Saturday, October 19, 2013

Time with my pumpkin aka Gar-bear

When Mom is at the kids' school - Garrett rules                                                                                  I was going to stay on the West Side for the day but when we visited the Fred Meyer closest to their home Garrett was sad that his friend, Lisa, wasn't there. I asked him if he wanted to see Lisa and he did! So we headed back to our side of town to say hello and play at the playground there.

It was a dry day and the leaves were turning nicely. I took picture after picture of this little ham-bone. 

We shopped, he played, we ate, he napped and then we waited in the van for the kids to get done with school. It was a full and fun day.
Snuggles for a friend's Grandson

I made a little quilt for our friends', Tom and Kim's, grandson Vinny. He is going to be 3 in December and he has a new sister. I figured he'd enjoy a Gramma blanket from Gramma Tammy. He loved it! I brought it over to him as he was sitting out by a bonfire at Tom and Kim's. It was a good time for a cozy quilt.

Looking forward to more sewing
 for Cherise's new one
 I took advantage of a super sale at Joann Fabric's and found these cute prints to make a quilt and a couple of double sided flannels for Cherise and Kiel's little guy that will arrive sometime in February. 

These two new quilts made there way to Tri-cities on Lalita's ride this weekend. Anabelle "needed" an extra blanket for her bed on these frosty nights to come. And Cherise "needed" a fall colored throw for her living room.
I'll use any excuse to spend time at my sewing machine ;0)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Daring days and not so

I should apologize profusely for not keeping up on this blog. But instead I'll say that some of these photos have been floating around on my desk top waiting to be tucked into a blog post of some sort for months. Some of them, however, are quite recent.
Enjoy the photos without words or explanations...if you have questions about who, what or where after that, fire off an email to me. I'll be happy give you a narrative (or six) to go with the pictures.

 The End