Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Our Tri-city Tribe is here

Seeing a good way :0)

I'm not out to collect all of the Christmas paper cups I can but since Dutch Bros. double cups I can use the outer one again :)
At our mall with Henry and A'belle

Macy's one day sale! We didn't try to get there at 7 when it opened but we did make it before nine.

Henry sat and composed a letter to Santa. He even got to mail it. He wants a star for Christmas.
Playing for a while

These are two out of about a dozen photos I took. The kids mostly appear as blurs in the other shots. They had lots of energy to run off.
Cute owl family
I found Kiel, Cherise, Henry, Anabelle and Quinn in owl form on a pillow all ready for the holidays!
We met Harlan at lunch time

Billy Heartbeats had grilled cheese and tomato soup as their special today. If that isn't a nostalgic menu item I don't know what is. Our shopping trip was productive and the kids made short work of their lunches. It's amazing how moods and attitudes change with a little bit of food in the tummy (both for the kids and us adults!)
A couple more shops and we're out of here
We divided and conquered on our last couple things to pick up. I finished with Anabelle and we sat on the second level looking down to see when Reesie and Hens would be done. A'belle noticed right away and was waving at them.
I love the new decorations at Lloyd Center!

I think this gigantic string snowflake is in the window of American Eagle. It is pretty impressive and creative work. 
And the crew outdid themselves in getting the new decor up and ready in the main mall area this year. They even have garlands gracing all of the entrances to the parking garages. Way to go! It's beautiful!

Shopping and stuff with grandkids

The girls and I attended a church function

Genevieve and Danika were in church a week ago when they saw and heard the announcement for the Women's Cupcake Night. The gal said that "All ages are welcome!" Since the girls and Garrett were with us again this weekend I thought it would be nice if Krystle and I took G'vieve and Danika with us to the women's night. Garrett stayed home reluctantly with Grampa and Uncle Hayden.

There were lots of testimonies and wonderful time of worship in addition to sampling various yummy treats. The event was scheduled to start and end at the same time as our high school youth group. If we hadn't had to wait for Cameron we would have gotten these girls home earlier. It was a long but fun day for them.

Saturday morning shopping

Cameron had another youth church thing to attend on Saturday morning so Har and I took Garrett with us and dropped Cam at the church. It was a two hour project so instead of going home we took advantage of the time and got some Christmas shopping done. Not before we picked up a little treat for our Gar-bear and some coffee for Grampa.
What a difference a year makes

Garrett is growing up so fast! Last year he was a chubby little toddler and this year he's a big boy.

A big boy who still likes to try on goofy head gear and gets bored looking at girls' stuff.
Then it was the girls turn
Saturday afternoon found us dropping Cameron off once again. This time to attend a competition that the dance group from his high school was taking part in. Again... rather than go home, to turn around and come back, we went to Clackamas Town Center!

We made Hayden come with us, while Krystle stayed home with a napping Garrett.

We walked the length of the mall and checked out a few things. Had a snack and went to pick up Uncle Cam. 
The mall was all decked out for the holidays

You know who was there already!

Holly picture taken during a brisk morning walk home from Har's work.
It's still fall, I'm THANKFUL for so much and I'm looking forward to concentrating more on the Reason for the Season as the weeks go by.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

For these I am thankful

Our friends the Zywickis
I love this picture of Kim and Tom holding their four grandchildren. June and Sarah have presented them with 3 beautiful granddaughters and one handsome grandson.
Grandma and Papa are the happiest when they are with these kids.
We brought a party to their place
A few Fridays ago I had asked if I could bring dinner to their house. Our plans changed when I had to go to the Tri-cities to be with Cherise and her family that weekend. So we made it happen the next Friday. 

We brought some of our  kids and grandkids and they had their Molly and grandson Vinny there. The eleven of us had a nice time visiting, listening to Christmas music, and eating food. 
Thank you guys for letting us crash at your place for the evening. We must do it again, soon.
A couple more pictures of the Autumn of 2013

Naito Parkway on a somewhat blue sky day and the view from our front door
...and of our front door ;0) 
Cute stuff that caught my eye

Owls seem to be everywhere these days. Owls and foxes. But Barnes and Noble had this super soft squishy owl next to this adorable cup. I <3 both.="" p="" them="">
Cherise's new little guy needs a couple of things

I am trying really hard not to buy up every cute thing I see for baby Quinn. I didn't buy this sweet little outfit that had a tie and argyle sweater look. However, I might order this mug.
It will go perfectly with Henry and Anabelle's that Cherise picked up in Michigan.
I do have several sewing projects in my queue of things to work on in the coming weeks.
Now if I can just make some lists and start checkin' them.