Sunday, October 25, 2009

Busy, busy week

This week seemed extra busy for some reason.

Tuesday, Joylynn came over with the kids. They all three sat on the couch and read books for a while. I got a few pictures but this one I love!

My precious Wyatt. He is one of the best Kindergarteners I know.

I snapped a picture of a stack of some of my latest projects. Just the edges but colorful non the less.

Krystle and Ty took a trip out to the Roloff Farm a few weeks ago.
They came home with pumpkins.
This was the weekend to carve them so it turned into a carving party!
I picked up an extra pumpkin this past week to make the porch balanced :)
As it turned out we had an extra carver to do the honors on Saturday.
The gang planning and proceding.

Did you know that when you keep pumpkins outside they are really cold?
Cam found that out pretty quick...!

Ty and Krystle were quite the team in providing advice and lending a hand.

Hard at work.

Ty putting finishing touches on Cam's Panda Pumpkin.

Courtney's friend Charles came over and was able to be our designated carver for the final pumpkin.

I really can't say no pumpkins were hurt in the process.

One last picture before he headed out.
Thanks for coming! It was fun!

Krystle and Tyler settling in to watch an episode of something or other. Do you realize how many seasons of various shows are out there just waiting to be viewed?

The final photo. A couple of our more reluctant artists haven't finished their masterpieces yet. Hopefully in the next day or two we will have 3 jack-o-lanterns on each side of our porch just in time for Saturday.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blackcat and Puppy and other stuff...

Every now and again we take a picture of our furry "kids"
They have a nest type apparatus in the upstairs bathroom.
Courtney threw her sweater coat on it but that didn't keep them from snuggling up together.
Peanutbutter doesn't look too comfy but Ninja is fine.

One of our maple trees is diseased. Logan and Harlan worked at getting all of the dead branches cut out.
It's still a favorite perch for Courtney and Nicole.

Harlan and one of "Grampa's little man"s.
Har didn't realize I was photographing both him and Rowan so he is kind of leaning out of the picture or trying to.

The end of the month is that holiday that isn't my favorite but it's fun to dress up and have candy so....
We were looking at stuff for costumage. Rowan wanted Cam to put on the hat.
Then he tried it.

Alyssa said that Rowan is into a certain snuggle puppy book recently so when we found this costume and tried it on over his clothes, he fell in love with it.
We even put him up on the counter to scan the price tag so he wouldn't have to take it off.
He spent a good deal of that day being a puppy.

FALL leaves....
Fall has so many rich textures and colors and odors.
It is quite the showoff of seasons but very beautiful.
Here is what it looks like at the mall just outside of the Sears entrance.
The planners of that area of the Lloyd District did a great job in choosing trees and bushes!

And last but not least
Logan and Alyssa found out that they are going to welcome a daughter in the spring.
Lyssa and I went shopping for some fabric yesterday so I made a small quilt and will make a matching sheet for the Moses basket for our new little miss.
I am looking forward to more planning and shopping in the months ahead.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Genevieve is 4 years old!

Today we celebrated Genevieve's 4th Birthday.

She didn't tell us that she would be "5" on her next birthday like her brother did when he turned 4 but she did say "I love it!" and "That's my favorite!" an awful lot.

We had balloons, presents and cake. What more could any little girl want?

October 2005 She has the best big brother in the world.
He loves her so much.

October 2007
2 year old Genevieve. Such a sweetie!

October 2009
Our big 4 year old! She still likes Dora.
There were females at her party. We just didn't make it into the picture.
See I told you he loved her. This was totally his idea. I just wanted to get a picture of the three of them with the party hats on.
Happy Birthday girl with her new blanket from Gramma.

Speaking of party hats.

I think they enjoyed being goofy with them more than wearing them normally.

Wyatt was trying to teach Genevieve how to "ballerina".
It's nice to have "ballerina-ing" in my kitchen.

All too soon it was time to go home :( She loaded up her loot and headed out.
She is and will always be our #1 granddaugher.
She looks so much like her mother but she is as unique as her name:
Genevieve Kay Marie had a very good birthday!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

I love October!

Last weekend all the kids were here. This week I've spent sewing.
I finished 4 almost 5 quilts.
Here is the palette for one I'm planning. They are all flannels.
I love the clover fabric!

Here are two of the quilts.
Laid out here and below finished.
Notice I had to change a few squares. The entire back is red and I was short a few squares so looked through my "scraps" and came up with alternate squares. They don't call these things rag quilts for nothing.
Laid out and finished.

"Adios and Vaya con Dios!"
Our friend Craig is starting out on a big adventure and stopped by to say goodbye.
We are blessed to have him in our lives.
Thanks for coming by!

We had visitors this weekend too.


Logan had a long weekend so they were able to come down. There was some bike riding, tree trimming and a bit of movie watching and video game playing.
And as always there is food!
I only have so many poached egg cups so I improvised with a metal measuring cup. Just happened to be heart shaped.

Games or rather Monopoly.
Krystle was bankrupt quite early so she gave Cam her properties and they teamed up against Tyler. He held is own for quite awhile but those other two were merciless.
One of the things Cam likes about Burgerville is the jukebox.
He likes to be the disc master. He usually picks great tunes.
The gang that went to Burgerville.

Weather.... it was a mixed bag.
We had off and on showers and sunbreaks and quite chilly weather.
This rainbow was across the street from our nephew's house.
It's a bit hard to see but the trees are starting to look a bit like fall.
Alyssa had my camera while I was driving and she took some nice pics.
We were driving over the 205 bridge at sunset.

More Rowan!
He's crouched in the high chair ready to stand.
He is starting to repeat just about everything we say now and he tries to be funny all the time. What a boy!
Yup....he is going to be a great big brother.
and those parents of his are certainly going to have their hands full ;)
We grandparents think that is just as it should be.