Thursday, February 24, 2011

Beautiful Weekend

Lovely day = van needs washing
We had beautiful weather on Saturday.

The van came out of the Washman carwash a few pounds lighter. We could now be seen in public again. We were able to go to church with Krystle and Nate and drive to his parents house without being totally ashamed of our vehicle.

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The loitering policy wasn't being enforced on Saturday. Harlan was able to stand outside of Wendy's for some time talking on my cell and no one said a thing.

Nic and her guy
Nicole popped in briefly as we were taking off for church. We got to meet her "friend" Denmark... but that was all. They are going to have to come back so we can get to know him better.

DAYTONA!!!!!! the start of the Nascar season

Tom and Kim Z and most of their kids joined us for our annual Daytona Brunch. It wouldn't be brunch without them. Tom plans and mans the omelette bar. He sets out an array of ingredients and custom makes an omelette for each person. This year we contributed roasted potatoes with mushrooms, sausage patties, and fruit salad and tried to keep the coffee comin'.
It was a great race. So fun to see it on the "big screen". A young guy that turned 20 years old the day before the race won it.

Grampa's plumbing helpers

Harlan had plenty of help while he was installing our new faucet in the bathroom. Our old one had the chrome start peeling off. If we had the receipt from who knows how long ago we could have gotten it replaced for free. I could have saved a couple of bucks by being more organized. Does anyone actually save all their receipts?

Perfect Look

Though he prefers Great Clips, I took Wyatt to Perfect Look because I had to go to Freddies before we headed home and it is in the same complex. He is great about sitting for haircuts. He really likes it short on the sides and back.
And spiky on top!

Shadey Kids
They were goofing around after supper last night with their sun glasses. So I asked them to rally around Garrett. Too bad we didn't have an extra pair for him. We'll have to do that as soon as we get sun again.

February is going out on a white note
It's snowing as I type this. Had a snow day today, thus no school for Wyatt and it's like pulling teeth to get these older guys to get their work done. It's supposed to drop to record cold temps over night so we shall see if there is school tomorrow. I really don't mind being holed up.
My sewing machine and Henry's gramma blanket are calling me :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hayden is taking a photography class

Hayden's photography
Hayden took his camera and tripod to the park. Cam was the subject of this photo.

From Hayden's perspective
These are the ups and downs Hayden sees with 2 preschool girls living here.
Another pictorial expression of what he sees everyday. It's typical life with busy little ones but it can get a bit stressful at times when your focus is the busyness rather than the people.

He made sure that I mentioned that he has only started taking photos in the past couple of weeks so they aren't professional or anything.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Jess and 3/4ths of his kids

On Thursday, J & J were here. Garrett put on his Daddy's Hunting Buddy hat and Jess sported his Cabella hat he got from L & L for his birthday. The girls were hanging around their Dad so they got in the picture too. It's not the best photo of the little guy so...

I took another one. He is such a sweet mellow baby!
He's starting to show a little more personality every day.

New Rug
Our living room has had a 5ft x 7ft carpet in the middle of the floor for years. I've wanted to replace it with a larger one and put the smaller one in the music room. I finally went out and got one this week. It is a bit lighter than our other one but looks dark enough that we won't have to be constantly vacuuming. It is almost an 8ft x 11 ft size. Very nice for little ones to be rolling around on and learning to crawl.

Frosty morning and we are on the go
It's been awhile since Har and I went anywhere early in the morning, just the two of us. We headed over to Grand Central on Fremont for coffee and a bite to eat. While we were there we thought of our poor kids still at home...starving.

We had pity on them and brought home a few things for them as well.

It sure is quiet around here. I think we are
Going through withdrawals.
I found Harlan looking at PBS kids website. Can't get enough of preschool programming!

Life goes on

We ran into some dear friends at Target out at Cascade Station this afternoon. It had to have been the Lord that put us together for those few minutes. Time spent with Jerry and Paula is always so edifying. I really needed a dose of that today. We have 5 more days of the kids in residence. It's going to be a tough transition.
Surely I'll remember how to parent only two kids.

In the meantime... "Drivers START YOUR ENGINES!!!!"
We are celebrating the start of the Nascar season with a Daytona Brunch tomorrow.
Tonight we are headed to Beaverton to "Meet the Parents"... Krystle's boyfriend's parents that is. First we are going to be going to the evening service at his dad's church. We are looking forward to that.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Snowy morning

Rare glimpse of the white stuff
Taking off from home this morning found us traveling through about 40% snow and 60 % rain. It wasn't long before we were headed into higher elevations.

"Cats and dogs!"

Wyatt enjoyed watching the humongous flakes coming down. His comment when we came out of the tunnel heading west was "It's snowing cats and dogs!" He is always trying out new riddles on us too. This morning's was "What has legs but can not walk?" followed by "What has teeth but can not eat?" He often messes them up which makes them even funnier.
Looks like we were driving in a snow globe.

Getting closer to his school.

We arrived!

We were a few minutes later than usual so there were more kids at school when we got there. I heard quite a lot of excited children's voices when he opened the van door. Too bad the snow isn't going to stick for long.
It did stick to my front license plate. My goodness my van needs a car wash! Wish road grime was white instead of grey.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Munchkinland & Valentine's Day

Sugarplums and Sonic
Here are a few more pictures from our weekend with Rowan and Katie. The first night found Katie awake and needing a diaper change at 4 a.m. I took her back to bed with us and this photo was taken a little after 8. She slept until 9!

Rowan was up bright and early and wanting to play a few rounds of "Sonic" on the Wii before breakfast. He loves his video games but is pretty good about keeping to his time limits. He has many interests and is a trooper about turning the tv off when asked.

Little Miss Eleven Months
Alyssa and I took Katie to a photography studio to have her official baby pictures taken. I snapped this while we were waiting for the prints to be made. Her pics turned out great! And we managed to get some shopping in while we were at the mall.

Rain, rain, come today...

You've never seen anyone happier to see rain on a Monday morning than Har was yesterday. It's all because he got a new waterproof bike jacket from "the kids" along with new matching riding gloves. They are a bright neon color and have reflective trims. I love the fact that he is even more visible as he rides in traffic. He was like a kid at Christmas waiting to test out his new gear. He got a taste of rain on his morning ride but it was really coming down last night when he headed home. His inside fleece was bone dry and he was a grinnin' from ear to ear.
He is a happy bike commuter!

Happy Birth-entine Day, Courtney!
It was Courtney's 19th birthday yesterday. As tradition dictates, we took our birthday girl out for breakfast. As tradition further dictates, her husband was invited as well. Courtney chose the Cadillac Cafe this year.

She received and responded to a few text messages as we were deciding what to order.
Their breakfast specials for the day were very very good!
Courtney and Charlie's beverages were even pretty. I wish I had taken photos of the food.
You'll have to take my word for it... super lovely and super yummy!

Munchkins, lollipops and Chipmunks

Jazz hands and posing in Valentine finery this morning when Aunty Coco came over.
Followed by opening a special Valentine package from the Granny and Pa. Chipmunks all around!
Wyatt w/ Alvin and Garrett w/ Simon.

Two members of the Lollipop Guild with their "Chipettes" Brittany and Janette.
Lots of make believe Valentine's dates happening between all these chipmunk characters. Lots of sugar consumed as well. But that's one thing that Valentine's Day is all about.

The other thing Valentine's Day is about?
Krystle with her sweetheart, Nate, just back from having a nice dinner at The Rheinlander and watching a movie at his house.