Monday, August 26, 2013

The grandkids are here!

They're visiting Gramma and Grampa's
Picture of excited kids. Of course they have to haul a bunch of stuff with them when they go anywhere but at least Wyatt limited himself to a googly eyed headband and hand critter.

All four of them had tubby time and were happy to see that I'd picked up some fun towels just for grandchildren use.
It was time for a trim

You almost can't tell that I trimmed the ends off of Danika's hair.

But you can tell that I cut her bangs. You can even see her eyes now... and you can see the little photo bomber over her right shoulder too :0)
It was Genevieve's turn
I've been taking Genevieve to Great Clips every few months or so. I've trimmed her bangs a couple of times since her last big hair cut.

We brought Garrett with us to give the guys that were watching the other kids an easier time of it. He sure knows how to entertain himself.

Genevieve goes in for the whole spa experience. She relaxes like nobody else I know while getting her hair shampooed and loves every moment of the pampering.
Super duper cute do!
Our traditional Starbucks stop

Juice, milk and a couple of treats and our outing was coming to a close. We found a great table to sit at just outside of Starbucks door. It's at the entrance to the McMenamin's on NE 15th and Broadway and since the restaurant wasn't open yet we had the whole place to ourselves.
 Gram, Gar-bear and Genevieve. We were only missing Grampa to complete or G-fest! 

We've got lots of fun times planned for this week.
It would be nice if we got some warm weather so we could play in the fountains at the park. But with the cooler weather we'll make do.
"My happy place"

This is my porch. Or at least one side of it. It is one of my favorite places in the world to spend time in. Harlan had a special place to get away when Rylan was a tiny baby. He climbed the pear tree on the side or our rental house. He could still hear what was going on in the house (Ry crying) but it gave him more of a perspective of "this too shall pass" in the grand scheme of things. That's what time on the porch does for me. I can still hear the dull roar of the busy household inside but if I can be removed from the fray for a bit, I'm refreshed and ready (most of the time) to head back inside to keep moving forward.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Birthday Amusements at Oaks Park

 Welcome to OAKS PARK
Peruse these pictures at your leisure. We had a blast with the kids there on Cam's birthday. Danika would love to go there again for hers this coming Thursday but I think we'll mix it up and find someplace else to play.

Danika and Garrett were so sad that they still aren't big enough for this ride.