Monday, June 29, 2009

Project and adventures

I have managed to cross-stitch a birth announcement of sorts on a thermal recieving blanket for each of our grandchildren so far.
Here is the one I wanted to send with Courtney to Cherise for her baby shower in La Grande but it wasn't finished for her to take. It is as finished as I can get it at this point. I have to put the date of his birth and his birthweight on it yet.
So will be doing a bit of cross-stitching in a few weeks. :-)
Park Trip
Warm temperatures warranted a trip to the local park.
I have seen this water feature only in the winter when we have been playing in the snow.
It has various objects that spray as well as spots along the perimeter that spray out of the ground. I have a feeling this isn't going to be our last trip to this fountain for the summer.
When we left home to go out for a lunch time treat we weren't thinking of getting wet. It doesn't appear that the children are bothered by getting their clothes wet.
Even Hayden and Cam got a bit wet. They walked home to keep from getting the van soaked.

Danika spent about half of the time we were there swinging.
She loves it.
So does Cam.
Keeping track of all of the kids is quite a workout for Hayden. He got into the path of the water to cool off.

Krystle kept a safe distance away.
Heading back home!

Their Momma came and picked them up after our grand adventure. I owed them popsicles for their dessert so sent them off to get sticky on their drive home.

Welcome back, Courts!

Joylynn had hardly left the driveway and we got a text message saying that the Greyhound bus was heading west on Interstate 84 in Portland. Courtney was on her way home from her La Grande trip. Hurray! Everybody is briefly just where they are supposed to be.
Tomorrow is a new day and ripe with new adventures to be had....
Logan, Lyssa and Rowan.....Lacey here we come!!!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

People and their pastimes

The grandkids love books.
The older ones are now wanting to read themselves. Here Genevieve is sharing a book with her Aunties and a lap full of toddlers.
The boys have pastimes too. Logan spending time on one of his passions. Bikes. He is helping Hayden learn to ride a trials bike. I'm fine as long as he isn't trying to get Harlan out on one of those.

Speaking of Hayden....
He and I had a little coffee date the other morning. He was up uncharacteristically early so I took advantage of it for some Mom and kid time.

We got to go to the zoo!
Lys and Logan stopped to get a bit of breakfast for us to start out with.
There are some great stops along the trail. Here G'vieve is trying to spot birds in the forest.

I got to see some "new residents" at the farm.

This little family group was in the field of the zebra area. She was having an easier time keeping track of her "kids" than we were at times.

Case in point. We let everyone run on the concert lawn for a bit. These two youngsters were a bit reluctant to get back with the group. Uncle Cam managed to herd them toward us though.

The Group
We got there around 8:30 in the morning. By the time we left 3 hours later the parking lot was totally full and there were huge lines to get in.
I guess that is the way it is in the Summer with so many people on stay-cations around P-town.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Summertime means all kinds 0f activities.
So far for us it has meant problems with our vehicles.... but that isn't the focus of this post.

Bob, Lalita and Simon are moving to Seattle. It is going to be such a great adventure for them. They are moving into a nice neighborhood not far from the zoo. Cool hey?!

Simon and his mom stopped by for a brief good-bye. Simon got to say goodbye to the fish. All of the grandkids love standing at that tank and watching the fish.

Summer means the start of Regal Cinema's Summer Film Festival.
I started taking my younger kids to these movies when Cam wasn't even 3 years old.
Now we have a new generation taking advantage of them.
We have the kids with us for a few days so this morning it was a good time to go to the theater.
Uncles Hayden and Cameron with Wyatt in the parking garage.

Genevieve getting cozy with Aunty Courney and some popcorn.

Aunty Krystle got to spend some alone time with Danika.
Danika doesn't seem to be complaining too much.
More vehicle issues today but we had a lovely lunch and now the kiddos are down for their naps.
Logan, Alyssa and Rowan are on their way down.
Life is good!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Graduations and celebrations

Last week we got to celebrate our friend's daughter's graduation from High School.
It was great to see their wh0le family all together for this momentous occasion.
Congratulations June! We are proud of you.

This Weekend...
we celebrate more.
First a Baby Shower for Cherise and her Henry.
Here are all of our girls and their babies. We rounded up only the youngest. Wyatt and Genevieve weren't in the room at the time.

Sunday Celebrations

Generation's Church honored their graduates this Sunday.
Cam is officially a middle school kid. He has been promoted to 6th grade.
Way to go, Cam!
This is my new favorite picture of Cam.

We also got to get together with some former classmates and teachers from the kids' elementary years.
Our 3 kids pictured here had Ms Kreuzer as a teacher for a total of 5 years. Rylan was in her class during the '89-90 school year. Cherise and Alyssa were in her rollover 4th and 5th grade classes. From 93-95 and 95-97 respectively. Nita has retired and invited students and some of the former teachers to her home for a mini-reunion. It was great to see everybody again.

Day of Restaurants....
A Hayden sandwich.

Before Reesie took off for LaGrande again we took her out for a bit of breakfast.
Grande Central Bakery is a favorite for their Goldendale Wheat toast.

And we are celebrating Krystle too.
Her 3rd week of work!
We went up to Roake's this evening f0r dessert. They make super thick and yummy milkshakes.
Notice the lovely milkshake spatter pattern on her apron. The sign of a superb blend of fruit and icecream.
Lots to be thankful for these days.