Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Planting project

Wyatt's class planted tomato seeds this spring. He brought his little tomato plant to our house because he wanted it to grow here. I don't have any sort of garden plot at this time so I picked up a "topsy turvy" planter.
Yesterday the kids showed up with garden gloves on and announced that they were going to garden. I put them to work getting the poor little neglected tomato finally planted .

Doesn't Wyatt look proud of his plant? I hope it does well. I don't have the best luck with growing things.

The little man Garrett
Since I took pictures of the "big" kids I had to take some of the little guy too. Genevieve is getting a little more comfortable with him. Wyatt is a pro. Danika has to be watched since she is a little too comfortable with him.
I love seeing my hubby with these new ones.
He is the best Grampa around!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A fun filled day = a picture filled post

Sunny Monday Zoo Visit
I usually take a posed group shot at the start of the walk but I snapped this one instead. Hayden isn't in it and it's a bit blurry but I like the way Kiel and Cam frame the photo in their similar poses and the girls are in the middle with their shades on.
Our "little" family or "second" family.
The 1st five kids were our first family. They are all now grown and independent. These guys have the privilege of living with us still. :o)

New African Exhibit
I encouraged the symbolic "embracing" of the new exhibit. This faux tree is seriously enormous!
Henry at the drums.
Courtney hanging with the pride.

I'm in agreement with the Maasai Elder here.
I don't know about the cattle thing but they are definitely equipped to parent Henry and some siblings.

I think this is a termite mound that they are climbing.
This is in one of the exhibits that reminds me of a lunar landscape.

Dinosaurs! Here we come!
We got to the zoo quite early and walked and saw as much as we cared to before we got in line for the dinosaur exhibit that opened at 10. We were first in line so Henry drank a bottle and others got to sit on the curb while we waited.

The dinosaurs are loud and some of them spit water at you! About 1/2 of them are life sized but the ones that are scaled down would be huge if they were to scale.

Graduation Dinner
In lieu of a present for her MAT degree from George Fox University we wanted to take our friend Jennifer and her husband Blaine out to dinner.
She chose a Moroccan Restaurant.

Jenn and Blaine are such fun to spend time with. Their children are delightful too. Their oldest, Hannah, is Hayden's age and their youngest, Joel, is Cameron's age. They have a daughter, Rachael, that is in between the two. A long time ago when Jenn worked at New Song we had the privilege of having the kids hang out here while she was at work. Fun memories.
Last nights dinner was exotic and delicious. I would love to go there again. We got to eat with our hands! Thanks Jenn for introducing us to a new experience and ethnic flavor.
I can't finish a post without some random shot. I saw some late blooming rhododendrons along the trail in the Dinosaur exhibit. They were very lovely. I want to never be too busy that I don't notice tiny bits of beauty in unexpected places. Hopefully I'll have a camera with me when I do.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rest of the weekend in pictures

A friend of Cherise's had a graduation party on Saturday. Lalita came down from Seattle with Simon to go to the party as well.
Simon is fascinated by shapes, colors, letters and numbers. He is so smart!

What a fun boy and his mom. I made a small quilt for Simon for his birthday last August but wanted to make a bigger one for him. I chose some fun fabrics... so colorful! His mom loved it!

Fellowship is so refreshing
After many months of being "churchless" we have begun to settle ourselves into a body of believers at Central Bible Church here in Portland.
We are going through a study that Pastor Dave is calling "Habits of a Changed Heart".
I love that graphic. I'd love to have it stenciled on my bedroom wall.

I snapped a couple of photos while waiting for the service to start.

We came home to find HENRY on the porch with his mom.

Park Play

The kids water play area is on for the summer. It was nice to have the little ones cool off a bit in the spray.
Hayden, Cam and Lalita watching Simon run around.
Har and I rode our bikes to the park and hung around there for a bit.

Simon had a great time. He missed out on a nap this afternoon in exchange for this outdoor adventure but I think he might possibly nod off on the ride back up to Seattle.

Swinging peeps
I love this smile!
and this one...
And even this one! FUN!

Update on Master Garrett
Joylynn wasn't able to come over this weekend as Garrett is having to be under lights for jaundice. He has another blood test tomorrow. I hope and pray that the measures that they have taken have done the trick and he will not have to continue any other treatment.

Friday, June 25, 2010

FUN and the weekend hasn't even started!

Hayden's Birthday Buddy is in Portland
Hayden and Henry are just a couple months away from their birthdays. Hayden will be 16 and Henry will be 1 on August 17th.
Another August boy... Cam will be 12.
"4ths" being goofy.

Joylynn came with the kids. If Rylan hadn't had to work I would have gotten a picture of all 8 of our kids. We still had lots of fun though. We had
Pizza on the Porch
We eat on the porch a lot during the nice weather. Since it's covered we even spend time out there in rainy weather. The kids decorate the porch and steps and sidewalk with chalk drawings or swing and swing and swing on my porch swing.

Seven all together
With kids living in different ends of Washington State having all of the grands together is going to be a rare occurrence but hopefully I'll have a camera nearby whenever they are.
They are from L-R Genevieve (4), Danika (2), Katelyn (3mos), Henry (10 mos), Rowan (2), Wyatt (6) and Garrett (10 days)

Garrett's First Bath

I have had the blessing of giving a first bath to Joylynn's last 3 kids.
He was so cozy and snuggly after his bath. He likes his Gramma.

Friday morning BREAKFAST
Harlan and I each usually have Friday morning plans but mine were changed due to work scheduling and Har cancelled his so we could hang out with some of our "kids". We went to Milos. If you look closely you may see Henry signing "more" meaning food. He is so cute.
The babies were kept busy with toys and Grampa's "five legged tickle spider" attacks.

Rowan and his parents were playing a rousing game of "Slap-Jack" on the other end of the table.

Rowan getting ready, two-fork eating and then checking out the sculpture art outside of the restaurant.
All done and ready for a rest.