Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Gar-bear good time

Sugar = lots of energy!

Busy, busy, busy were the words of the day. Garrett rode on the back of the mini cart at Fred Meyer until we got to the lobster tank. It happens to be very near the bakery area where all good kids get cookies.  He wanted nothing to do with riding on the cart for the rest of the trip. 
Walk, run, climb and explore
I'm certainly glad that Uncle Hayden was with us as he got to enjoy this boy and his energy too.
Playing in the van waiting for Cam
There are a lot of knobs, buttons, and gadgets to try out when you are out of your carseat and given the run of the van. I sat behind the wheel so we avoided too much exploration of that area but he was kept more than occupied for the 20 minutes we were parked and waiting.
His vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds. He asked if I wanted him to "turn that down a bit" pointing to the radio. He's soft spoken and you have to listen carefully but he has lots and lots to say.

Wacky mac and cheesy dogs
I saw this on a friend's facebook and thought I'd surprise the kids by attempting to make it for supper. They loved the pasta imbedded hotdogs! All but Cam who proclaimed it "creepy". 
Dessert on the spin

I'm happy to see that he still likes the sit-n-spin. It's something that he doesn't have at home so it's a novelty when he's at our place. He finished his apples, put on his brother's hat, and kept spinning.
Mine-craft mode
Wyatt loves spending a part of every evening playing Mine Craft. I don't know much about it except that you have to create things and build things and set up communities and it takes a great deal of thought to play. We've invested in some head phones so we don't have to hear all of the noises coming out of the speakers. There is plenty of noise around here without adding to it.

Welcome HOME Logan and Alyssa
This picture obviously wasn't taken today, but this house belongs to Logan, Alyssa and their kids as of today.
CONGRATULATIONS on your newly purchase home.
God bless all of your days living within its walls.

I can't wait to see it in person!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New projects and time to do them

Pretty plate = palatable 
Wyatt and Danika got treated to sugar dipped strawberry fans on their toaster waffles this week. Genevieve got a blueberry in each hole on hers because of her strawberry allergy. It's hard to get these kiddos to eat in the morning these days. They used to wake up hungry but not so much now. Maybe when spring gets here and they run outside more that will change.
New Springy gadget
 I had several coupons to use at Joann Fabrics this week.  Their Spring decor was all on a pretty good sale and with my additional % off, the price of this twirly utensil holder came down into a reasonable price range. (alright... it was still too expensive but it was so pretty and very functional!) I bought the coordinating placemat too. We serve most of our dinners buffet style so this is going to be a much used and (for me) much loved addition to my dining room. It makes me happy.

The beauty continues 
Courtney's birthday bouquet is still lovely. I have never seen this variegated variety of mum before. I'm so impressed with their hardiness. Only the rose faded, as roses are prone to do. Thanks, Courts, for sharing your flowers with us.
Who would you like to greet you?

I came into the house yesterday morning and was greeted by Belle sitting in the playhouse on the window sill. The kids sure enjoy that place. I would much rather be welcomed by a Disney princess than a gargoyle! I took a picture of this one perched above a door across from Cam's school.
What is said to be the purpose of the gargoyles on the top of buildings? The National Cathedral in Washington D.C. has one that looks like Darth Vader. 
I have sewing projects!!!
 I'm starting on a small quilt for a friend's daughter's birthday. She is going to be one. He big sister has one of my quilts but she does not. It's going be be cute.
This pallette is going to be a beach blanket for our San Diego kids. The names of the two prints are "Sandy Stipes" and "High Seas".
I had to pick out a girly pattern for this Bellie-girl so picked the pink fabric.  I'll make sure to take a picture of the finished project as I just may depart from my tried and true method. 
I have a full day today to work on projects. 
Tomorrow I get to play with Garrett!
Fun fun times.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Our 500 Brunch

Chef Tom rockin' the hot plate

Tom and Kim brought all of the fixin's for the omelette bar. Har and I provided the bacon, sausage, potatoes, cinnamon rolls, cut up fruit, and pannukakku topped with berries and oranges.

Love watching sports on the "big screen"

Katie Z and her boyfriend A.J watching the race.
I don't know how many kick offs to the Nascar season we've watched with the Zywicki family.
I think this must be our 4th or 5th. We already have plans in place for the Taladega Brunch! It's going to have to have a Alabama/Mexican flavor since it's on Cinco de Mayo.

Vinny was here again. He did a great job of watching the race, playing with toys & snacking off and on. He didn't get a nap though so I hope he wasn't too cranky heading home with his Momma.
Girlfriends are the BEST

Courtney and I have a couple of the best "girl"friends ever in these two women. Molly and Kim are priceless treasures!

Guys don't refer to each other as "Boy" friends
Tom and Har have an enduring friendship.
It's nice to still be able to hang out and still enjoy each other's company after all these years. 
The top 3 racers
The 55th running of the Daytona 500 is in the history books. There were some firsts with Danica Patrick being the first woman to have pole position. She had a very nice finish too ending up in 8th place. I think because of the hype of a woman qualifying so well for this race the network may have broken some records for number of households tuning in.
I'm pretty proud of 54 year old Mark Martin finishing in third place!
After race entertainment

A.J. provided some entertainment making  shadow puppets in the beam of the projector.

He didn't have to go to his Air National Guard drill this weekend. It was nice to have both Katie and him here.

Charlie's Guard unit did have drill

 This is the first time I've seen Charlie in his fatigues. He will be heading off to boot camp before too long but it's good for him to be getting used to his once a month outing with his unit.

It's pretty cool to see his name all official on his "cover".
It was a wonderful Sunday.
It's only 10 months until Christmas!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Photos fit for the brag book

Update on Simon
Thank you for those of you who prayed for Simon. He came through the surgery well and is currently in PICU. He has a drain to allow any infection that may be left to drain away and according to his mom the fluid is getting clearer and clearer. They have to determine the exact type of "bug" that caused the infection to get him on the proper treatment. A few more days in the hospital and he should be able to head home.
Cute California kids

Cherise sent a couple cute pictures of their kids' quirkiness in getting dressed. Anabelle likes to put on Henry's undies over her diaper and Hens dresses uniquely as well. 
They are too cute!
Their beach photos are so inviting. It's going to be on the "must do" list when we get down there.

Dress-up night at Youth Group
With Cam in that growing almost weekly stage, I didn't want to buy a suit for him yet. So for the formal (no jeans) evening at youth church he wore a button up with a tie and a nice cardigan. I think he looked rather dapper.
He is also doing amazingly well in his transition to a brick and mortar school.

Rylan and Krystle's adventure at... 
Rylan bought tickets to Comic Con for himself and Krystle. They got a few photo ops and attended a meet and greet. It was a great day for them to make some memories together. I snapped a picture of each of their souvenir photos.
 Photo op with Brent Spiner aka Lt Commander Data from Star Trek.
 And one with Henry Winkler!
Meeting Henry Winkler was the one thing they did that I was a tad bit envious of. 
Krystle said he was really funny. 
They have framable 8x10s of both of these. 
Rylan can put his with his autographed picture of Joe Montana.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sending soft hugs and prayers

Poor little buddy

This is Simon. He is like one of our own grandsons. He belongs to one of our "adopted" daughters, Lalita. He's been down with a bug and had a couple of trips to the ER (pictured here)  He seemed to be turning around but is now in the hospital with an excruciating headache. His spinal fluid shows an infection. They have ruled out a bacterial cause, so more testing is needed. He needs some relief and his mom and dad need our support too.
I went for a visit
I'd been up to Doernbecher with Garrett before so I was somewhat familiar with the place.  In looking at the map next to the elevator I'm happy that I had been there before. What a huge complex of buildings! Parking is difficult to find but I found a spot in the garage that I parked in once a month while Alyssa and Krystle were getting orthodontia at the Dental School. It was right by the elevator to Doernbecher.
Simon requested a stuffed dog. I picked up a little one along with a couple of picture books about dogs. With his head hurting so bad he can't read for very long before it causes more pain but he will enjoy adding these to his library at home.
I wish I could do more to help Bob, Lalita and Simon.  He's not up to visitors today so we'll be thinking about them and praying for a speedy diagnosis and recovery for the little guy. 
Hugs and prayers

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Too busy to sew = too busy

I'm living vicariously through Alyssa and my sister, Kelly these days. They are sewing and embroidering and accomplishing some things I'd like to.
Safety first is important
I love this. I wear my glasses when I'm sewing now. Breaking a needle can cause serious injury. Alyssa is taking no chances. She was determined to finish her "Portland Quilt".
And she did it!
Alyssa chose fabrics for a quilt that reminded her of Portland and the Northwest in general. That finished quilt looks mighty fine in the Virginia sunshine! You did a beautiful job Alyssa.
My sister loves her job
My sister, Kelly, works in a quilt shop. Sigh....  I'm not really that jealous ;0) as I don't think our household budget could handle me being around those fabrics and notions. It would be like putting a kid in a candy store. One thing would be nice though. Making sample items for the store. I think that is what she's doing here.
I have not gotten brave enough to embroider a multiple colored pattern yet but Kel and Alyssa are continuing to encourage me to do it. I have all of the necessary threads and patterns. I just need to eke out the time and overcome my fear of messing it up.
One of these days I will post a picture of a project of my own.

My crazy life at the moment
In the meantime, I've got kids to get to school! My taxi service is keeping me very busy. Keeping the college kids', high school kid's, and grandkids' schedules straight and getting everyone where they need to be on time is a challenge. I live in my van most days. Spring Break is 4 weesks and 2 days away. I would love for that week to find me walking up to Whole Foods each day for their freshest produce and seafood and a daily loaf of bread. I can pretend we live in Europe where people do such things :0)