Friday, July 29, 2011

A Grand Day!

Poor little Mister
You can't tell from his pleasant expression but this little guy has a bad cold and an ear infection. His Dad brought him in to the doctor and I was correct in assuming that the large amount of drool and mucus he's been producing along with his occasional crankiness was indeed the cause or result of an ear infection. Not happy to be right about stuff like that. Sorry Garrett :(

The Lacey Grands
It is not often that these two are alone at our house. It was a nice change of pace. They benefitted from some uninterrupted Grampa and Gramma time. Though they have a blast with the cousins and I think Har and I would get to be boring companions pretty quick. It was a pleasant quiet evening.
We dined on the porch.
Cleaning plates in record time.
There was playing to be done.
And chalking!
I love this little romper on Katie. Alyssa isn't fond of it but it is so reminiscent of what she and her sisters wore back in the day that I had to buy it. I think it's adorable!!! Thanks Lys for humoring me and wearing it on her.

It was a fine fine day!
The are so cute when they are sleeping! In their case they are cute awake too.
Love these two...and their sister that is on the way!

Hurray for GRANDS! They make our life rich.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cardboard + Creativity = FUN

Wyatt is a kid that wants to do craft projects every day. I don't have the patience for the process or the mess it often makes. However Krystle does! She and Wyatt came up with this sword, shield and "helmet" combo.
Sir Wyatt the First
Tremendous fun ensued. Leading to more craftiness on Krystle's part. Soon every kid in the house over the age of two was sporting new gear.
Lady Genevieve the Timid
Sir Rowan the Brave
Lady Danika the Bold
Mighty Avengers one and all!

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Monkey business and a birthday

Henry and Garrett's monkeys
Henry loves his monkey.
Garrett loves his monkey.
Anabelle with Henry's monkey!

Happy 21st Birthday Charlie!
The birthday boy opening presents.
Picnic table people.
Lawn chair eaters.
High chair chomper.
Birthday cake anticipators.
Even the birthday boy waits for dessert.

Host and hostesses
Charlie's parents, Keith and Joanne. Thanks for opening your home to our tribe!
Charlie's wife, our Courtney. Thanks for all your hard work in getting this together!

Garden produce!
In the center of this picture is a row of beets. I can hardly wait until they are big enough to eat!
Planter box.
Picking peas ... they taste so yummy!
Tour guides.

Gate keepers
They kept this gate swinging. I remember how fun it was to swing on doors. It isn't the best thing for door jambs to be subjected to such stress. This cement anchored post held up nicely under the weight of these three.
Genevieve had the best position but had to work the hardest too.

Day is done, gone the sun...
It wasn't quite sunset but Courtney pointed out the pretty cloud formation as we were leaving the garden. I took a picture and captured the sunbeams too. We saw an even more spectacular sunset as we drove home. As I was the driver, I couldn't get a picture...but it was beautiful!

Hope you had a very happy birthday, Charlie!

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Walla Walla trip continued

Miss Anabelle
She is so observant of everything when she is awake. I love her hairline. I think she is going to have a cowlick like her Aunty Courtney and Uncle Cam.

Hanging out with the Uncles
Cam was a bit apprehensive but Hayden held her a lot and thought she was SO Cute!

Tiny toes!
It is difficult to describe how small she is but here is my cell phone and her foot.

Friday morning baking
Henry and Anabelle "helped" make raspberry lime scones.
Incredible doesn't begin to describe them! They are picture perfect and delicious.

Went with Cherise and Anabelle to the pediatrician
The waiting room was so colorful and fun.
The baby dropped down to 4 lbs 2 oz and a week later she had gained a half of a pound!
That is 8oz in a week. Good gaining girly!!!

Har and I had fun with Henry
Grampa and Henry chillin' in the back yard.
Tubby time is always a favorite.
We took a stroller from the garage and went for a little walk while everyone else got ready for their day.
Grampa and his buddy boy.

Farmers Market
This is the time to head out and pick up fresh produce.
Everything was so beautiful. I wish we had a cooler in the car to bring some home.
We did manage to come home with a couple bags of these.

Lunch stop at Sweet Basil Pizzaria
Hawaiian Delight
Pesto Calzone. The artichoke hearts and the pesto complimented the cheesy goodness.
It was so yummy!

A couple more photo ops before we hit the road.
The boys of August (minus a couple). They are going to be 13, 2, and 17 years old (left to right).

Home sweet home in College Place
I wanted to get a picture of all four of them together before we got into the car. What a great little family! K & C are wonderful parents their children better appreciate them ;0)

We arrived home and are getting ready for the week ahead. A couple of kids have coughs here so we have to get those taken care of. Also the van is going to be headed to the dealership for repairs. But tomorrow we are celebrating our son-in-law Charlie's TWENTY-FIRST Birthday. Happy Birthday Sir Charles!

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