Friday, May 30, 2008

A milestone in the edumacation of Courtney

The proof
Katelin Zywicki & Courts....good buddies
Rashell Duckworth & Courts....classmates and friends
The family that could be there.
Major support from Gary and Joy Duckworth
Words to inspire
Unwinding at Starbucks. It was a big day!
Congratulations did good.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Playgrounds with tables are for picnics

Chicken lickin' good.

Rocket man

He didn't let go of the car seat but she enjoyed it anyway.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Belated birthday, baby and blossoms

Happy belated birthday, Har. We enjoyed having a long weekend to celebrate with you. We got to go up to Alyssa's from Thursday through Memorial Day. Such fun, seeing "Indiana Jones", both "National Treasure" movies, both "Short Circuit" movies, pizza night, Norma's burgers, fun, fun, fun....

Logan, Alyssa, Rowan, our 3 youngest kids and I bought a recliner for him.
We went to Lacey and he reclined some more in Logan's chair.

and at his favorite coffee shop up there. Snuggling Cam.

Sister's being silly at coffee shop.

Rowan loves his Uncle Hayden and his mom's purse strap.

Max...isn't he a regal looking dog?
Rowan and his crib friends this week and (below) with them in his earlier days.

Peach Rose
White Rose

Monday, May 19, 2008

Hurray!!!! I have a camera again!

It's one of my favorite times of the year and my camera came back just in time!
The Rhododendrons are blooming. I still can't believe that this flower that grows so abundantly in the foothills of the mountains and in winter climates can look so tropical.

There are so many different colors. The one on the left is in our front yard. The gorgeous one on the right is in front of our church.

Even though my camera came back to me and has a new mother board or some such thing, I need to learn to use all of the features on it. The main problem with it before was that there was no sound when I shot a video. So I'll keep taking pictures and publish some of them here.

Courtney is so fortunate. Just like her Aunt Kelly she is always going to look much younger than she is.

Sir Hayden. He is a good guy.

Cam the Man. He has started on his summer freckle crop.

I'm sure my kids are thrilled that the all the grandkids are out of town and I'm taking pictures of them and posting them. They have had enough of a repreave.
Mommarazzi is in the house.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cybercyclone....I'm confused

Just know that I love you all, whether you are Mac peoples, Linux peoples or Windows peoples.  I however am having a hard time being all three. 

 It kinda reminds me of when I had one kid doing the college thing, 3 in high school, one jr higher, one elementary schooler, one preschooler and an infant.  Switching gears is hard to do.   It should be against some rule or something to be worried about financial aid and changing diapers too.

Anyway...  I'm an Applelinuxmicrosoft woman now and I better get used to it.  Can't we all just try to get along????  Cameron's favorite board game isn't that fun in real life :( 

Friday, May 02, 2008

Another Pizza night

Look who came to see us for Pizza Night. Simon! Isn't he a cutie?
We decided since it was such a nice evening that we would walk to a new pizza place not far from the house. They have a sculpture fountain. Which Simon enjoyed on our way back home.

We also visited our local gellato place on the way back. The crowning touch on a wonderful day is the 10:35 showing of IronMan that Bob and Hayden are going to. The rest of us will just have to sleep or something :)
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