Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lessons learned

These lovely flower shots cost me something
  During my morning walk yesterday, I stopped several times to snap photos of the neighborhood blooms. I'm using my cell phone almost exclusively for photos so had to take it out every time I had the urge to take a picture. Unfortunately, I wasn't carrying a purse of any kind so my driver's license, debit card and credit card were in my pocket. The same one my phone was in. When I got home only my driver's license was still there.

I learned a good lesson about carrying valuables in pockets and I also learned that we have some pretty great neighbors. The person who found my credit card notified the bank immediately and we currently have a new card on its way. And the gentleman who found my ATM card looked me up and tried to phone and then left a note on the mailbox saying he'd found my debit card. By that time I'd already been to the bank and received a replacement.
I know it could have turned out much differently but I am thankful for the way it did.

Luncheon with my friend, Kim

Kim was able to get away from work for a long lunch. I picked her up and we went down to McGrath's Fish House. I love that place. We were practically the youngest customers there for lunch. It is super popular with the geriatric set. When I dropped her back at work I was able to hold their classroom bunny. He's a mini and so soft and cute!
Can it be that time already!!!
Didn't we just start Summer? Joann Fabrics had some amazing sales yesterday. But first I had to get over the fact that they have Autumn and Thanksgiving decor displayed.

The team colored nutcrackers are all lined up for football seasonThat is one thing I am looking forward to. Why does it seem like basketball and baseball seasons last sooo long and football season is so short? Perhaps I should become more of a futbol fan but soccer has never been my thing either. The NFL preseason is just around the corner.
 She looks pretty good for 70
 Seventy years of sewing! I would love to look like this when I'm seventy. I do have one of those nifty old sewing machines and pearls, so I'm part way there ;)
Coming back from class last night
I was driving home directly into the sunset last night after my Habits of Health class. This was on Sunnyside Rd. It was more like Sun-in-front Rd. By the time I got off of north bound I-205 and onto west bound I-84 the sun had dropped behind the hills.
My GPS indicated that the sun was officially down by displaying its night mode. Pretty cool hey?

Saturday, July 06, 2013

July is here and so is Anabelle's b'day

A beach picture is perfect for Bellie's birth month

In the past year Anabelle has been to the beach many many times. I'm sure it's something she's going to miss when they move back to the Pacific Northwest. They'll have to make sure that they get to the coast  a couple of times a year. Har and I would love to join them and take lots of pictures.
 We got to be with her at the beach in San Diego in April.
She's getting to be a big girl!
 Two years old means she can now feed herself and dress herself (almost). She's such a smart little cookie!
I must admit that I'm looking forward to having them within driving distance before too long!
Happy 2nd Birthday, Bellie-girl!

The 4 local grands are here for a few days
It was a good time for Garrett to be at our house. He got mail! 
It was a belated birthday card from his Muumuu in Michigan. 
The reason for they're here

Joylynn ended up in the hospital again. She had a stay about a month ago too. For that stay the kids were still in school and weren't really aware of the change in their "home life". But they're used to being home with Jess and Joylynn now so hanging out here, though fun for awhile, is another adjustment.
 We stopped and let them get some stuff for her from the gift shop.

Room 711 at Providence St Vincent has a lovely view!

The view off to the west is lovely as well. There are windows facing that way at the end of the hallways. 

Harlan was there looking at a map program on his phone and we figured out in which area their house was located. 
Garrett stayed at our house with the Uncles. He said the hospital had "bad doctors". Looks like he needed a nap, hey?
A treat for the babysitters

We swung by one of our favorite coffee shops to get Hayden and Cam each a drink. While we were in the line of cars at the drive through window a panhandler approached our car. I hardly ever carry cash so I could honestly say I didn't have any spare change.

The manager of Dutch Bros came over to our van  and gave each of us a pair of sunglasses for the "trouble" caused by the panhandler. He said that they like to "take care of their customers."

Thanks Dutch Bros!
Pizza night re-instituted 

The boys and I took the kids to eat pizza at our local Sparky's. I texted Har and told him what the chain guard on this bike said. He said he'd rather "Follow his filly"!  
I guess it's time to get my bike out on the road again.
Twenty minutes is a long time for little kids to sit and be still. 
So they wiggled and danced and whistled.

We finally got our pizza and once everyone ate a slice, we loaded into the van and headed back here. They will be with us at least one more night. They asked to go to our church tomorrow even though it's the first Sunday and the kids don't have classes. I guess it's time to get the coloring pages and books together to take with us. Maybe some snacks that aren't messy? I'm a little out of practice on this stuff.
The adventure in grand-parenting continues!

Visiting and more visiting

Children playing for sure!
The new neighborhood that J&J and their kids live in is packed with children. The cul-de-sac on the end of the street is teaming with kids when school isn't in session. It's nice that they have this slow guy on the sidewalk.
D & G and a goofy brother

The girls were trying to form letters of the alphabet the other day after we were done taking 4th of July pictures. 
"D" for Danika and "G" for Genevieve!
Garrett kept calling this his "circus hat". He looks like a carnival barker or the Emcee in the big top with his makeshift handlebar mustache :)
A visit with, Lyla, the dog
What a sweet pooch. I wish we were able to adopt her. She fits in so well with the kids and J&J's cat but they won't be able to permanently keep her. So they're dog sitting for now.

Lyla is a doxie mix and so mellow. I love the heart shaped shading on her face.
The Ducks were in town!!!

The few minutes that Joy and Gary Duckworth had originally planned to stop by for turned into a late night trip to Applebees with the whole gang!

Three of our kids, two of theirs along with their gals were down on the kids' end of the table. It was great to get to know Garrison's girlfriend, Rachel, and Isaiah's fiancee, Cheyenne, a bit. They're really sweet young ladies.

From L-R: Hayden, Courtney, Garrison, Rachel, Krystle, Cheyenne, and Isaiah
Early 4th of July walk

In spite of the look Har has on his face in this, we had a nice walk over to Fred Meyer's early on Thursday. I had Har take a picture of me near a cool old brick archway on the way home.
A view I've never seen before. Things look so different when you walk opposite traffic along a one way street. These are the apartments that were built years ago in the block that Farrel's Ice Cream Parlor was located on. It would be lovely to see the sunrise from
 these east facing units. 

Glimpses from Michigan
 I was actually taking to Alyssa on the phone as they crossed the Mackinac Bridge into the U.P. of Michigan. This picture got sent to my phone as they were crossing the Portage Lift Bridge into the Keweenaw.
Evie was in her element hanging out with her cousin's dog. I hope her Rob-dog wasn't jealous.
Katie got to hold the newest of my sister Kelly's granddaughters. Miss Lily is the month old daughter of our niece Briana and her husband, Dave.

Rowan takes after his Uncle Hayden in his love of babies. I think both of them are going to be awesome dads some day.
Lyssa was on Mine Street yesterday and sent me a "remember this place?" text. Yes, I do remember the firehall where my dad served the township as a volunteer firefighter.
All too soon it's time to leave ;(

Alyssa didn't catch a photo of the quick goodbye hug Katie gave my mom. She did take one of Rowan and Evie with Mom though. So sweet! I notice mom is holding a couple of jars of jam, I wonder if any of that will be in Virginia when we get there next weekend. 
I'm thrilled that they got to the Copper Country even for a brief visit. I think Logan got enough of a taste of the area to warrant another trip up there.