Sunday, January 24, 2010

A couple of birthdays and a few other things

It's been a long week. Emotions are up and down. School, commuting, people coming and going... I haven't taken many photos :(

There were a few noteworthy events though.

JESS! Turned 35!
The kids came over and we took Jess and Joylynn out for his birthday dinner.
Wyatt, Genevieve and Danika were so thoughtful to get him a new electric razor since his previous one somehow stopped working (toothpaste will help do that).
Hayden and Cam each put a paper bag on his head so Wyatt needed one too.
Cute little robot boy.

Lalita turned 26!
Lalita was in Portland for a little mini-vacation. We were happy to get a chance to see her today before she headed for home, since it is her birthday.
She and I got to go out to lunch, just the two of us.
It was a new vegan restaurant that opened down the street a few months ago. Yummy food!
Came back to our house for her to pose with a frozen coconut cake. It was also yummy.

I have been thinking about working on a couple of new quilts. I have the lovely fabrics.

ROWAN!!!!! came back!

Alyssa and Rowan came back from their trip to Sisters, OR.
They were down there spending time with Logan's parents and having fun in the great outdoors at the ranch . Max was happy to be a ranch dog for a bit too. He misses having his big yard when he is here in Portland.

Commuter photo
We had a couple of days of sunshine and warm weather this week. I snapped this while at a traffic light.
I love seeing the reflections in the river. So lovely!

I tend to see beauty in lots of things. I should take a photography class some day.
I don't know if it was because I was having coffee with my Honey or if the next holiday/birthday is on my brain but I saw a heart in my banana bread this morning!
Can you see it?

Favre Still ROCKS!
It was sad to see the Vikings lose today. They had an awesome season! Next to Joe Montana... Brett Favre is my all time favorite football player.
THANK YOU for a wonderful season and it's been great watching you enjoy playing the game that you have loved for so long!

Rylan's political passions

Many of you know that Rylan isn't the most gregarious of individuals. He is a quiet man. I guess it's true the still waters run deep because he has a surprisingly wide variety of interests. A couple of them are sports and politics. His support of and interest in those things took him to Salt Lake City, UT in December. He got to see his JAZZ play and win in their home arena. He also got to meet Sarah Palin as he went to a book signing. If you cut and paste the following link you can see the photo that was taken at this event.

I come from a quite liberal minded extended family and married into a quite conservative family. I myself tend to lean toward conservative policies. So even though I adore my mom and aunts.... we tend to steer clear of those topics.
C'est la vie! for now.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Retro week and Changing of Decor

This is supposed to be the week to post pictures from our younger days on Facebook. I found a few school pictures that I had of myself and took a photo of the photos to be able to post them.

I have had to resort to using reading glasses lately so I guess it won't be long before I have to wear some full time.

Har isn't sleeping here... he's reading up on where Grand Central Baking Company started. Did you know that the family that started it grew wheat up in Goldendale?
They make and sell "Goldendale Wheat" bread. It is the most like Har's mom's bread of any I've ever tasted since she's been gone. I pick up a loaf every now and then for a special treat.

Had my camera with me when I got to Krystle's work a bit early. I had to park in a different lot and these trees were right in front of me. I love the bark in the picture on the left!

Shhhhh don't tell
I made a quilt for one of our sons-in-law. I'm pretty sure he won't be checking out my blog. So if you see him before his birthday next week don't tell him!

Mid-week visitors
Joylynn had to come into town for something so she came over with the kids.
Wyatt posed for my camera. He is getting to look so much older.
Genevieve was tired of having her hair fall in her face so her mom said it was okay for me to cut her hair. I love her with a short bob. She likes it too.
I caught her here at the table eating something but had to get a picture of Danika Dolly too so she "cheesed" for me. Such a puddin' face.... you could just smooch those cheeks!

Industrial look
I picke up an apron and rubber gloves for myself at Marshall's this week. It seems like I'm ready to handle toxic waste. I'm just going to be stylin' while I'm keeping my clothes from getting yucky.

Change of Seasons
Today I started taking down the Christmas tree. I was almost done with the ornaments when Ty brought Krystle home from work. (I am so grateful that he is able to do that for us every Saturday) He pitched right in and helped with the light removal and then literally pitched the tree outside for me.
I moved the furniture around in the living room and it looks pretty cozy.
I got our Valentine's decorations out and decorated the mantle. I will try to take them down a.s.a.p. after February 14th so I can get the St Patty's stuff up.
With a Valentine daughter and one that misses St Patrick's day by a day I want to give them equal time with "their" decor featured.
When I had elementary school kids I did more to decorate for the various holidays. I still do somewhat but not as over the top as in days past.
And that is just fine.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

More time on the road...

I have had one day in the past week that I didn't spend at least a couple of hours on the road. I try to spend time enjoying my drives to and from Lake Oswego. I have found a lot of time to meditate on many things. Making the best use of my time.

Day Trip on Wednesday

Lyssa had her Dr's appointment this past Wednesday afternoon. As she had some blood work to have done as well. We headed out early, just after I got back from bringing Krystle to work. Rowan is such a good traveler. He was requesting specific CDs to be played and he played his "air guitar" during many of the songs. Iron Maiden seems to be a favorite!

Find the Waterfowl

There is an amazing water-feature near the clinic. Rowan has enjoyed watching geese, ducks and swans in the past times there. He was anxious to show them to me as we were needing to kill time while Lyssa was getting lab work done.
They weren't in the pond....
They weren't near the waterfalls...
They weren't near the bridge....
There they are! Spending time eating something on the grass.
Beautiful birds but they sure do leave a mess behind!

Red sky in Morning....
Friday's sunrise was one of the most dramatic ones I've experienced in my 3 weeks of chauffeuring.
Courtney was along for the ride so she was able to take a picture of the display in the rear view mirror. I wish we had a camera with us this morning to capture the beautiful pink clouds as the sun was rising. I've been a late night/late rising girl for years. These early mornings are not exactly growing on me but they aren't all that bad either. I'll keep you posted on any huge insights I come up with during my morning and afternoon musings.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Goodbye '09 ~ HELLO!!!! 2010!

The end of 2009 was sort of a melancholy time for our family. We had our final service as Generations Church. We have loved serving beside our pastor and his family for the past 2 1/2 years... and for almost 8 years before that. Cam has known no other pastor. But the decision to dissolve was made and the one thing we have to hold on to is that the Body of Christ is still alive and doing well!
So to help us feel better ;) we decided to go to the Olive Garden for lunch.
The kids had never been there so it was a nice treat.

Adventures in Commuterland.

I don't know if I mentioned it or not but Krystle has a JOB! The main drawback is the fact that taking public transportation to get there and back is not a practical option. The nearest bus stop to her facility would require her to walk over a mile up hill through a residential area and have to leave home before 5 in the morning. The buses are infrequent and don't run at all on weekends. She works 7:30 to 4:00 Saturday-Wednesday. So I am a running a 2 time a day Taxi. Last Wednesday we had a touch of a winter system move through our area.

I headed out about 3:15 .... here is what it looked like on the freeway exit.
And heading south on Macadam.

As we started to get into some hills the cars started to have some problems and many were unable to continue. The right lane became a parking lot. I decided since I had many hills in front of me it was time to put on the chains.
THANK YOU LOGAN AND ALYSSA! for letting me use your car and having it properly equipped for icy roads!
The traffic was mostly not moving. It took me 3 hours and 45 minutes to get there.

Once I arrived I was thankful for a lovely facility with "facilities" .

The Stafford is a retirement and assisted living facility. Krystle was hired to be on the housekeeping staff. It seems to be an ideal position.

Making the best of a not so good weather situation:

After seeing how long it took me to get there and after conversing with Har, we decided to hole up for a bit and get something to eat. I think we chose a wonderful place to spend an hour.
Curry in a Hurry! I think we'll visit this establishment again. YUM!

Finally arrived back home after driving 26 miles & being gone 6 1/2 hours!
It looked cozy and inviting with its Christmas lights and snow.

The Travelers Return

Rowan had been looking forward to going to the train station to pick up "Baby Heenree" for days! He was soooo excited.

What an adventure for a little guy. Seeing all that activity in the train yard.
They are back! I'm so glad they got to go to Michigan. I think those Michiganders were pretty happy that they came as well.

Back at the House
Kiel, Cherise and Henry got to open the Christmas gifts that were left here.
Henry likes his books and Mouse. "Hello Mouse!"

I like to get glow bracelets on the 4th of July and on New Year's Eve... weird, I know, but it helps keep track of people in the dark.

Courtney's friend, Charles, brought some yummy snacks.

Most everyone spent the evening eating and playing Whoonu.

We had brunch on New Year's Day. Har praying for the food.
In keeping with the train travel theme of our holiday this year, I picked up a Gingerbread Train that Cherise and Cam worked on.
Lys and Logan's Christmas Crackers (forgotten on Christmas Day) were used at New Year's Day instead.
Grampa and Rowan spent some time Rockin' the New Year in with Grampa's bass guitar.
Too soon we had to see K & C off. What a difference a few months make in a baby's life. He is growing so fast. He rolled from back to tummy for the first time at my sister's house on Christmas Day.
I did have a calendar all ready to put up and thought they picked a perfect verse for the first month of the year.... no matter what lies ahead for our family and friends this year we need to remember
"In Everything Give Thanks"!