Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I don't see it.

When did Starbucks start putting cutsie little quotes on the side of their cups. Har and I happened to read ours by accident when we happened to both pull the sleeve off of our cups. Don't they know that if your beverage is hot more than likely the cute little quote is going to be covered up by a sleeve? Are there a lot of people going around sleeveless? What is the percentage anyway? I'm sure there are stats somewhere. Also I don't get what the bottom box labeled "Drink" is for. Do they serve other things besides drinks in these cups?

Coffee People used to be the trivia kings of the coffee world. I guess in the great melting pot of coffee companies nowadays what works for one is going to be tried by all. Especially since they are all now one.

Have you seen the new Coffee People logo? The "People" are GONE! What in the world?

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Is it soup yet?

I have weird children. I've known that for some time. Each quirk just makes me love them more. However I think this caboose of ours is going to be entertaining us with his wit, creativity and dance skills for some time to come. He was just break-dancing for me. He invents food. At least he believes he has. He has a pancake spread that he concocted consisting of peanut butter and sopapilla syrup. It is mixed together in identical quantities and is very yummy. He also believes someone stole his invention of microwave oatmeal. He has made microwave oatmeal from scratch since he was 4 years old. Someone has had the audacity to market a new product. It is kinda like instant oatmeal but you have to cook it. Adding hot water isn't sufficient. Cam thinks "someone" was watching him and is now marketing "his" idea.

Interesting hey? You never know when you are being watched. So be circumspect at all times.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Spring has Sprung

Something near miraculous has occurred. I certainly don't know how it has come about. I don't know what to make of it. Aside from a couple in times in recent weeks, I have managed to have a least one of my kitchen sinks dish free (if not both of them) for the better part of a month. Now for those of you who have experienced our home. You must also be awed by that fact. Usually any phrase with the word "clean" referring to actually doing something to attain said state is followed by the question "Who's coming over?". Is there a law against having a somewhat pleasant environment for just those humble souls who dwell here?