Thursday, September 29, 2011

Coffee and play morning

Beverages of choice
Garrett and I brought the kids to school this morning and decided to head to the mall to give "the Uncles" a few uninterrupted minutes to get some of their own schoolwork done. I called Har and he walked over to join us for a "coffee" break.

Opposites DO attract!
I almost always get an iced coffee or iced tea from Starbucks these days. Harlan orders an extra hot latte (sometimes flavored, but always hot) no matter the weather. I sometimes get a brain freeze and need a sip of his and sometimes he wants a sip of mine. We're cool like that.

First Pumpkin bread of the season
Garrett got to have a bit of pumpkin bread. He was checkin' it out pretty closely. I'm sure we've tried to get him to eat things he didn't want to from time to time.
It was a hit! And not too crumbly. A good choice.

I really like our mall
I love Lloyd Center. Especially in the early morning when there are only a few walkers and some of the coffee crowd around.
It allowed the little guy to do a bit of wandering while we stayed close by.
Grampa got to carry his buddy to the play area. They stopped to check out Big Bird's VW van.

New to us preschool play area.
Har brought Garrett to the far side of the area to discourage his bolting for the entrance. The place as been finished for probably a year but we've never gone there before. It is a well maintained and kid friendly space.
Slidin' down the celery. He did great with getting around.

Favorite by Far
He was drawn to this ambulance type vehicle with a slide on the back. He sat in the seat and climbed all over. He'd go to play elsewhere but always came back to this thing.

Nice cushy carpet
The whole area has a very thick padding under the nicely designed carpeting. This butterfly was beautiful.
There is a trail that goes around the perimeter and has various tips for healthy living.
The one thing that I was kind of creeped out about was the bandaid that you crawl under. I know kids love to sit under things but for some reason I can't get past the idea that only used bandaids are shaped like this. Yuck!

Big screen shows the whole area
Can you see me taking a picture in this picture? Garrett is in the far right corner. I wonder if they keep a video of this area. Not a bad idea.

So tuckered out
I put Garrett in the stroller and went into Ross to shop for a bit. Next thing I knew he was fast asleep! I sat in Barnes and Noble and let him sleep for a little bit longer before heading back home.

I'm looking forward to taking Rowan and Katie and Henry and Anabelle here the next time they are in town. I think Gar-bear would appreciate some company in exploring. And I'd appreciate some time with my girls too!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Back to School days continue this year

Back to College
One of these days I may join my kids in continuing my education. But in the meantime, I'll keep snapping photos of those that are current students.

Courtney was so excited about starting back at Portland Community College that she was on her way super early for her morning classes. She swung by our house to give Krystle a ride too. I don't know what graduating class either of the girls will be in but it doesn't matter since they are each moving forward toward a goal.

They also both are employed! We are so proud of them!

God bless all of the students that have started this new 2011/12 school year.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Movie Time

We got to go to the Theater!
Rylan was able to get us signed into see "The Lion King" at the theater he works for. We work at safety first in parking lots. I like parking up on the top of the parking structure at Lloyd Center. Especially on bright sunny days. The kids are pretty good about not running around where cars drive but I made them pretend they were little VonTrapps just to make sure they were staying together.
We actually didn't see the 3D version of the movie but was nice to see this Disney classic on the big screen again. It was the first time for these guys.
Had to buy some snacks (especially since the concessions are the only revenue that pays the employees' wages. Box office proceeds belong to the film makers). Large popcorn has unlimited refills. We sat 2 x 2. Danika and I behind the bigger kids.

Arcade Fun
The theater has a few arcade games against the lobby wall. It won't be long before they won't be content just sitting and looking at the displays on the screens and want to actually play. The girls couldn't even reach the pedals on this driving game.
I'm sure Wyatt would have enjoyed the simulated shooting of this one. He'll have to come back with Uncle Rylan one of these days.

Six little munchkins before church
Logan and Alyssa popped down for overnight. I made all 6 kids sit on the couch for a cousins' picture.

We've been toying with the idea of getting new living room furniture. I don't know if I can part with the perfect picture taking place. The upholstery needs shampooing but it has worn like iron. We got this couch given to us close to 20 years ago and it had already had several owners. It it one solid piece of furniture!

Practicing patience
It is so hard for the kids not to run in the halls at church. There is such a huge expanse of floor space. We make them line up against the wall while we pick up the nursery kids. There just isn't room enough for them to be in and amongst the parents and preschoolers in the classroom entry.

A peek of Fall color
I took a photo from the upper deck of the parking garage looking toward the southwest. There is a hint of color starting to show up. I love this season since it means it won't be long until winter!

Only 3 months til Christmas!!!

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Minor hospital stay and hanging out with Family

Last "first" for now
I've stretched this series of "firsts" in Danika's life pretty far. This was her first official day of Headstart with all the kids in her class. From here on out all of the kids will be there every day. She still loves it but finds circle time to be "boring".

Friendly trip to Freddies
Both of these boys were in need of a little comfort. So the plugs came out and everyone was soothed. We just happened to bring the matching ones. Love these little guys!
There was a little girl with a pluggie there too. Her's was pink. The only photo I got of her was blurry though. I hate when that happens.

Target run
Har and I took advantage of everyone but Garrett being in school and made a run to Target. The cashier gave Gar a sticker. He had it on his clothes and the cart before I put it on his forehead. I know... I'm a mean Gramma.
He actually enjoyed trying to get it off and was so pleased at his success!

Lloyd Center and coffee with Kim & Vinny
It was such a beautiful morning to be outside enjoying the Lloyd Center landscape. My dear friend Kim and her grandson, Vincent met us there. We walked over to Grand Central Bakery and had a really nice visit and great food. The boys sat in high chairs, made noises at each other, and had snacks. They also charmed several other patrons with their good looks and sweet dispositions.

Boys and their wheels
Vinny has quite the stroller. It has tons of cargo capacity. Garrett's umbrella stroller with zero cargo space didn't stop me from spending some money. Gotta keep our local businesses going right?

My Mum Plant
As I mentioned in the title of this post. I spent Tuesday in the hospital having a minor procedure that should benefit me tremendously in the long run. When we were at Freddies on Wednesday I picked up this plant. I think any sort of hospital stay whether it be day surgery or overnight should be commemorated with flowers!

These vibrant colors of fall are gracing our dining room table. It won't be many weeks before we are getting into the lights, tastes, and sounds of Christmas.
Thanksgiving eve is 2 months from tonight!

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Oh Brother! I've missed you sew!

Fall = time for projects and crafts
I haven't sewn anything since last Spring when I made the quilts for the Family Reunion Silent Auction. This week I was able to shop for fabric and whip up a little lap quilt for Danika.

My little Brother machine
Since repairing my Pfaff would cost more than 3 of these little basic sewing machines I've opted to save for an upgrade. In the mean time this little baby has sewn miles and miles of seams. I dusted her off and got busy making Danika's blanket for her nap time at school.
Finished quilt. It is so bright and cheerful. The whole back is the bookworm and apple print that declares "I like to learn!"

Snug as a bug
She tried it out during nap-time yesterday. I told her that the wise old owls on it know when it's time to sleep and when it's time to wake up. I hope she heeds their counsel.

This may become a morning ritual
Garrett is getting so squirrelly when it comes to getting his diaper changed. He is ready to be down and running almost before I get it fastened. This morning he didn't want to wait to get his pajamas back on and wasn't ready to get dressed. So he ran around looking like a penguin.
He did have a half of banana in each hand for continued energy. As if he needs more! The doctor says I need to give him iron supplements! I think I need them first to get ready for the burst of activity.

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

A few of my favorite things

I missed the rose show during Rose Festival so was surprised by the Rose Society set up at Lloyd Center this morning. Most roses these days don't have any fragrance. These ones did and it was heavenly!

Not necessarily one of my favorite things but signs amuse me and are helpful. I like knowing where I am. The bike signs all over town are pretty cool.

More flowers
I don't know what sort of flowers these are but these are growing at church. And they are pretty.

Unique lighting
This was taken one morning while I was driving east on Multnomah in the early morning. The sun was reflecting off the Lloyd Tower and reflecting off of my van.

Baby Belly Laughs
Babies have infectious laughs anyway but this little guy is a happy one. He can be crying his eyes out and if you startle him he'll bust out laughing. He also loves being thrown up in the air by his Uncle Hayden.

Wild and Crazy Girls
I really enjoy watching the kids play with carefree abandon. That is something that should be a part of every kid's childhood.

Dress up and role play
Wyatt with his balloon gun and his snuggy is now some sort of Jedi fighting off bad guys.

The kids don't have regular chores but need to keep track of their things. They also need to have good attitudes when asked to pitch in. Most of the time that is the case.
Gar will "help" to empty my shopping cart. He is going to benefit from a lot of one on one time once the siblings are all in school.

Random weirdness
Yes, I took a picture of my tachometer. What I was trying to capture was the mileage. I'm a gal that notices things like that. Totally random and not noteworthy to anyone.

Teddy Bear Tea
I happen upon these sort of scenes from time to time. They make me smile.

Did I mention flowers?
If you have a camera in your purse you too can take pictures of flowers that someone else is going to buy. I need to buy myself some gladiolas. They are lovely.

He really is my favorite! Don't know where, what or who I'd be without him. This journey we're on may not be the one we'd planned but we are doing okay. I'd really love to do more road trips with him one of these days.

This is my 102nd post so far in 2011. It ties for the most posts ever done in a year. So the next post is heading into uncharted territory. I'll let you know how it is.

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