Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Henry and Hayden's b'day weekend

The birthday buddies 

Somewhere I have pictures of Hayden as a newborn but this one was easier to find. In July of 1995 we were in Alaska on the day he turned 11 months so we had his portraits done at Sears in Anchorage. They had a new fangled print preview sheet and we were able to order the pictures and had them mailed to us. 
This photo of Henry was taken when he was a day or so old. I'm so happy that I was able to be there for his birth five years ago. It was the first time that I'd witnessed a home birth. Cherise did a super job with the labor and delivery.
One on Two with Hayden

 I really really wanted to take Hayden to Broder Nord for his birthday breakfast. He's one that will look at reviews and the new hot spots for food in the city. He also prefers to go to somewhere that will be new to all three of us but he humored me and we drove down to the Gothom building. Every time I'm down there I notice something new and artsy in the architecture or decor.  The west side of the building has these great tubes with lights inside that look like swallows coming out of a chimney.  The two circular booths in the back of the restaurant are called the nest and the hive.

Once again I was impressed by the thought that goes into everything they serve. The warmed cream for the coffee is one of those special touches. Don't you just hate cooling down your coffee with cold cream?

Hayden had baked eggs over trout hash, I had baked eggs with a side of sautéed greens and Har had baked puuro served with cardamom infused milk. 
 Twenty looks pretty good on him!
Back at home for the family party

The double celebration was at our house. Joylynn and the kids and Courtney came to make it a real family birthday party.

Henry is starting to read really well! He read each of his cards by himself. 
Har and I decorated the back yard with balloons and streamers. We are still brainstorming about what we want in the way of a deck / fire pit / grill area… out there but are really enjoying it the way it is right now.

It was a bit too windy outside for candles so we moved inside for dessert.

The birthday plates for Henry's cake had the perfect amount of candles. Aunty Courtney made the jello poke cake that was requested by the birthday boy.
Two happy birthday guys :0)

Hayden's birthday pie was served on a bit more adult plates. He actually had two pies, a triple berry and a  strawberry rhubarb. YUM!
Danika is our last birthday kid for the month. Hers is coming up on the 29th. She had me wiggle one more loose tooth out of her mouth while she was here.  It practically fell out. She looks like she's ready for 2nd grade.
Another goodbye for now

Krystle read to Henry and Anabelle and I held Quinn as we sat out on the front porch watching Cherise and Kiel get everything loaded for their trip home. 

Henry had his harmonica and the kids were all in jammies so they could be tucked into bed as soon as they got home. It's sweet to have them here and bittersweet to send them off.  However we are super excited for all that is ahead for this big Kindergartener and his family as they embark on the school years :0)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Anniversary day at the zoo

 Six years ago we shared in Cherise and Kiel's wedding on a hot day in Eastern Oregon. 
This year we shared a morning at the Oregon Zoo with them and their kids.  Hayden and Cameron came with us and Courtney and our friend Molly joined us up there too. I hope these photos aren't duplicates or triplicates of former trips that I've blogged about. Enjoy the photos!

This cell phone photo. which was taken just as we were leaving, was sent to Alyssa with the comment: "With the old goat….and your dad :)" 
It's always nice to spend a day out with Har. It's doubly nice when some of the kids and grands are there too.