Thursday, October 30, 2014


Heading out of Portland
 Courtney dropped us off at the curb at the airport.
 I bought a new memory card for my camera and checked it out by taking a selfie at the gate. I snapped a few more while we were in flight though I had to reach over Har to do it. He had window seats the whole trip.

I handed the camera to him to snap a picture of Goldendale from the air. We had a great non-stop flight across the country.

And we had a great view of the monuments as we landed.
 We were greeted by a wonderful welcome party!
 A very patiently waiting welcome party at baggage claim ;0)
 It was almost sunset as we were driving to their place from Reagan International.

 Rowan liked the twin sized quilt I
made for him.

He was more excited to show me how good he was at playing one of his 3DS games though.

I got to snuggle a bit with the girls as well. Then we moved outside.

We were treated to a backyard fire 

 Grampa has lots of "little dollies" and had a shadow in this one. She calls Harlan Gramps and it's pretty cute.
We were SO happy to finally be in Virginia!

 Everything was set up for us and was so warm and welcoming :0)

Our home away from home for the next two weeks
We had a lovely set up in their basement  with a comfy bed and dresser. 
We had our own bathroom too. 
The time change was not going to be a problem. It was past 10 p.m. east coast time and only 7 in Oregon but we were more than ready to turn in and rest up to get started on projects the next day. Harlan and Logan were planning on doing some home improvement things and Lyssa and I had some quilts to work on…. More photos to come!

Genevieve turned 9

Our cat loving granddaughter got a cat themed birthday

When Danika had a tea party birthday Genevieve started thinking of what sort of party she wanted for her ninth birthday. She asked if I could make it cat themed. Here's what I came up with.

Since there was no school on the day before her birthday we decided to have the party on that Friday and have their family spend the night so she woke up on her birthday at Gramma and Grampa's house. She was very pleased with everything!

Officially NINE!

After having a homemade waffle breakfast we left everyone else at the house and took off to Toys R Us to spend her birthday gift certificate from Aunty Lyssa and Uncle Logan and their kids.

Back at home & making Halloween gingerbread houses

They had lots of fun with these kits. I'm going to have to watch out for some Christmas ones soon.
Leaving this post with a picture of my friend Kim Z's autumn wreathe. So lovely :0)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Garrett, Coco and Gram at the museum

Before we left for the east coast, Courtney and I picked up Garrett to go to the Children's Museum.I swung by Courtney's place and we rode together.

The poor little guy was dealing with a major case of sniffles but we made sure he kept some tissue nearby and also were liberal with the hand sanitizer.

I always take a picture of my parking spot so I can pay for the correct slot. Garrett helped me figure it out.
I want to go back to see this exhibit when we get a chance. Perhaps I'll recruit Courtney to help me with all four kids one of these weekends.

He had a great time doing all of the things he wanted to do. Followed by a stop for a snack.

They have some pretty amazing peanut butter toast at their little lunch counter.

Afterward we came back to our place so he could jump on the trampoline for awhile. He got to stay for a little while longer and when Har got home from work, we drove him home.
Har and I stayed to visit with the kids for a bit and see many of the creations they are working on. Wyatt worked hard on this robot outfit.  Joylynn and Jess's house is the fun one in their neighborhood. All of the kids want to hang out and do projects there.