Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's been a great month.

We've gotten to spend a little more time with the grands this month as they come over on Wednesdays to play while their momma takes care of an elderly gentleman.
They often show up with various treasures.
Wyatt had a new construction hat.
He is such a goof.
Genevieve brought a Dora the Explorer doll but was drawn to my new tin that had popcorn in it.
Danika just shows up & wanders through the house being cute.

We wrapped up February in style...

We went to Mississippi Pizza to hear "Mon Cheri" a group that our niece's husband, Brandon, is in.
Our friends Tom and Kim joined us there it was a wonderful evening.
Here are Karyn and Brandon Vasquez, our niece and her husband. He is a great drummer.
Someone took a pic of us together. Thanks for letting us know that you'd be playing here in town.
Looking forward to getting the new CD.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Home once again

As I mentioned in my last post, we were in Lacey Washington for a couple of nights. Just hanging out with Alyssa and Rowan doing a little shopping, having doctors appointments and eating good food.

We had to come home today though. Things to do, people to see...
So we had to say goodbye for now to one of our "best boys" and his mom and his dog.
See you in a few weeks Rowan.

I pointed the G's Forester toward Portland and we were on our way.
The boys were dropped off at home, Courtney was driving herself to school and back today so everyone was where they were supposed to be for the moment and I was able to join my "Best Husband" for cheap food and pop at one of our favorite date places.
The happy hour menu now has a dessert option. We decided to split it. Looks good doesn't it?
It was wonderful! Perhaps next time we will get one for each of us.

It's nice to be back "where everybody knows my name". Cheers!

What we've been up to...

February is coming to a close really quickly. I guess time does seem to go by faster the older you get. I haven't even gotten all of my Christmas decorations down and Easter is just around the corner. We have had some fun this month. Lyssa and I have been crazy for quilts. Or at least our version of them.
This is a picture of Alyssa "quilting" the squares of her quilt. I am so glad that I found out about this technique for cutting and quilting as you go. It is so much geared to my short attention span personality. You can pretty much do a quilt a day from yard goods -to cut squares -to quilting- to assembly. Just throw it in the washer and dryer and VOILA! you have a lovely made from scratch quilt or throw.

Here is the one we did for Courtney's birthday. Pieced on the left. Finished on the right.

Below is Alyssa's finished quilt with the corner turned so you can see the back.

Here is one more I'm working on.
It's fun stuff.

Speaking of fun stuff...

Our little leprechauns are all ready for St Paddy's day. Wyatt's shirt says "Lucky and Charming" He is that.

We are up in Lacey again. And what trip to Lacey would be complete without playing peek-a-boo with Rowan and a large plastic pan at Big Lots.

Or a stop at our most favorite restaurant in the area.
Though we have never had breakfast there, those burgers are really really yummy. Their milk shakes aren't bad either. It is definitely an all American support the troops kind of place. No lattes & tofu here (though they do have a gardenburger on the menu). We find it's just good food, a nice atmosphere and has friendly folk to take care of you.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Stair step Grandkids

It is time for me to do a new post. My card reader isn't doing what it is supposed to do and refuses to take the photos from my memory card and put them on the computer. You'll just have to believe that I have fantastic pictures coming soon (I hope) In the mean time here is an adorable picture of my adorable grandchildren in order of size. R-L Wyatt (4 yrs 10 mos), Genevieve (3 yrs 4 mos), Rowan (15 mos), & Danika (17 mos)

Monday, February 16, 2009

COURTNEY photos of her 16th year

Happy Belated Birthday Courtney!!!

Sorry I'm getting this post up late. Here is a photographic walk with Courtney through the past year. Browse and enjoy her various moods and milestones.
Happy Birthday "Sweet Sixteen" Feb '08
First day at PCC.
Wonderful Aunty Courtney with Wyatt (above and below)

I love pictures with trees. The texture is so nice.
High School Graduation. (GED)

The boys last day of the '07/'08 school year.
American Beauty and cutie.
Bangs for the first time in years.
Biker chick.
Sweet summer reunion!
After Kiel and Cherise's wedding Aug '08
Swimming in LaGrande.
Danika and her Aunty.
Courtney's tomato plant.
U-pick flowers.
Another change in hair color.
Pretty in purple.
Tree trip.
On our annual Zoo lights trip.
Fellowship time.
She loves her phone.
Skinny jeans.
Going out for a birthday breakfast 2-14-09
"Young and sweet, only seventeen"
Hope you do have the time of your life this year. You are a blessing to many and we are so glad you choose to hang out with us.
Happy 17th birthday.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Family Brunch

Thank you Kathryn for my wonderful tea cozy! I love it!!!
This weekend
There were a couple of sons-in-law that weren't in attendance and Courts was at a conference and Rylan had to leave early but we did manage to have all the rest of the family here for brunch on Saturday.
Ry had to dish up early and head off to work but here he is with Cherise (the one that is going to be giving us our next grandchild in August)
I like this totally casual picture of Joylynn, Alyssa and Jess. We are using valentine paper products because for some reason doing dishes isn't a favorite activity around here.
Time spent with Wyatt is always good for a chuckle.

We got to go home with Alyssa and Rowan

We weren't at Logan and Alyssa's house more than a couple of minutes before Rowan started hauling out books to read. I read a bunch and then it was his Mamma's turn.

Hayden and Cameron had a good time with some army guys after Rowan went to bed.
I don't know who is who but I love the colorful pictures they took.
It is good to see that they have a first aid station.

Some of these guys are wearing kilts and have bagpipes.
There is a "magic dragon" watching the action.

Logan's parents stopped in this morning.
Rowan has started giving kisses. I missed the kiss but captured the reaction of his Gremmy.
Rowan is a man's boy. He loves spending time with his grandpa's and uncles. Goddy is a super favorite.
Hayden did a little bit of work around the house before we headed out today.
We ran into some wet blowing snow in areas so I guess winter hasn't decided to leave quite yet.