Saturday, March 15, 2014

Some of the out of townies

Here's a photo dump of several cell phone pictures I've gotten over the past few weeks. I am so looking forward to having all 10 grandchildren in one place to photograph soon.
Hurry up March!!! I'm looking forward to April :D
The east coasties 

What fun these kids are! They have pretty awesome parents as well.

The west coasties

Har and I need to plan a road trip! These guys are growing up by the moment :)
Look how much Quinn has changed in the past couple of weeks.
He's already over a month old!

A week in my world

This is going to be a random post of pictures.
My blog is pretty much my photo album with a few words thrown in here and there. I've been surprised by looking back over the years at how much we've done and how the kids and grands have changed.
Technology is a wonderful thing :0)
Our first warm day in ages

Here in Portland we had sunny and warm weather while back in Virginia Lyssa was dealing with snow and a furnace that was on the fritz.
What a woman! Sisu and pioneer spirit in action.
My recent sewing projects

These two were our "Katzenjammer Kids" back when they were toddlers. They are joining Henry in the four year old club now. They both have new aprons from Gramma.
I also made Henry an apron and one for Anabelle too.

Here are the front and back of theirs.
I love our city

Avoiding freeway backups lead to pretty trips down Naito Parkway.
I want these coffee cups but am not willing to pay full price for them. I'm going to watch for sales and home wares coupons to possibly pick them up before too long. I'm planning to join a group called "Ride Like a Girl" this spring. That's going to get me some time in the saddle. I'll have to work up to it by getting my bike on the wind trainer for a bit. Should be fun!
Back on the ranch

Henry and his dad went to the store for one thing and came home with baby chicks!
Cherise is familiar with having chickens and gathering eggs from her time in The Wallas.
Anabelle will be one of the cutest helpers ever!
Garrett keeps me entertained
This boy has liked headbands since he was a little guy. Not the kind the girls wear, though sometimes he's walked around with those on too, but the seasonal ones. Antlers, candy canes, hearts, shamrocks, bunny ears, and Fourth of July sparklers… he loves sporting anything that's around. He was combining  holidays recently just to be silly. He's spent a couple of days with us over the past two weeks. He sure knows his was around an iPad and Netflix. I guess kids that grow up with the technology are pretty comfortable with it.
He always tells me that he's "looking' kinda dirty" and wants a bath. Last weekend his sisters were up in the tub so he asked to bathe in the kitchen sink. It was easy enough to accommodate him and was super fun standing there chatting while he played and scrubbed up.
These little things make precious memories for both of us.
Have I recently stated that being a grandparent is pretty GREAT?

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Zoo ---- Finally!

After it seems like weeks of appointments or yucky weather we got a beautiful day to go to the zoo. It was especially nice to be able to have Uncle Hayden, Aunty Courtney and Uncle Charles go with us.
We let Garrett chose where to take the traditional pose of the posse o' the day. He chose the ice cave.

There are detours and construction everywhere up there! It was a pretty straight forward walk through the Pacific Coast stuff and the polar bear and sun bears who were loving the sunshine.
However we did a bit of back tracking to get over to the Africa exhibit, but made it over to the animals we came to see… 
The LIONS, specifically the cubs

The three lion cub sisters were out with their mom and dad. We were told that they'd be on exhibit from 10:30 til 2:30 so they aren't out too much yet. They are getting so big! There weren't frolicking much but it was nice to finally see them in person. The zoo website has cute videos of them.

After leaving the zoo we came back to our house and had lunch. Judging from the pleased smirk on Garrett's face, I'd say that our outing was a success in his 3 year old point of view.
It was a fun day in the sun ;0)
He's already asking for me to take him back "to da zoo" but today he's having his first pedicure at their neighborhood salon as his mom has her nails done.
This kid's got it made!