that she shares with others.
Cozy courtyard

Helen always had a picture perfect place for us to relax, share refreshments and watch the video portion of the teaching. Last night was our last time meeting. We gathered again on her parklike back yard patio and watched the video on her laptop by candlelight and icicle lights. My idea of the perfect evening. Good friends, good food and an atmosphere that nurtured fellowship.
On  upcoming Mondays I'm going to be trading cozy quilts and cushions for tailgate food and FOOTBALL. We aren't prepared for parties yet but I hope that this season we will have a few MNF get togethers. I'll have to look at the schedule and make some plans.

Beautiful surprise
Alyssa knew that I was feeling a bit blue about Cherise leaving and heading for California. She ordered a lovely floral arrangement to be delivered to our house.
She also reminded me that my "cup overflows" with blessings.
Yes, it does!
Thank you Lyssa!
You are one of those blessings!!!