Monday, February 20, 2006

President's Day

I know I'm old. I remember when we celebrated Lincoln's birthday on Feb. 12th and Washington's birthday on Feb. 22nd. This morning I was reading the explanation of the holiday on the kid's school websight.

It said "Today we celebrate President's Day. Presidents' Day was originally celebrated on the 3rd Monday in February in honor of George Washington's birthday, which was February 22, 1732. Gradually the holiday also honored Abraham Lincoln, who was also born in February.

Today, President's Day is not only a celebration of Washington and Lincoln, but it is a day to honor every man who has served as a U.S. President."

For one thing the whole Monday holiday thing is a recent phenomena. For a second this gradually honoring Lincoln thing is totally bogus. Now they throw all the other presidents in there. What's up with that! Can't any one individual be honored on their own. How come MLK doesn't have to share the holiday with all others that lived and died in support of civil rights.

I'm not complaining about having a paid holiday I'm just not appreciating the "changing" of the facts.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

Here is my Valentine's Day post. Courtney's 14th birthday party was very fun. Thank you to all that managed to come. Even though it was a holiday that, typically, couples make arrangements to be "just the 2 of us". Our Courtney is sure living up to her Valentine birthday. She is a real sweetheart. A girly girl that loves fancy stuff, pink and purple, and Starbucks drinks. She sure got blessed with all that glitters, sparkles, and pampers a girl by her friends and loved ones. She even got her hair colored for the occasion. Some guests weren't able to party late into the night. But others stayed and spent more time with the birthday girl and her brothers. Hope your Valentine's Day found each of you spending time with those you love.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Heros come in all shapes and sizes

To most people, especially Alyssa, Logan is a Hero. Our little Genevieve ran across her very own hero today. ETHEN WEBBERLEY! He was sweet enough to let her use one of his newly broken in bottles. She was saved from certain starvation. At least in her 4 month old opinion. Thanks Ethen, the world could use a whole lot more guys like you.

Friday, February 03, 2006

It's PIZZA Night!

Starting around 3 months ago or so Friday night turned into PIZZA Night. I discovered that you can order Pizza Hut online. Don't even need to talk to anyone. Just a few clicks of a mouse and a few numbers typed in and Voila! Pizza show up at the door. Most of the time with pop and breadsticks. Tonight however it was Domino's. Forgot the pop but Joylynn and Alyssa made the sacrifice of a trip to Safeway for beverages. YEAH for daughters with wheels and cash. Once again Grand-mammarazzi tried to get pictures of the Wyatt and Genevieve. She co-operated as you can see. He "hid" from the camera. Excuse the Pizza face.... but check out the mElmo slippers!