Monday, January 26, 2009

The Winter that won't let go.

We woke up Sunday, Jan. 25th to another bit of snow.
I know those of you that live in real snow country may think I'm silly but I think it is beautiful so I take pictures of it.
Looking down our sidewalk to the south.
Snow covered berries.
A snowy clump of grass. Looks like there is a porcupine under there.
Joylynn said that Wyatt looked older with his new haircut. I didn't believe her but with those long legs sticking out there he is looking like a gonna be Kindergartener. Here he is sitting with the rest of the grandkids. I think they are all adorable!

Then we took a trip up to the zoo today.

A wistful look on Courts (the soon to be 17 year old)
A blissfully happy Cam.
That's some snow.
Yummy snow. Needs a bit of sugar and vanilla for my taste.
I loved the frozen landscape.
Here is the only animal picture I got up close.
Our traditional bench shot.
We are going to have to make this a traditional pose too. I think it's pretty cool.
In all the years that we have been taking pictures of this tractor this is a first with snow.
Our last pic before leaving the zoo. I sure like that boy (even if he is a little strange sometimes)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Adventures and celebrations

Alyssa and Rowan were here for a bit this month while Logan was out of town. It is always fun to experience things through the eyes of the grandkiddos.
Rowan is in this pose many many times per day. He is always pointing something out.

He doesn't know which way to explore next.

He had a nice outing at the park and now the uncles are heading home with him.
He busily helped me take down one of my trees.
We had yummy sticky rice at our favorite Asian restaurant.
And he got his first pair of Converse high tops.

I had adventures with the other grandkids too.
We spent a little bit of time in the ER with Wyatt. He sliced his foot on leaded glass candle holder.
Gramma's glasses kept Genevieve occupied for a couple of seconds.
She is happy to be leaving.
So is Wyatt. It wasn't that traumatic.

Jess and Joylynn came over to celebrate Jess's birthday.
Genevieve is 3, Wyatt is 4 and Jess is 3-4.
Boston cream cake with a molten lava cake on top. It was a nice dessert.
Danika made short work of mashed potatoes and pot roast.
One of the birthday presents was a baseball mitt for himself and one for each of the big kids.
Genevieve "loooooves" her pink glove.
Wyatt is showing off his new mitt with baseball cards attatched.
Hope Jess had a wonderful birthday. It was great to celebrate with them.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009 so far.

2009 has been a busy year so far. New beginnings and some farewells.
Harlan, the kids and me were fortunate to know a young man named Andy Fuhrer. He passed away just before Christmas. There was a celebration of his life at New Song Community Church this month.

These men are some that Har spent a good many years hanging out with. The Royal Ranger leaders at New Song. Jeff Irons, Gary DeChand, Ingo Braker and Craig Huffsmith. A better bunch of guys you'll never meet.

NO More Pork Ban

Generations Church said farewell to the building on 42nd and Prescott and was back at the Kenton fire house for one last time.

Don't these pics bring back fond memories.

Just like the good ole days.

Rowan & Alyssa got to be with us that Sunday.

What are friends for except to help you memorize lines for a play in the freezing courtyard.

More Winter Weather
Mother nature wasn't done with her winter parties... one last snowy hurrah.


Generations now has a more permanent building situation. We are now congregating at 10:30 Sundays and 7 p.m. Wednesdays in the auditorium of the DeLaSalle Catholic High School North. (the former Kenton Elementary)
Our equipment that was returned to us after being de-humidified by a company that does those things had to be set up and tested. A group came by DeLaSalle on Saturday to help.
Here is Har at the soundboard and Pastor Gary taking it all in.
Our vocalists and drummer.

Our first Sunday 01/11/09

I was in the kitchen for most of the service time today so don't have any photos but do have some of our fellowship time and shared meal.
We usually have a theme for the meal. Today's was "stuff with rice". There were a couple of salads there too to round things out.
Aunty Courtney is supervising the R-fam kiddos during lunch.The food and fellowship time is a favorite of Pastor Gary's. You can almost hear him saying "Isn't this great!"
Yup it is.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Hurray for The Old Spaghetti Factory!

It didn't look quite like this picture today in fact there was still snow in areas of the parking lot but the food was yummy and a good time was had by all.

Happy 40th Birthday, Old Spaghetti Factory!
Thanks, Pastor Gary for the tip about the nostalgic prices they were having today.  Check out their website they are having 40% off of their classic spaghetti meals on Mondays and Tuesdays for the whole month.  At all locations!  
Talk about a cheap date.