Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wedding revisited

More photos
Courtney got back a CD of photos taken by the photographer. I love all of these candid shots she took. So if you weren't able to be at the wedding enjoy a peak of the happenings!
Our two oldest grandsons were the ring bearers.

Our youngest grandchildren were dressed to match the bridal party.
The bridesmaids outfits are surprisingly wash and wear. They were a bit tricky to sew though.

Matron of Honor our Alyssa and Best Man Charlie's friend Jared.
Joylynn doing Courts' makeup.

Last minute check in the mirror.

Prayer before the ceremony.

Prayer during the ceremony.
The whole bridal party.
The vows.
Signing of the Marriage License.
The Mr and Mrs.
I may have this printed for the mantle to join the other 4 pictures already there.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend of farewells and looking forward

Last leaves of Fall
Our trees were a bit late changing color but they put on a beautiful show once they did.

Happy Birthday Kiel

In the midst of all the wedding weekend happenings was a belated birthday lunch with Kiel. Kiel, Cherise and Henry went with Har and I to our new favorite restaurant, McMenamins on Broadway, to celebrate Kiel's 27th birthday. Henry and Har played a new version of "Whack a Mole"... basically "Whack a Grampa". Henry loved the game, especially the sound effects that went with it.

All too soon it was time for the traditional farewell photo out on the porch. We love having those kids come to visit!

Cutie Katie

Katelyn is turning into a munch mouth. It is cute to see her react to the ding of the bell on the microwave. She still needs soft foods but doesn't miss an opportunity to try whatever someone else has. She even lets us see what she is eating. Thanks for sharing Kate :)

More farewells
My sister Kelly left on Sunday with her kids and flew out from Spokane on Tuesay. On Monday Brad and Tiffany came to the airport to bring Kara and to see Mom and her off.

Mummu mushing up a couple of her lovey boys. She sure is going to miss these guys. Though I think she will appreciate how quiet it is out at her place in contrast to the past few weeks here.
Aunty Kara would have gladly taken this boy home with her. He shared his charming little self liberally during the weekend. She too will miss all these babies. I guess she'll just have to come back soon.

Lookin' forward
I'm looking forward to the next month. The sights and sounds of the holidays are always so wonderful. It is wonderful to have all these little elfin helpers around as well.

Hope everyone has an enjoyable Thanksgiving and looks forward to embracing the Christmas season with grateful hearts.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

We went to the chapel and Courtney got married!

Sibling Affection
Hayden is going to miss having Courtney around. He is kind of a little Papa Bear when it comes to his sisters. A wee bit protective.

Preparing for the big day

I was looking through pictures that I took this weekend and I realized how much everyone pitched in and did everything that needed to be done without much direction at all. The Domina family and extended family and friends, my mom, sisters, brother and sister-in-law and my nieces and their husbands gave up their weekend to help make this wedding a memorable one for Courtney and Charlie. I am so grateful for their hearts and hands, their love and support!

The guys hanging out and "supervising" the decorating. The boys waiting and biding their time with Uncle Hayden's iPod.

Wedding Day
Kelly working on favors. She was my brain through this whole process. She is amazing at keeping things moving forward and helping wherever it's needed.
Harlan doing his traditional job of ironing the wedding dress.

Hayden getting Rowan spiffed up.
Lacing Courtney into her dress.

Beautiful Bride!
All smiles and ready to walk down the aisle.
Focused on her Charlie, while still her Daddy's little girl.

Our married kids with their kids

Jess, Joylynn and their 4. Kiel, Cherise and their Henry. Alyssa with her and Logan's 2 wishing that he was by her side for this.

Our Family
We were happy to have my mother join us in this picture. This is our whole gang with the exception of Logan. He was thought about and prayed for during the wedding ceremony. Very touching.

Mr and Mrs Charles Alexander Domina
Courtney and Charlie are off on a little honeymoon trip to the Oregon coast. We pray for their life together that they will be a blessing to others as well.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Daily commute and home front

Chef Hayden
Due to the crazy busyness of the past few weeks our meals have consisted of canned soup & sandwiches more times than I care to remember. The other night I was planning on cooking something but I was busy with other stuff and announced that we would be making sandwiches again. Hayden vetoed that idea. He took over. We had yummy chicken curry!

Soggy Commute = Problems
Yesterday on US 26 there was an accident on the inbound lanes so Hayden, Garrett and I decided to avoid the miles long backup and take Germantown Road back to town. The thing about a freeway is that when there is an accident some traffic usually can get by. On a windy two lane when there is an accident traffic stops. At least we had a beautiful place to sit for 30 minutes before a policeman recommended that we all turn around and use an alternate route.

Home again

I love coming home to smiling faces! Genevieve has discovered the heat register under the buffet. It's one of her favorite places in the morning. Danika prefers the kitchen nook. Love that satsuma mandarines are in season again! The kids love them.

Curbside Toy
On the way home we stopped and dropped off coffee to Har. As I pulled up in front of his building I saw what looked like a kid's toy near the curb. I asked him to pick it up. I don't know if it is a kids' toy but after I disinfected it Garrett was fascinated by it. So it is now part of our collection of things for the grandkiddoes. The collection seems to be growing... but then so does our family.
Son-in-law #4 going to be installed in 3 days!

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Countdown to the C&C wedding

Alyssa's Birthday Celebration
I sometimes wish I were more of a baker. I can cook but baking isn't my forte.... so I picked up this fruit tart from Safeway. It was very yummy.

Alyssa and I got the babies down for naps and the rest of the kids watching a movie and handed the job of caring for them to Hayden and Cameron. We went straight to the mall for pedicures. Both of us chose sparkly polish but she got a design on hers.

We walked from the mall to McMenamins on 15th and Broadway to meet Harlan for lunch. On the way there we looked across the street to where our girls used to work at Bibos. The tulip tree that stands at the corner of the building is finally wearing its fall colors.

Harlan got to the restaurant before us so he was waiting at a table. I called to him to let down his golden hair... but he has already let down as many as he could, so we had to use the stairs.

Lyssa really liked the decor and the food offerings there.

It really is a beautiful heated patio space. I hope it's open on my birthday next month!
Har and I had quite the conversation while deciding what to eat. Thus we split the "Communication Breakdown Burger" and I ate the salad that came with it and he had soup.
It is pretty much a case of "you had to be there". Lyssa laughed anyway.

We came home and Har went downstairs to wrap the present from Logan. I think she is going to get a lot of use out of this especially when the kids are napping and the weather is yucky.

Birthday Bouquet
We try to get our girls flowers on their birthdays. This was todays bouquet.

Happy 21st Birthday Nicole!

Burgerville was the place that a bunch of people got together to celebrate our friend Nicole's 21st birthday. It was wonderful seeing so many old friends!
Courtney wanted me to take a picture of the 3 Duckworth kids with our 3 youngest kids. These guys have a lot of shared memories from the past 12 years. Isaiah and/or Garrison should spend some time being a street musician. It was so natural for them to just pick up the guitar and start playing.

Courtney and Charles

They are both goof balls. I don't see too many nerves evident at this time but the week is young. We are in the final countdown of days until they get married.
I tried on Wyatt's ring bearer duds. He is looking forward to wearing those new shoes to school the week after next. I think he looks so much like my brother Gerry in this picture.
He says he is going to carry Charles' ring and Rowan can carry Courtney's. We'll have to make that arrangement.