Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weekend workers

High School Musical #3

This one was at Portland Christian High School.  They put on "Anne of Green Gables: the New 

Hayden and I were blessed with front row seats. Thanks Jan!!!
The Nuttelman family has been involved with Portland Christian for many, many years. They have had exchange students from there living with them and have been major contributors to all of the activities that their children have been involved with.  This production is an example of Michael, Jan and David's many hours of work for the school.  Jan designed and sewed the above quilt. It is literally the curtain that was used to depict community scenes in the play. She also spent countless hours helping with costumes, decor and other fund raising projects. The set itself was engineered and built by Michael.  David helped with the set and was the main sound engineer for the production.
 Megan played Mrs. Rachel Lynde. If you are an Anne of Green Gables fan, you know that she has a main character  role. She did a fantastic job! Congratulations Megan & Nuttelman family!!! I don't know what Portland Christian is going to do after Megan graduates next year.

Genevieve went to another birthday party
 Genevieve went to her friend Alex's birthday party at The Playground Gym in NE Portland.  She had a great time running around with other kids from her class.

Saturday chores
It was a beautiful day to be outside and our porch needed a major Spring cleaning so Hayden got the troops moving in the right direction.

He got the girls scrubbing the chairs.  Though one of the girls did a lot of spinning and dancing with the scrub brush.  You'd think she was living in a musical of her own or something!
 Even the little guy got into the act.

 I think this would be Hayden's favorite picture of himself since he kept telling me not to take pictures of him.
 Cam said the same thing but I didn't pay attention. 
I love it when everyone pitches in!!!
Wyatt finally showed up after almost everything was done, but did picked up a couple things to earn his reward of a dinner out tonight instead of tomorrow after church.
Rhody time!

 The rhododendron started showing a little color yesterday.  I doesn't take many warmish days to get it blooming.  I think the lilacs are coming out in full bloom now too, after being delayed with the cold weather we've had.
We'll get to enjoy this bright pink till Mother's Day at least.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Every other Friday

Waiting room reading

 Danika and Garrett had recertification appointments for WIC.  I was so glad that they have lots of books and other activities to keep the children occupied while we waited. The board books were plentiful and super nice.  I loved the one Danika was reading about the mice eating healthful foods.

New storage bins
 This is one of the new containers we purchased to keep the kids clothes in.  Prior to this we had clear plastic bins that always looked messy.  These storage units are pieces of furniture that can double as seating, as they have a very nice cushioned top. They also have a stay open hinge for easy access to the things inside. The kids were so excited!

High school musical #2
Courtney, Hayden, and I got to go and see the Grant High School Performing Arts Department put on the musical "Hairspray" last night. We knew a few of the cast members. Alyssa Goessler, Jacquie Beatty, and Natalie Baron.  All of these girls went to Kid's Church and Youth Group with our kids for most of their growing up years. The casting for the play was spot on.  Everyone did a fabulous job. But it was the opening night and sound problems took away a bit from the enjoyment. I was disappointed that the cast didn't come out while we waited, to enable us to chat and take a few pictures.

However, Hayden and I have the privilege to be going to see another high school musical tonight at Portland Christian High School. We are looking forward to it.

Friday fun
 As I've mentioned before, Danika has every other Friday off of school. This morning we left Garrett with Aunty Courtney and Danika and I got to stop for coffee (chocolate milk) and a treat on our way home after dropping the big kids off at their school. The corner landscape near Fremont Place has blooming dogwoods and newly planted shrubs and new wood chips on the path. Everything looks so nice. Danika checked out the dogwood blossoms.
Of course Starbucks was packed with no room to sit down.  Danika should have worn a jacket as it was a bit nippy this morning and too cold to eat outside without one.  But her sweater dress and tights did look cute. We ended up opting for a picnic in the van... just Gramma and the girl.

More blooms
 The cement containers along the wall at Starbucks are overflowing with pansies.  Such happy looking  flowers.

The picture of the dogwoods on the left are taken at Fremont Place (by me) the ones on the right were taken in  College Place (by Cherise). There are such a variety of colors out in nature right now.  Spring sure loves to show off her finery.  We appreciate it after all the grey months. 
It's like a celebration for making it through the winter!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Growing as parents

Our memorial cat

 This kitty will eventually be in a garden setting somewhere around this place.  For now it's on the porch and Garrett likes to pat it.  It was bought several years ago to memorialize our most excellent cat, Sabre but it reminds me more of another of our great felines, Anna.
We are slowly moving to an outdoor only cat home and that is going to take some getting used to, especially for our cat whisperer son. Change requires sacrifice sometimes.

Growing and growing
Little Miss Anabelle is getting teeth! Or tooth at this point. She's a smiley dolly. 
It was fun seeing her in Seattle.
 The last picture I posted of Henry on his play structure there was snow on the ground.  Spring blossoms are now the back ground for his play time.

Cherise is such an attentive mom. She is so good about keeping both of her kids on their meal, snack, nap and bedtime schedules. She also encourages lots of play time.

Encouragement from another
 Awesome mom
Alyssa has her hands full with 3 little darlings to be doing for every day. At the ages they are it takes so much physical and emotional energy.  Moms these days have challenges that I never had back in the day.  There are so many more things clamoring for our young ones' attention, minds and hearts.  The other night Lys was telling me what she came up with to help Rowan from spending too much time with video games or computer games. I wanted her to send it to me, as I thought it was brilliant! 
The poem and illustrations would make a great children's book.

Isn't it great how each of us is given the inspiration to lead and guide our kids?

Harlan has often talked about praying for wisdom in dealing with our kids. 
He's embraced the attitude of Solomon when asking for wisdom. 
I Kings 3:9 says
  "So give me a heart that understands. Then I can rule over your people. I can tell the difference between what is right and what is wrong. Who can possibly rule over this great nation of yours?"

Each child is a unique individual and it takes a wise and understanding parent to train them. I'm so proud of the parents our grandchildren have! They know their kids and what it will take to speak to each of their hearts.

The bible also says in Proverbs 22:6
"Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it."

We are holding on to that promise!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Little trials

I know what I'm doing
 Garrett knows that unsupervised time in this area is prohibited. He was trying to convince me that he wasn't messing around and that he had everything under control.
 His adventure was brought to a close and he was once again encouraged to spend time with age appropriate things. It's tough to be a little guy around here.

Sign and proof

Garrett must be able to read. I took a photo of this sign as he was taking off both shoes and a sock so I could watch his foot. Keeping shoes and socks on this boy is getting to be near impossible unless he is actually walking. If he is in his car seat, stroller or shopping cart, within minutes, the shoes are off and so are his socks.
 His escape plan failed. He was up and over the steering wheels but getting stuck amidst the bags of groceries. Notice the bare feet?

Street view
 We spent part of a beautiful day out on the porch swing. The whole porch needs a good Spring cleaning to get ready for more nice weather and to let the kids spend time out there.  I'm a little reluctant to have "the climber" out there without a tag team to help keep him off of the railings. Gotta put in some training time teaching him the ins and outs and rules of the rock porch, steps and sidewalk next to the busy street.

Potted dahlia
I was told that these potted dahlias won't grow again next year if you put them in the ground. I don't know much about dahlias. Gotta sit down with Har's brother Clint and get some info.
They sure are beautiful flowers though and come in such a huge variety of colors!

I wish I had a green thumb :0(

Monday, April 23, 2012

More wedding photos

Photos from Loreli's album
Our niece, Loreli, took some very sweet photos during the wedding and the reception and the after-party. I "borrowed" them from her so those of you that weren't there have another person's view. 
Rachel looks radiant!
Looking back through Loreli's pictures, I just had to include this tender moment. Sweet father/daughter touch.

I don't know if Kevin caught the bouquet or what.  We had left by this time.  Raymond looks like he's happy that things went so well. It was a nice wedding and reception.

Thank you Loreli!
Thanks so much for posting your pictures so I could swipe all of these for my blog!

Mr and Mrs Jeremy Robb
Heading off on their honeymoon. A bubble shower.

A gathering of the brethren 
and other candid shots

My blog program has changed formats, so I'm just trying to get used to the new way of doing things. It refuses to let me put any text near the above three photos.
 Harlan doesn't think it's fair that Dean and Shirley haven't aged a bit in their almost 32 years of marriage when we are getting the senior discount offered to us on a regular basis.

The D.E. Hilmans
Darrel and Janet's family minus the grandkids. Everyone is so beautiful! Including the two guys :P 

Aubrey's new drum set
Rumor has it that Aubrey was told that his parents would get him a drum set sometime during his growing up years. That promise was never fulfilled until now. He has his drum set built into an interactive t-shirt! You are now a drummer, Aub!

Kicking back and relaxing
Raymond and Marlene joined a bunch of the gang socializing at an impromptu after party at one of their hotels.
Janette, Judy and Anita winding down the evening together.

A pretty good ending to a pretty great day!