Sunday, March 31, 2013


I do know something... 
We have the most precious grandchildren in the world!
 Henry and Anabelle hunting eggs near their church.

Rowan, Katie and Evie in their Easter outfits. Our four local grands hopped down the bunny trail straight to Grampa and Gramma's house today!

Sunday Surprises!
 I went a little overboard with the treats for the kids and grandkids this year. The big basket belongs to Hayden, Cameron, Krystle, Rylan, Courtney and Charlie... they have to share :0) The 4 grands each had a basket waiting for them here too.

A sight to behold
I accomplished one thing during Spring Break. I got to the bottom of the piles of papers and other stuff on my buffet. Just in time to put some lovely flowers on it in time for Easter Dinner.

Neighborhood color tour

Harlan and I took a Saturday afternoon stroll around our little corner of NE Portland. Everywhere we looked there were flowers, flowering trees, new leaves and neighbors doing yard work. It almost made us feel guilty that we weren't at our place doing yard work. Almost, but not quite =) We enjoyed our time together that ended with coffee at Starbucks. 

Two of our five daughters
I loved the bright colors that Krystle and Joylynn chose to wear for Easter. They look like they'd fit right in with those colorful eggs in the kids' baskets. I even wore a new top, sweater and pants to church today. It was nice to have Joylynn and the kids here for dinner. Jess got a plate of food made up  for him for when he got home from work, but I'd have preferred for him to be here too. 
It's always fun to cook for a crowd. 

It's time for back-to-school
We could not have ordered better end of Spring Break weather!
What a beautiful weekend. I just may have to break out some shorts for the kids to wear to school tomorrow. Now if we can only get them to sleep tonight with the visions of Easter candy in their heads and the effects of it in their bodies :P

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Springtime blooms

I don't know what kind of shrubs or bushes these are but they have springtime blooms on them. One of them has what looks like lily of the valley flowers on it. So pretty! I can say that because I don't suffer with pollen allergies at this time of year. Some of our grandkids are pretty miserable with runny eyes and noses from the pollen :0(
 One of the most common sight around the neighborhood and around business are these flowering cherry trees. They seem to have more abundant blossoms this year. They sure are lovely heralds of Spring!

Blooming CUTE!

Photos of four of the five grandkids taken this week. Garrett was wearing Yaya's (Wyatt's) eagle mask. Wy's classmates each made some sort of bird masks this past month. Henry and Anabelle were enjoying a day without any appointments or school. Katie was a girl after her Gramma's heart, shopping at Joann Fabrics with her mom, Aunty Kelly and Muumuu (my mom). Wish I was there with them!!!

I was busy with my own stuff though

I have been out getting pampered. I got a new haircut late last week and a purple pedicure yesterday.

I could get used to this leisure time.
Cute bunny
Since I haven't seen the pictures of the finished product, I'm sharing this sketch of a bunny that was going to be the subject of a "Pin the Tail On" game at an Easter gathering.
Alyssa drew it. To me it's reminiscent of the early drawings of Bugs Bunny.
Hope the party and games were a big hit with the kids!

The kids hanging out

Coco's creation
Here are a couple of pictures of a potato bake that Courtney made. She saw the recipe online, shopped for the ingredients and whipped it up. One valuable lesson learned was that "real food" takes time to make and bake. I think Charlie and our guys thought the bacony cheesy yumminess was worth the wait though!

Caught up with the kids for a few minutes

Jess and Joylynn got approved for their new place!!!

They had to sign paperwork so I met them at the property management office and hung out with the kids for a bit.

At first it was just letting Garrett run around the yard and exploring. But then the other kids joined him and we decided to hang out in the van.

They took me literally!
Hanging out in the Caravan

Silly kids. It's not the first time they've used the van as a play place but seeing these pictures makes me realize... they're getting big!

I hope this is the 1st of many photos
We got to go over to the house and do a walk through. A totally empty place with freshly shampooed carpeting so invites wild running games. I managed to get them corralled for a photo op sitting on the hearth. I'm so excited for this time of new starts for their family. Especially because there is a boys bedroom and a girls bedroom! 

It makes me want to make quilts.

=:-o says Harlan.
  ;0) says me.

Monday, March 25, 2013

School spirit week ends ~ Spring Break begins

 Wacky clothes Day
Genevieve opted not to take part in dressing in a wacky outfit but Danika got in the spirit of things as did Wyatt. Danika had mismatched patterns and layers of leg wear. Wyatt wore shorts over long johns. He still had a little orange paint on his scalp in spite of the haircut and shampoo he endured.

 Birthday blankie

Our friend's granddaughter turned one! I made her a "Gramma blankie" of her own. Her mother is still using the quilt I made her years and years ago.

I love my 'little world"
 Joann fabric sale plus additional 25% off coupon allowed me to get a new little plaque for my bathroom. Now I just need some geraniums to match. Can you grow those inside the house or do I need to get a silk one?

 On again off again day
 Our Spring weather has been so weird. Rain, hail, wind and lovely sun breaks. All in the space of a couple of hours. Spring has to be the most fickle season ever! But it does have some very lovely sunsets.

The boys have blankets too

I finished both blankets for Hayden and Cameron. I managed to have them identical except for the backing and one square on the front.  I think they turned out great. Courtney and Krystle think so too. 
Bring on the warm weather. The guys are ready.

Warmer weather, here we come

 We are getting close to starting to count the days until we get to see these cuties!

Our itinerary is full. We have only 4 nights there and want to see a bit of the area and do some touristy things. Our most important job while we are there is to drink in every bit of cuteness and preciousness as we can handle. It's a tough job but it's ours ;0)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

School Spirit week continues

All ready to go to school
Today was Crazy Hair Day! Wyatt needed a haircut, so I buzzed it partially and used hair paint on bits and pieces of it. The girls both had pig tails... one up and one down.
Tomorrow is Wacky Outfit Day and Friday is Happy Hipster or Mustache Day. 
Danika was sad that I didn't buy her a new hipster dress. What is a hipster? Obviously I'm not one!!!

Pannukakku for breakfast

Wyatt submitted a recipe for pannukakku to his class cookbook. We went shopping for ingredients and worked together to get it made.
I wonder what color eyes this #1 grandson of ours has?
He brought a couple of pieces of pannukakku for his teacher and student teacher. I hear they really liked it.

Hanging out with Gar-bear and his momma

Joylynn came by the other morning to see Krystle on her birthday and to hang out with her. Unfortunately Krystle was at school, so Garrett and Joylynn joined me on my running around. First stop was to pick up Cam on his lunch hour and get his hair cut. We popped into Freddies for sushi.

Garrett prefers his fish "gold". He got to pick out small boxes for himself and each of his siblings. Back at the house he showed off his climbing skills by hanging out at the top of our 6 ft stepladder. 
Fingers crossed for a possible new home
Jess and Joylynn are looking for a new place. They really need something bigger than their two bedroom townhouse now that the kids are getting older. This is a darling 3 bedroom house that is part of a triplex.  It has so much to offer for their growing family.

Harlan and I went over to see it today. Garrett had been there one time before so he was able to give me a tour. I hope, I hope, I hope they can get it!!!
First Day of Spring!

March 20th is the official first day of Spring. We had what looked like a snow storm this afternoon but it was just a heavy hail storm blowing through. It left piles of hailstones on the west side of the buildings at PCC.
At least we haven't gotten multiple feet of snow in the past week like our family and friends in the U.P.
Spring is on its way guys!!!
Hang in there.