Thursday, June 30, 2011

Traveling gal

Portland airport still has one of the original Coffee People shops!

Stop over in San Francisco. Wish I would have had a window seat coming onto there. This is a must for a vacation destination for Har and me.

CHICAGO! Not quite the birthplace of professional hockey but cool none the less. Spent 3 hours hanging around in the airport there.

Morning sun in the Traprock Valley.

Looking down on the deck.

Huge visitor on the welcome mat. It was alive and kicking.

These are Mom and Don's kitties.

Friendly little critters.

I did take quite a few pictures with people in them but I don't know how to rotate them :0(
Got a lot more to learn about this iPad app.

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Ready 4 the 4th!

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Road trip

Can you call it a road trip if you fly? I guess it's just a vacation or for you Canadians "a holiday". I am testing my new blog program for iPad and hope to post it in San Francisco. We took off from P'town about a half hour late but the captain assured us we can make up the time. No speed limits in the air I guess.

I took pics of the 4 grands in their Old Navy flag shirts last night before they went to bed. I'm testing the capabilities of putting photos into this format as well.


They look pretty bright eyed for it being past their bedtime. Especially the little guy... he was raring to go.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Away for a bit

Back to the Motherland
I will be away for several days. I am heading back to the U.P. of Michigan (the birthplace of professional hockey) to spend some time with as many members of my mom's family that will be able to make it to the Onnie and Hilia Knuuttila Family Reunion.

Centennial Celebration!
Both of my grandparents were born in 1911, so this would have been their centennial year. Here is a photo of Hilia and Onnie in the late 40's. I think I've heard that my brother Gerry resembles Grampa Knuuttila just a bit.

The Knuuttila Kids
The six kids and an unnamed pet. My mother is the dark haired cutie standing behind the couch in the top center of the photo. We lost our Uncle Jerry a few months back so the reunion will be missing a very dear family member. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of them and many cousins that I haven't seen since we were kids. We aren't kids anymore :P ...that's for sure. All of my siblings are planning on being there. I think the last time the 5 of us were together was for Joylynn's wedding 8 1/2 years ago. Maybe we can get all of them out here for Krystle's wedding next summer.

Mother Superior!
This picture shows my niece and nephew standing on the shore of Lake Superior today. Being raised near such an amazing body of water made me realize that it would be difficult for me to live somewhere that I couldn't be near water of some sort. The Columbia River and even the lovely Willamette that runs through downtown Portland have been my places of refuge over the years. Still I'm planning to spend some time by the Big Water. Especially since she and I go back a ways and I hope to feel renewed when I get back to the place where Har and I have been
"rooted and established".

Special prayers would be appreciated for Harlan as he will be holding down
Ft Grampa & Gramma in my absence.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gentlemen start your PEDALS!

Location of the Race
Logan and a buddy, Marcus, are racing this weekend. Down the slopes of Mt Hood! On mountain bikes. Har, the boys and I got to go up with Lyssa and the kids to see where they were racing.

They stopped here on the way

Logan has been working out of town and Lyssa and the kids have been visiting here and in Sisters, so it was nice to see these two together for a few minutes on Friday. I think she has just started to "show" that she is going to have another little guy or gal in December. Cute cute cute!
Marcus has an awesome rig.

Road trip food
Heading east toward the mountain we stopped to get a lunch to share with the guys. It is strange that when you get outside of the inner city you realize that "We are not in NE Portland anymore." Subway delivers? I'm sure I'm going to go through a whole bunch of culture shock again when I travel this coming week. Portland to San Francisco to Chicago and finally to Hancock. The same in reverse order coming home.

View from the parking lot
Golly the trees are tall up there.
The whole parking lot of Ski Bowl looked like a campground. There were RVs but tenting and makeshift camping were more prevalent. Logan and Marcus had a nice little set up here.

Perhaps Har will compete in the senior rookie category next year. He takes such interest in all the things that go into making a quality racing bike.

Rowie and Katie had fun eating their lunches on a cot in the shelter with Dad.

The shelter from the front. Pretty nice roughing it like this occasionally.

Flags. One on the top of Logan's bike stand. The others on each side of the trail leading to the lift. The racers get on the lift and then someone puts their bike on the chair behind them. It looks pretty slick.

I didn't hike up the hill to get a better shot of the top of Mt Hood but it is so huge and close here. I wish I had sent my camera up with the group that did walk up the hill to check out some of the trails. Perhaps Lyssa will bring back pics today.

Katie and I waiting

Katie had the whole back of the Tribeca to play around in. I took advantage of their back seat entertainment system and watched Mama Mia. Roughing it for sure.

Good Luck Logan (and Marcus)
Logan was finally free to do a couple of practice runs in the early afternoon. We packed up and headed back home. He texted and said that the runs went well. Hope he does well in the actual race.

Mountain in the rearview mirror
Lyssa took this photo as we were driving back down. It was a beautiful day for a drive. It was breezy and a bit chilly while we were there.

We have fee-free access to Oregon State parks this summer. I think we should do a few day trips. The kids would love it! Especially if we get to have a cook-out.

When I get back from my trip Har and I will have to take out the calendar and make some plans. And I'll take pictures ;0)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Baby buddies

Lloyd Center Roses
The photo I put on my previous blog was one I took last year. This is a present day picture. Aren't they glorious!
I even caught a bug enjoying the blossoms.

My Pizza Helper
Katie supervised the making of the pizzas at Papa Murphy's on Thursday. Yup... we had pizza night one night early. I hope I didn't throw off the employees there, thinking the weekend was almost upon them.
Sticker to prove that we are part of the Take 'n' Bake Revolution.

Trim job

Little miss got her bangs trimmed. I think this was a first haircut for her. We took pictures as if it were.

Cutie Katie!

Cozy cuzzies
I think Garrett is telling her that she is lucky that Gramma stopped with only cutting her bangs.

Music lesson

Hayden was playing the keyboard and was soon joined by two little maestros. They love to "help" play.

Hitting the road for a visit
It's incredible the amount of stuff that goes back and forth between our house and theirs.
They never have to take clothes as we have enough at each place.
Van load of fun! Not sure how those girls get through that tiny space between the door and Wyatt's seat with their huge back packs but they got snuggled in and headed out.
What a blessing Grandchildren are!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

What have I been up to?

Eating cinnamon rolls YUM!
Courtney made cinnamon rolls for her dad for Father's Day. He's been wanting her to do that for some time. Poor guy is deprived in the bakery department. I don't know if the baking genes skipped a generation or what, but I just am not fond of baking. Cooking... yes, but not making "goodies" for the family. Courtney takes after her grandmothers. Harlan's mom was a baking whiz. She always had something freshly made for coffee time. My mom is baking cookies all the time for Papa Don and the folks around there. I just tell my kids to make some toast if they want something warm and tasty.
Sewing, sewing and sewing

I may not bake, but I do sew. I have been busy making 3 quilts for a silent auction that is going to be going on at our family reunion in Michigan in July.

While working on this one I felt like I was working on something for a beach house. The colors and patterns make me feel refreshed.

I made one twin sized one and two throw sized.

This quilt feels Scandinavian to me. The pattern of the red, white and blue floral pattern makes me think of things Har's mom had around the house. The back is made of the light green fabric. Another sunny throw.

This is very much a country calico quilt. As light as it looks, it is going to keep somebody cozy as the back is a dahlia pattern floral flannel.

I love them all! I've never made a quilt without knowing who was going to be using it. So this is quite different.

Henry's new quilt

The kids each have Gramma blankies here at the house and I did make Henry an all flannel one when he was born but I wanted to give him one to use in his new yard for picnics and such. His momma told me that he will probably use it on his bed since it is a summer weight and he could use the light covers.

Sometime in the next week
I really want to make the time to get over to Peninsula Park before I head out to Michigan. The roses should be beautiful now. Our cold wet spring kept them from blooming on time but they are finally blooming nicely.
Lloyd Center's signature roses are gorgeous! I get to look at their loveliness as I wait for Har to join me for our Happy Hour date on Thursdays.
I can hardly wait because today is THURSDAY! Traditions are good.
And this is turning into a great tradition.