Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy 2006

It's been 2006 for over 12 hours in Korea. Rylan is still here for a few days. It has been so good to have him home if only for a little while. Technology allows us to keep "in touch" but that physical touch is so important. Anyhow... we are wrapping up a year that has been so eventful in our household. Kids coming and going. Growing and changing. Going through the things that Har and I did back in the day. It's hard to keep focused sometimes on the fact that God has everything in His control. Not one moment of my fretting, fussing, or trying to do it "myself" changes that fact. I'm tired tonight. I really wish Harlan had another week of vacation to spend with us here at home. This past week has flown by. We are looking forward to some fun stuff in the year ahead. We would like to make a trip to Michigan again if that is possible. We would love to get to Washington D.C. sometime before my sister and her hubby are stationed elsewhere. Most of all I want to be filled with God's wisdom and strength to do my job here. It's not over yet. Seems like I'm just starting in some ways (Gramma-hood you know).

I hope this blog entry finds you all being excited about the year ahead. May God keep us all in his hand.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

It's a boy, it's a girl, It's a Married Couple!


Congratulations to our daughter Alyssa and her husband Logan. You guys did good! December 17th was the date for the marriage ceremony for Lyssa and Logan. We had a small little gathering and a brunch following. Co-workers of hers provided hair, make-up and photography. Our friends Sherry DeChand and Kim Zywicki provided flowers and food and along with their husbands pretty much took over anything and everything that needed to be done. I owe them enormous thanks. You can plan and put a wedding together in 2 weeks. It just can't be a ceremony and reception for 300. A million thanks also to Jasmine and Megan who were heading up the cleaning crew around here. Ask my kids "I don't delegate well." So having someone like Megan and Joylynn team up was awesome. Logan and his brother Ty made the bread buns for the wedding. They turned out very well. Ty flew here from New Zealand to surprise his folks and was able to be a groomsman. Our Rylan surprised us and flew in from Korea the day before the wedding so he was able to be a groomsman too. It was such a blessing to have Logan's former pastor currently living in Clackamas here to be the officiant. He is a great encourager and believer in forever marriages.

So there is a not so abbreviated account of last weekend. Looking forward celebrating our Lord's Birthday this coming weekend. There is something extremely special about Christmas with little kids around. Have a Merry Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Family, friends, festivities

Here are a couple of pictures of the east end of our "Village". It got set up later than usually this year. But it is up and we do enjoy looking at the lights in the evenings.

We have been having such a great time with Micah and his friend Marnie here. They just fit in with the whole wacky crew. Laugh at all the right times and don't complain when brunch is almost late enough to be considered lunch. They are the perfect house guests.

Our niece Maila is also in Portland spending time with Joylynn and her family. We look forward to having them here for a bridal shower for Alyssa today. In less than a week our little Lyssa Dawn is going to be Mrs. Logan G. Boy time sure flies!

This is such a busy time of the year. Many fun festivities to attend and even more things to do for busy moms. I need to take some time to reflect on the "Reason for the Season". Make His birthday the important one. Though I totally enjoy sharing the same month to celebrate. He has given me great a wonderful gifts. I only want to give back in return.

Stop by sometime over the holidays. Harlan is going to have some time off to spend with the kids and me between Christmas and New Years. We can have coffee ready for you in a jiffy. :o)

Friday, December 02, 2005

Three Trees

I love the book about the three trees. One wanted to grow up and be made into a treasure chest. One wanted to be made into a magnificent sailing ship carrying kings and royalty. The other wanted to just grow and be tall and majestic and point toward God. All three trees ended up getting cut down. The first was made into a crude feed box. The second a fishing boat and the third cut into timbers and left on a pile of other wood. None of them achieved their dreams. One night in a stable the crude feed box found itself being a cradle for a new born baby and realized it was holding the greatest treasure on earth. On a little lake a storm blew up and a small fishing boat experienced a man calming the raging waters with just words. It realized it's passenger was the King of Kings. The timbers were one day ripped from the pile and a man's hands and feet were nailed to them. They felt cruel and ugly. But on Resurrection Day and every day since people look at the cross and see God's sacrifice and redeeming love. The tree indeed points toward God.

My three trees don't have any great spiritual significance. But here are pictures of them anyway. The multicolored light one is our family tree. It has ornaments on it that each of the kids have been collecting each year since they were born. The white lighted one is my dining room tree. It has angels and snowflakes and crystal ornaments on it. The red, white, and blue one is in the den. I try to show support for our military in some way all year long.

I need to finish putting up the rest of the decorations. I'll post a picture of our Christmas Village in my next blog maybe.

P.S. My pneumonia is getting beter :o)