Friday, March 30, 2012

Pack up the babies and grab the young lady

Run for the Border Portland style
I's supposed to be pizza night but it's also Spring Break and we had a request to have pizza for lunch yesterday. Tonight we loaded up the van and it's cargo area with people and went to Taco Bell. We went to one we'd never been to before. It's very apparent that our local Lloyd Center one really needs to be remodeled. It is so bland compared to this new one.

Pavlov's little guy

Garrett broke out into the goofiest grin every time Hayden showed him this picture of actress Jennifer Lawrence. It was so funny. I guess he liked what she looked like.

Miss Dimples x 2
Danika and Krystle enjoyed spending a little bit of time together at the restaurant. They both smiled big enough for their dimples to pop out or in as they happen to do.

Gas is how much per gallon?!
After supper we drove out to Wood Village to go to a Safeway gas station. Since gas is over $4.00 a gallon most places, we try to fill up at a Fred Meyer station where we save 10 cents a gallon all the time. However we had earned 8 fuel rewards at Safeway. So we drove to redeem the discount.
We filled up at $3.179 per gallon. Too bad we only needed 12 gallons. But those Safeway fuel points saved us almost $10 on this fill up.
I guess membership does have it's privileges.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

They're back and having a good time

Early morning trip
Courts and I swung by and picked up the kiddos early. It was a bit chilly and windy when we got back into town and to our Fred Meyers. There was miraculously a dry "car cart" for Danika and Garrett.
When looking for Easter finery for Wyatt, he spied these hats too. He really, really, really wanted one.

Fun and frolicsome night
There was music, marching and make believe in the living room tonight. It doesn't take much to entertain these troops. A cardboard box was easily turned into a vehicle that was enjoyed by all.

Balloons became punching bags and a bucket and frisbee became a drum. Somebody was sad that he had a balloon while someone else was enjoying the drum.
Harmony or rather "rhythm" reigned once again in the household. Thanks Danika!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gramma's holidays

Addition of color

The hyacinth on the left is growing in my flower bed. I'm amazed the slugs haven't gotten it. The deep purple one is going to be planted in the same bed soon. I think next Spring the two of them will complement each other nicely.

A surprise visit
First day of Spring Break brought happiness to the kids as they got to spend a few minutes with Mommy. It was a brief but welcome visit.

Holidays call for eating out

Courtney joined Harlan and me for breakfast out to celebrate the beginning of her Spring Break. We hadn't been to Elmers in a really long time. Potato pancakes, crepes and french toast. Yum!

Another portion of our den project done
I finally got rid of the mini blinds from the center section of windows in the den. I replace them with a curtain on the lower window and stained glass film on the upper. Perhaps the next project will be paint. One thing at a time.

Catching dinner and a movie at
Clackamas Town Center

I haven't spent much time at Clackamas Town Center. I had no idea there was a mini amusement park on the food court level. I love carousels! The one at Jantzen Beach is my favorite.
Harlan and I ate an early supper and went to see "This Means War". Good food, cute movie and time for the two of us. Very fun.

Spa Day

Much to Courtney's dismay, I went to the nail salon by myself this morning. I was going to only get a pedicure but decided to get my nails done as well.
It's been a very long time since I've had nice nails.

Next on the agenda...
Happy Hour with my honey!
I love holidays.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sweetness & Sunshine

The posies are picture perfect
I hadn't planned on taking the kids for a photo shoot after school but it was such a beautiful day and I hadn't seen the daffodils blooming over at the Cascade campus of PCC yet, so we headed over there. The daffodils and Danika are the only ones that are posing properly for this picture. G'vieve is looking at the camera but blinking. I don't know what is distracting those boys.

Change of venue
Heading over to take pictures in a different area of campus, the kids took advantage of the empty bike racks. They had a blast running back and forth underneath the arches.
This is a very long series of bike racks. Fun for the kiddos. It was Friday afternoon of exam week so we had the whole campus practically to ourselves.

Sunshine and smiles!
As good as it was going to get for this day. Harsh sunshine isn't conducive to fine photos. Love the hands in the pockets Joe College stance of the little guy.

Captain Henry
Cherise sent me this great picture of Henry taken the afternoon of the big snow. It was already all gone and the weather was getting warmer.

The Banana Belt
While we have been having rain, snow, some sun and mild temperatures, Rowan and Katie have had summer temps. Seventy-eight the day this picture was taken!

I think I'll wait until cooler weather before thinking about visiting Virginia.
Would love to meet these guys in Michigan this summer though.
Lake Superior is very inviting when the temps start rising.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Boy Easter bonnets

Est-ce que vous aimez mon chapeau?
I loved this hat on Gar! I wish I had the $18 dollars to spend on it. I know it won't hold up to a little boys antics beyond a constantly monitored wearing, so alas...
Jazz hands!
This one is pretty cool too but the dark color doesn't say Easter to me. He has a little vest, shirt and tie combo to wear. It would be nice if he had a little hat too.

Red handed. Really?

If the red stain around his mouth didn't give him away the handprint on the comforter sure did. Courtney found the culprits. Red vines that were squirreled away by the longest legged granddaughter. How Mr Garrett found them in the back her toy drawer I'll never know.

Pirate's Booty anyone?
I took Garrett and his cough and yucky runny nose to the Immediate Care clinic. They are just residual symptoms from the virus that he had a couple weeks ago. They could hang on a couple more weeks or a month. We'll get good sleep by summer. I hope!

Where in the U.S. are we from?
While trying to keep the kids in one place for a few minutes we sent them into the dining room with a puzzle. It was not very challenging. We'll have to get a harder one next time.

Wyatt pointed out that his teacher was born in Washington, D.C. Genevieve's teacher is from East Lansing, Michigan. Danika's teacher is from Indiana.

Wyatt is from Montana.
These two are Oregonians!

Last day as the Lone Ranger

Starting this evening all of the kids are going to be able to enjoy each other's company 24/7 for the next 9 days.

It's Spring Break folks and we are hunkering down for some sleeping in and spontaneous local adventures. Should be fun!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lookin' back and forth

West Coast view
I mentioned this play structure in my previous post. It is the same one that Henry got recently. The kids in our house would love to have some sort of play place like this. We will see what we can come up with this summer.

I google mapped both Cherise and Alyssa's addresses and realized that the placement of these two play grounds are such that Henry's telescope faces East(ish) and Row and Kate's faces West(ish). Pretty cool for keeping an eye on cousins.

This photo could be what Henry is seeing through his right now!

Hi Rowan! Hi Katie!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Welcome Mila :0)

Welcome to the world little one
Congratulations Grandma Kim
and Papa Tom!

Five years ago our friends, Tom and Kim, joined the Grandparent Club. They just added a 3rd grandchild to love.

Little Mila Adeline was born to June and Brody on Monday afternoon, March 19th.

She's as beautiful as her grandmother and I'm sure it won't be long until she has Papa wrapped around her little finger. Big sister Bella will have to show her the ropes in that department.

We are so happy for the whole family that she has safely arrived.

In other family news ...
Anabelle is learning keyboarding in the hopes of teaching her Grampa how to type properly.
Henry and Anabelle were found chillin' on the couch all squeaky clean from their bathtime.
On St Patrick's Day if you didn't wear green you could get into a green tent. A St Paddy's day living room camp-out was enjoyed by Henry and his family complete with roasted hot dogs.
Looks like Henry's new play structure is awesome! Rumor has it that there is an identical set up in a yard in Virginia being enjoyed by his cousins.

Big girls!

Anabelle and Evie both are enjoying time in their Exersaucers. Belle-belle has been getting better and better at feeding herself. Evie has started standing in hers and watching the activities of their busy household. I'm glad that all of our grandchildren have been able to enjoy these wonderful inventions.

Birthday shopping
Katelyn Hanna had some birthday money to spend so she bought herself a cell phone. "Just like momma's" I hope to get a text message from her before long. Maybe about the same time I get an email from Anabelle.
They are growing so fast!