Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More May days

A moment of domesticity
One day a couple of weeks ago, Harlan had to work through lunch and couldn't make it home. Hayden and I ran down and brought  him something.  Blog worthy? maybe not. But I think he appreciated the effort and it felt good to be providing meals on wheels, even if it was only a meatloaf sandwich and an apple.

Finished quilt for Genevieve's teacher
My long weekend was spent at the cutting board and sewing machine. Genevieve was all smiles delivering this to Mrs Mease. 

We've got trouble my friends.
Right here in River City.
For the entire school year while getting the kids ready, I've popped my purse into the crib to keep it safe and to know where it was when we were ready to head out. I forgot that someone knows how to get back into his crib these days! I needed to clean it out anyway  :0)

Oh the hoops to jump through
Hayden has filled out all of the application requirements for his Gateway to College entrance. The mandatory information session was yesterday.  He's got entrance testing today and tomorrow, followed by an interview on Friday. We are hopeful that he will be enrolled and earning college credits in the Fall. 
The morning sessions take place over at the Southeast Center of PCC. Courtney attended her first term down here.  It's right on a couple of bus lines and easy to get to. Looks like this is the campus of choice for Hayden too.

Rose Festival Time
I took pictures of 4 different roses that were growing there on campus. It was so windy they all turned out blurry except this one. It's so wide open.  I really look forward to this season.  Roses are something I think I'm going to learn to grow when things settle down around here. I think it will be good therapy.

Touch of Copper
If you know me, you know that my Copper Country roots are depicted in most of the rooms of our house with a little copper doodad or two. This huge treble cleft wouldn't quite fit on the outside of our house but I like it here. I actually think it's part of the drain pipe!  Isn't that a cool idea?

Friends eating in the van
Garrett is sure enjoying having a buddy now that Danika is finished with school for the year. They are such fun to hang out with.

Hydrangea cart
As much as I love roses I think I like hydrangeas better.  They come in so many colors and varieties! These were all plants that were for sale at our neighborhood Whole Foods market.
Ornamental Oregano? Whatever they are their soft pastel colors are lovely.
The remodel of Whole Foods enabled them to make an open air produce area in nice weather. We must experiment more with our veggie consumption this summer.

Miss Memorial Day 2012
Anabelle knows how to celebrate Memorial Day. What a sweetie! Thanks Reese for sending this pic.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Small town memories
I know that Memorial Day is set aside to remember those military men and women who gave  their lives in service to our country. But when I was growing up, Memorial Day almost always included a trip to the cemetery. I looked forward to going and wandering through the grave markers while Mom and Dad attended to the plots of my grandparents or great-grandparents or great-aunts or great-uncles. Memories of those loved ones came to mind and it was good to be there.

Big city reality
Portland isn't a bastion of Americana but every now and then I'm pleased to see a flag displayed.  I'm reminded of our heritage and those whose dedication to this country cost them everything.
I snapped this picture of a flag perfectly framed by the freeway supports. 
It was windy that day... a good day to be a flag. 

"Oh! thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand
Between their loved home and the war's desolation!
Blest with victory and peace, may the heav'n rescued land
Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation.
Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
And this be our motto: "In God is our trust."
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!"

Today I'm stopping for a few minutes to remember those loved ones that are no longer with us. Wishing I could be visiting those cemeteries of my youth with their flags and flowers placed there especially for today.
Today is a good day to remember.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wild weather weekend

Another Pizza Friday
 We ordered a Sicilian and a Chicago. Though I would have loved to get a California or a Capri!
Thunderstorm rolled in
 When we got there it was so nice we were debating sitting out at the picnic tables. We chose to sit inside.  Good choice. Before our pizza arrived dark clouds gathered and while we were eating there were flashes of lightning.  They were actually pretty far to the north.  One bolt took out a 100 ft tree near Hudson's Bay High School in Vancouver.
Baseball on the TV
 Sparky's isn't a sports bar but they do have a TV that was tuned to a sports channel. Courtney, Charlie and Harlan all watched.  Har was checking the crawl across the bottom for hockey scores. The Devils won in overtime and advanced to the Stanley Cup finals. In case you were wondering ;0)

Quick stop at the Mall
 Our boys need to get out more.  They are so ansty to get home whenever Har and I are relaxing over coffee. Perhaps they are typical men and only shop (hunt) when they need something and leave as soon as they are finished.

Saturday doings
 There is a brand new Guitar Center location at Hayden Meadows. We stopped by there on Saturday afternoon. I am totally happy to sit in the van when the boys go in there. Have iPad will read :-)  Courtney and Charlie were at Guitar Center with a friend of theirs at the same time we were there.  I'm glad we don't have to travel down to Clackamas anymore for our music needs.

Trying out the Sofia
 Harlan and I went through the step by step guide and successfully managed to embroider something. I'm sure it's much more exciting to me than you. But I find it amazing to be able to do such beautiful work so easily!
 I picked up these cutsie fabrics today for $1 and $2 a yard.  I'm making a small quilt for Genevieve's Kindergarten teacher. 

Wild rain with thunder and lightning
 I have never seen it rain so hard here.  And am glad that it didn't last very long.  It was maybe a half hour of torrential downpour and then it tapered off to just rain.
The cars were leaving a wake. and the water was over the curb in the low areas.  We didn't go out and see the typical trouble spots in the neighborhood though I'm sure they would've been impressive.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Awesome fabric sales

Each fabric was under $2.79 a yard!

 Joann Fabrics had a great sale that goes through the weekend. I made a major score in the clearance fabrics. Additional 50% off the marked down price!  All of the ones I got were 100% cotton and I didn't pay more than $3 a yard for any of them. Most were $2.

I love the stripes here coupled with the colorful flowers.
This is so fun with the colorful print on brown. The stripe and dot fabric looks like water drops on a string.

I love the birch tree fabric and the bird houses.  Every bit of it is relaxing.

Lots of color in this palette. The batiks are such fun to throw in there for a mixture of color.

Princess Tiana fabric inspired summer weight blankets for Danika & G'vieve.

This is going to be a large double sided flannel blanket that can be used to make forts out of chairs, stools, or tables. It just might end up on Garrett's bed though. It's such a great out-doorsie  pattern!

And lastly a fall palette.  I have purchased the floral patch pattern here in a different color. A burgundy base instead of the rust one. I'm anxious to see how these all come together.

I would love to spend this holiday weekend getting to know my new sewing machine and possibly test the embroidery feature.  Har and I may have to watch some Youtube videos to get some pointers. I'll be sure to post pictures of projects as they are completed.

The Music Man (abbreviated)

Spring musical performance
 The school that Wyatt and Genevieve go to is a K-8. When our kids were there it ended at 5th grade. Having the upper grades there allows for more depth in their performances. This year they put on an abbreviated version of "The Music Man". There were two performance times with different classes taking part in a couple of the songs. The above scene is Harold Hill talking about the town needing a band to keep boys out of trouble.
 Mayor Shin at the town festival.
 The mayor's wife, Eulalie, (right) and the rest of the Wa Tan Ye Girls.

This guy's A-Okay
 Sometime during one of the songs, one of the kids down front had her nose start bleeding.  Principal Dauch was down there with a spray bottle and paper towels, cleaning the floor while the performance went on without a hitch.
 Wyatt's class is in the foreground of this picture.  He's the kid in the hat with the white band on it in the middle of the photo. They were part of the "Wells Fargo Wagon" song chorus.

"I've never gone to the footbridge..."
 Professor Harold Hill and Marian Paroo talking out side her house.
 Harold Hill arrested by the Constable.

 The band in uniform with their instruments.
Curtain calls.
It was short and sweet. I'm sure it was a ton of work with so many kids involved.
Thanks to the many people that made this happen.
Wyatt was very excited to take part.

Work party

The guys and the new toy
Harlan and Hayden took the pressure washer outside to try it out on some stuff.  It's going to be a handy little thing to have around when it comes to cleaning off the sidewalks, driveway, even the rock porch. I wonder if it does windows?

Courtney is going to plant my porch containers with impatiens They are purchased and ready to go.  Garrett looks ready to help plant when the time comes.

Play Days

Cherise sent me a picture of Henry and Anabelle playing at an indoor place near their house.  They are soooo cute! At the time I received the photo I was at Just 4 Kids, a resale place near us, with Gar-bear. He was playing too.

Ready for some little people
I picked up two of these mini adirondack chairs. They are so cute and quite stable. I think a meal or two on the porch is in order when Henry comes to town.

What's in a name?
When Harlan and I got married we received our last name on a plaque as a present.  Harlan had his name plaque already, so we ordered mine. Our family tree began. Each of the kids got a plaque right after they were born.
This company researches the meaning of the names and their spiritual connotation. The also print a Bible verse on each one pertaining to the meaning. I sort of life verse for the individual name.
About a month ago I looked into getting these for Jess and Joylynn's family. The company that makes them has changed it's name but is still in business.
I placed an order and they came in this past week.
Joylynn opened the box on Wednesday. She and Jess were touched to have them.
I can't wait to see where they hang them.
The company started in 1972 and the website said they now have the 4th generation of families purchasing these for their homes.