Thursday, July 31, 2014

An outing with the grands: Gramma's water park :0)

Irving Park water fun
When the splash pad was a installed over at Irving Park the grandkids dubbed it Gramma's Water Park. It's nothing super fancy but it is super fun!
When Garrett was little and I was much bigger I drove and parked on the nearest street to the playground. These days we walk :0) The kids made a furry friend along the way.

The fountains are on a timer of sorts and different things spray at different times. The three big kids were patiently waiting for the fire hydrant to spray so Garrett decided to join them.

It didn't take long for them to scatter once it started spraying!
I was surprised at the lack of kids playing on that day. It was better for me to be taking pictures.

Hayden was on hand to provide the muscle to push the tire swing.

 One more successful outing in the memory banks and on the blog ;0)

Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekly outings with the grands: the zoo

Summer got off to a slow start for me but once I wrapped my head around the fact that it was already July I made plans to take the local grandkids to various places around town. We are picking one place per week. On this first outing we ended up at the...
I've done my share of chaperoning field trips over the years so I have a little bit of experience with wrangling kids, not to mention the eight of our own that needed to be corralled a time or two. The outing at the zoo would have been marvelous if I'd let go of the idea that I want to photo document every bit of our time there. It is virtually impossible to get them all to stand still when they are so excited to see everything! Here you have yet another addition to the many zoo posts over the years this blog has existed.

Each of the kids grabbed a map as we went through the ticket check point but only Genevieve was seriously looking and checking off all of the exhibits we passed by.

The bears were infinitely more lazy than these four kids!