Sunday, September 30, 2012

Practice pictures

Fire on the Mountain
We have had lots of friends eat at this restaurant, so we thought we'd try it. 
I've been trying to get to know my camera a bit better. Last night I sat at our table and tried to take pictures of the hanging lights at the restaurant. They were each unique and quite pretty.

Lovely lights.
 One of two chicken sculptures. Crazy hey?
Our first impression? The decor is much better than the food. I'm not sure it's a place we'll visit again. Perhaps we should have gone with someone who'd been there before to give us recommendations.

Harvest moon at Cascade Station

After our disappointing meal we took a drive and enjoyed seeing the full moon over Cascade Station. I pulled over and Hayden and I took a few pictures.  These are two of his. We went to Best Buy where I purchased my camera.  There is a photography class that one of the employees gives. It's kind of a get acquainted with your camera deal. I think I might give her a call.

Full moon at daybreak
 After dropping Harlan off at church, I watched as the sky started getting lighter as daybreak approached. It was so pretty with the moon still up and the sunrise starting.
I haven't learned how to take low light pictures but stopped near Lloyd Center to try to figure it out.

I was happy with the way these turned out.
The pink of the sunrise with the red traffic lights, the tree silouhettes and one flying bird. 
I captured more than I thought! 
I've got so much more to learn but I seem to have so many "old dog" days. 
Sometimes I get frustrated when take a picture of something and then the photo doesn't depict what I saw with my eye. 

"I've been taking pictures all my life, 
even before I had a camera."-Sabrina Fairchild

I think that describes me.  One of the perks of digital photography is that I can delete what doesn't work and keep what does!
Speaking of "perks" I think I need some coffee to get me through this day that started too early.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kids' Back-to-School Night

Busy evening at the school
 Keeping these guys corralled while waiting for the Back-to-school night to begin was not easy. There were no clear instructions sent home as to how the evening would progress.  We stopped by Wyatt's classroom to see if his teacher knew what was going on but she wasn't there.  I had them wait on the landing for Harlan to join us before we went to the gym where it seemed everyone was congregating.
Stop in the library

The library was open to the parents and students so we popped in there for a few minutes. Genevieve went to the bins that she loved to get books from last year.  Danika showed how to reach books on higher shelves.
Waiting is the hardest

Har and I stood in the back of the gym and listened to the principal introduce all of the faculty and staff. Jess and Joylynn had problems with the truck overheating so they got there just as the address by Principal Dauch was over. 
Classroom visits

The first stop was Wyatt's 3rd grade classroom.  Joylynn mentioned that she was having flashbacks to the days when she was in the classroom next to his. With only minor cosmetic changes to the building, it's no wonder she was experiencing déjà vu.
Garrett was not happy being held so Grampa took him outside on the playground to run around for the rest of the night. He was a much happier guy and I think Grampa was too ;0)

Next stop Genevieve's class

I believe that Cherise was in this classroom for 2nd grade. I'm not too sure though, I know that Wyatt was in here with Ms Mode last year for his 2nd grade year. This year she is teaching only 1st. 
I loved each of the self portraits that the kids did.
Garrett the Masked man

While Joylynn was changing him into his pjs he put on the Batman mask upside down.  He was now Walrus-man! I thought it looked more comical upside down. 
An Asian bearded crusader!

In the shop
 The van went into the shop for a minor leak around the oil pan.  They also diagnosed and repaired a couple of problematic rocker arms under warrantee! Yippee! we have a quiet van engine again.
We really like the guys at this shop.  Their work bays are cleaner than any we've ever seen.
Spent time and $$ with Courtney

 Since Gar-bear was with his mom and dad, Courtney and I got to hang out this morning after the rest of the kids were in school. We went to Joann Fabrics and spent too much money. We swung by and picked up the van from the shop and then met Har down in Milwaukee after his Friday bike ride.

 One of Logan's favorite shops
 Universal Cycles is an awesome bike shop for just about every imaginable part you would need.  Harlan needed a few things for his bike so, since it was practically on our way home, we stopped in. I found the sign in the window funny. It looks like they are taking a survey or something. "Got a Bike?" Yup got a couple of 'em. Do I hit the button for each one?
Spent time with the guys
 over burgers and fries
I'd have to borrow a son-in-law or three to make the "Five Guys" quota for this place. Hayden and Cam missed lunch so, after we dropped the kids off, we stopped and got a bite to eat and something to drink.  We sat outside and listened to the traffic on 185th go by.  
Cam marveled at his new enhanced vision. Fun times.
Another lovely vignette
 This porch is across the street from the kids' school. I love these colors and textures. The adirondack chairs on either side of the front door were the perfect touch to make it an inviting retreat space for the residents.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Silver shoes and sweat pants

Garrett loves clomping around in shoes that are too big for him.  Krystle's new high heels are a bit surprising though.  His foot almost fits perfectly in the toe box and he is very stable walking around in them. Funny lil guy. 

 Postcard from Henry!
 "from San Diego with Love" 

Awwww! It was so nice to hear from Henry. I miss that little blonde boy! We don't know when we are going to be down there to see them but I'm happy that they are coming up with all kinds of things for us to do when we do get to visit.
Thanks Henry!
Gramma and Grampa are looking forward to seeing you in your new house. 

Crime fightin's tough work
 Our little super hero fell asleep as soon as we got into the van to head out to bring Harlan back to work after lunch. He had a long day.

Gramma's weakness: books

The semi-annual Scholastic Book Fair is at the kids school all week. The kids were so excited to go shopping! They stowed their backpacks in the van and we headed back into the school.
 Hopefully the purchases I made will be enough to keep them happy for a few days.

I love resale shops!

I scored a major haul at Just 4 Kids this week. A pair of pjs for each of the girls. Plus slippers!

Genevieve says hers are "purrrrfect!" and I figured the ones for Danika would be ideal since she is such a little social-butterfly.

Mr Cool
Here he is rocking his guitar in the correct way. His shirt says: "I need an audience". He has one, almost all the time.  Little hambone!

Garrett and I showed Courtney the new sitting room at Freddies.  He found the fireplace very relaxing.

Heaven help me

It's getting pretty bad when a mere game can make me sad for a couple of days. I have better things to be concerned about. I've moved on and I'm still a fan of the game.

(Alyssa you can feel free to take that literally. :D Can't wait to see you and those kiddos in SIX days!!!!)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Kicked back weekend

Har, the guys and I had a stay in town, kick back and don't do much kinda weekend. Harlan did fix our washing machine for which I'm very thankful! But other than that we ran around with the boys and did a bit of shopping.  We introduced them to the new seating area in Fred Meyer and subjected them to the "joys" of renovation there too.
Charlie has a new "baby"

Here is Charlie posing with his new Fender guitar. He's dreamed of having one of these for years.

You can really hear the quality of the instrument as soon as he starts playing.

We're super happy for him and look forward to concerts every weekend that he's home!

Door's open to high school
 I made Cam stop while he was helping clear the stage at church to pose in the doorway prop that Pastor David used. It is a big thing to start high school, though when all of your educational experience has been at home it doesn't feel so big. I think Krystle may have him talked into attending the youth group on Friday nights.  They're going to be doing some fun stuff.
Stepping into college

Hayden is the 7th of our kids to start out their college days at Portland Community College. I'm sure he would do fine at a 4 year university as a freshman but his (or our) pocketbook wouldn't fare so well. I've found that the faculty at the community colleges are so supportive and it gives the students a great start.  When they get that bachelor's degree, the school name on the diploma will be OSU, MSU, SOU, EOU, WSU, MSU, or whatever school they choose after their PCC days.

I love campus on the first day of school. So much excitement and the feel of fall in the air. 
 More mask fun

Today it was Batman, Spiderman and Thor!
 Isn't he a goofy guy?

A stop at my favorite resale shop

Garrett and I ran to Just "4" Kids in the Hollywood District to try to find shoes for Wyatt.  He left his at home this past weekend. Today he is wearing socks with sandals.  I found a couple of peg puzzles for Garrett. He's learning all kinds of words these days so the names of household objects on the puzzle board is just perfect for this stage in his development.
And even though he's wearing red and black today the shirt says "TOUCH DOWN" and I say...

The beauty of Fall
Various shades on the maple.

 Hydrangea in burgundy. So pretty!