Monday, February 26, 2007

The Fracture Saga

Late the night of Feb 15th Hayden was being a good brother and friend by fetching a DVD for the girls that wanted to watch something. He was hustling taking the steps two at a time...he slipped, heard and crack, saw stars... The DVD was fine and so was his wrist or so he thought.

The next morning his wrist was still hurting and our plan to spend our long weekend with Alyssa and Logan was now in jeopardy. We chose to be "better safe than sorry" so headed off to the Urgent Care Center at Kaiser. There were hardly any cars in the Urgent Care parking spots so we figured we'd get in and out in a hurry. Four hours later we came home with his wrist and thumb immobilized by a splint type thing that was removable.

We had a great time messing around in Lacey with Lys and Logan and Max and Chaos and Havoc.
A few days after we got home we got a call to make an appointment with the fracture clinic. The x-ray that showed a possible fracture ended up showing an actual one once the experts saw the films. So today, eleven days after the event, Hayden has a full cast with the ability to move all his fingers and thumb. I'm glad it wasn't worse than that. No surgery or major breaks just needs to knit up a bit and he'll be good as new. I think his black cast is pretty cool!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Babies Everywhere!

In keeping with the tummy blog pictures....started by Ethen's mom and continued by Bob's is my installment. Well not mine but you know what I mean. Guess who this belly belongs to.

Here also is a picture of our baby holding Joylynn's baby. Uncle Cam looks quite happy with his neice hey? They don't look at all related.

Hayden was waiting very patiently yesterday for his turn to hold our friends grand-daughter Isabella. Isn't she cute! Such beautiful brown eyes.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Courtney is FIFTEEN!

Courtney had a fun and busy day yesterday. She had a kind of car themed birthday.

It started with breakfast with Har and I at the Cadillac Cafe here on Broadway. They have the best french toast.

We also got the family a Valentine gift: Cars on DVD.

Courtney got a mini shopping spree instead of a "big" present this year. She got a couple pair of pants and 5 new shirts. She also was gifted with a couple new pair of shoes, some make-up and skin care products, some girly girl stuff from the brothers. Including the teddy bear from Cam.

Keeping with the car theme she got her drivers permit as well. A key chain she got from her "god"sister says: "If you don't like my driving stay off of the sidewalk."

She got the most appropriate shirt from Old Navy. Don't you think that should be her motto?

We are looking forward to having her spending the next year learning everything she needs to know to be a safe driver. Thus separating the girl and her cell phone during those times she is in the car.

We have enjoyed having our Sweetheart of a Courtney in our lives for the past 15 years. She is growing to be one special young lady.

Happy Birthday Courts!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

La Belle Krystle

Our Krystle was proposed to this evening! She came home wearing a big smile and a sparkly ring.

We approve of her intended and trust that God has his hand on these two. They met at the military processing center. Have spent hours upon hours on the phone. He has made it up to Portland as often as he could and gotten to spend a bit of time with our whole family. (So he has some idea what he is getting into ;-) ) He is an only child and has wonderful Godly parents.

It isn't clear what the future will look like with the military involvement and all ,but we pray that their love for each other will continue to grow as they walk daily in God's guidance, grace and peace.

Congratulations Krystle and Matt!