Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tri-cities Christmas

We celebrated with our Portland kids on the Saturday before Christmas. Harlan, Hayden, Cameron and I headed for the cherry farm to be there for the Holiday.
The day we left, Alyssa's gang in Virginia got the package we sent!

The final three grandchildren were wrapped up in the quilts I made for them all.
I made a couple more and had them delivered locally.

Christmas in Eastern Washington!


Tam without a kerchief and Har without a cap were headed to bed for a long winter's nap ;0)
 Traditional breakfast out at a restaurant
 We enjoyed not cooking in the morning but more than made up for it by putting out a lovely ham dinner.

 One final quilt project done

A friend of theirs has a son who loves all things John Deere and they asked if I'd make a quilt for his bed. She ordered fabric to be shipped to my house. I finished it in time to bring it with us.
Cherise sent me this picture of his room with the new quilt.
I'm so happy he likes it!

And now it's time for Christmas decor + a few b'day pics

Once again I'm not commenting other than I picked a bunch of my favorite photos of decorations around the house to post.

My 57th birthday - December 20th