Sunday, May 30, 2010

Family on Memorial Day Weekend

An almost 1st Grader
Wyatt is finishing up his kindergarten year at Rock Creek Elementary School. He has learned a lot. He is getting more grown up every time I see him. This week he showed up with one less tooth. I love that gangly toothless stage!

Girlies and their tubby times

When Jess, Joylynn and the kids were here this week we had spaghetti for supper. Miss Danika was wearing quite a bit of it so Aunty Coco took the girls upstairs for a bath.
They came down squeaky clean. Waiting for hair brushing with de-tangler.

Our other little dolly girl woke up here on Saturday morning in need of a bath. Her mom got her ready and I finished the job in the bathroom sink.

All clean with her little bit of sticking up curl in her hair.

What's the opposite of be-lated? I guess "early".

Logan's birthday is next weekend. We weren't planning on heading up there for it and we really wanted to take them to Bridges Restaurant here in the neighborhood so... We celebrated an early birthday!

Bridges has really good food and yummy drinks if Alyssa's Mexican Hot Chocolate is any indication.

The G. Grands

Katie is ready here to head off on an adventure. The picture of Rowan is from later in the day. He is ready to head up to bed but he and his mom had just built this turtle puzzle so he was showing it to me. I love having wooden puzzles and blocks and that sort of stuff for the grands to play with.

Our boys playing together

Rylan came home with a new game that the boys broke out late last night.

I love seeing all the "boys" together. Ry is still 4 inches taller than Hayden but I think Hayden will grow a few more inches before he reaches his adult height. Cam is also going through a grow spurt. I suspect that the next calendar year is going to see the most change in this guy.

Aunty Krystle spends time with Katie
A couple of us had to shop at Barnes and Noble so Krystle spent a few minutes hanging out with Katie. I know I've mentioned this before, but I love all of the girly colorful clothing that Katie wears. The flower hanging on her carseat has a face on it and she was cooing and "talking" to it just before I snapped this picture.
So sweet!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More photos from this past weekend

This past week and weekend we had all of our kids and grandkids here except for our son-in-law, Jess. He was missed. But I hope to have photos of him on this blog before long holding his new little baby!
Saw this plaque this week.... so true!
Wyatt my "wonder" boy. He is starting to like some of the fine literature that his uncles enjoyed reading.
Genevieve is all about animals... Danika can keep the dollies. G'vieve made a "puppy holder" out of Uncle Hayden's castle.

Henry and Rowan and Katie came to spend the weekend!

Henry's first morning with us. He wanted to get Cam and Hayden up to play. Such a happy boy after he has a good sleep!

I thought I'd taken a ton of pictures of Katie this trip. I only have a few. Alyssa dresses her so funky and cute. All of the pattern and colors are working together to make a sweet, precious package!
Everybody, kids and adults, seemed to like the food.
Henry even gave me his approval.
Rowan liked his lunch but was busy making olive fingers.
I love getting matching outfits for the kids. They didn't have one of these shirts in Wyatt's size :0(
All of our "best boys" so far. One more on the way!
She calls me "Gramma Tammy" so I'm claiming her as one of my grands too. Isabella, what a sweetie!
The lone party horn made the rounds. It's streamers are gone. I guess that would be a sign of a wild party!

Splish splash I was takin' a bath...

Henry bathed in our kitchen sink. He likes is bath time.

Day after the party and the table saw box is still being used as a play place.
The boys of August... They are going to be 30, 16, 12 and 1 this summer. All of them kinda "big" birthdays. Cam's last year as a pre-teen! Where have the years gone????

Is it any wonder it's called Caffe D'Arte?

We drink Starbucks coffee most of the time so sometimes it's a treat to stop in at another shop every now and then. We have a Peets Coffee, a Starbucks and Caffe D'Arte across the street and kitty-corner from each other down the street from our house. Caffe D'Arte is becoming my favorite. They even have a gelato happy hour (buy one get one free). Also if you buy a cookie or chocolate during those same hours you get a free cup of coffee. Harlan loves their lattes. I just like to take pictures of them.

We took a coffee break with Kiel and Cherise and Henry during their last day here.
It was a fun weekend.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Har's birthday May 23rd

Happy Birthday Harlan

All eight of our kids were here to celebrate Harlan's birthday this weekend. Two of the sons-in-law, 6 of the grandkids, some other friends and family were here or stopped by. We were heathens and skipped church in order to have a birthday brunch. Brunch is one of Har's favorite meals. I got an idea of what he felt like eating and it was great. Kim made a couple of pans of sticky buns from a Norwegian family recipe. YUM!
We wanted the "Birthday Boy" to start the buffet line.
Some of his presents were uniquely wrapped. From a guy to a guy. Perfect!

Some of the kids went together and bought him a new table saw.
He is pretty happy with it.
The grandkids loved the box it came in. It was the biggest hit of the day. There were a few scuffles and a few bonks and bruises but all in all, they played in it for hours.

Playing is hard work!
I'm not sure where Genevieve was at this moment but the rest of this gang was having a blast. Rowan was having the most fun but when he had to head home and Danika had to nap, Wyatt and Bella continued playing.
Later Wyatt was alone in there with the top shut and we quizzed the "talking box". He is one smart cookie.
It felt almost like Christmas around here. Lots of food, presents and babies to rock and enjoy.
Hope Har enjoyed it half as much as I did.

Next update soon with more pictures of our kids and theirs.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Beautiousness and Time with the Grands

Neighborhood enjoyment walk

Harlan and I woke up to a beautiful Saturday morning so we decided to take a walk around the neighborhood. As he looked at vehicles, landscaping and houses I ooooohhed and aaaaahhhhed over flowers. I also took a blurry artsy shot of the reflection of Harlan's face in the tile table.

We visited Rock Creek Church
Joylynn attends a church not far from her house. Rock Creek Church. It is literally across the road from Wyatt's school. It was a nice service and we were happy to spend some time with the kids. Of course I had my camera and took a picture of the rock wall up at the altar.
We were debating where we were going to go out to eat on this day of "rest"aurants. Poor Danika thought her mother was going to leave her and would not settle down for the picture.

The Old Spaghetti Factory

Got to sit in the trolley. We had to split up to fit so we had a boys table and a girls table.
Har and I joined the girls.
Trying to figure out how many of the Old Spaghetti Factories each of them had been to.
Joylynn has been to several that are in different states.
Grampa was tending to Danika. She said "Thank you, Grampa" every time he did anything to help her. Such a sweet girl.
Posing unwillingly... especially Genevieve. She really wanted to get back to the game room.

Waiting for baby
I finished the cross-stitch blanket that I'm doing for Joylynn and Jess's baby.
I even put the name on it but cropped it out of the photo in case they don't want it published or in the event that they change their minds and I have to rip it out. Anything can happen hey!
I'm ready when you are little one.

I've got to remember that I'm
Through trials, struggles, disappointment and pain I have to remember that in "Christ alone I place my trust!"
Each and every day.