Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day weekend

Memory Lane

Garrett's 1st birthday is coming up so I perused the toy aisle in Target. I was blown away that they have these Fisher Price toys that are, I'm pretty sure, identical to the ones that we played with as kids and that our kids had as well.
It was difficult to make a choice but I chose the Grandfather's Clock. Turned the knob on the back and listened to the classic tune and was taken back in time to the early '60s. Isn't it amazing how our brains can be triggered by sounds, odors and sights to remind us of days gone by.

Double Date Night
Courtney and Charlie introduced us to the Macaroni Grill. We'd never heard of it before. They had a gift certificate so we thought we'd try it out.
We had a nice time in spite of a less than personable waitress. Posed for photos outside the building. It was really a pretty place.

Should have submitted Year book pictures

We opted not to submit photos to the Connections Academy yearbook this year. I took a couple pictures this weekend that would have been great though. How often do we get smiling photos of these guys?

Sound Men
Harlan ran sound at Central Bible Church solo for the first time this past Sunday. Our friend David heard about it and came to lend a hand and some moral support. What a guy!

New Dos

Because of some unfortunate choices made by a certain young man, Danika needed to have her hair cut. I convinced Genevieve to let me cut hers as well because we were going to cut it for the summer anyway. I didn't have a good before pic of Danika but am putting two of her anyway. They have decided that Genevieve is "Dora" and Danika is "Ramona". I think they both are cute as lady-bugs!

"Is breakfast ready?"
Garrett was a busy boy this morning. I need to get a creative solution to keep babies and cats out of my planter. I don't think the cats have been an issue yet but the littles have found the dirt pleasant to play in.

Reunion quilt
I will be attending a family reunion this summer in Michigan. We are encouraged to contribute to a silent auction to defer some of the costs of the facility. I'm making a twin size quilt out of these fabrics. The one on the far right is for the entire back of the quilt. I am placing the rest in a diamond pattern. I have them sandwiched and stacked but have to get sewing.

Can't believe June is a couple of days away!
Only 12 more days of driving Wyatt to school!!!!
I'm looking forward to summer almost as much as the kids!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Birthday and work party

Can't get enough of Henry!

Almost all of the photos I took of

Henry this weekend didn't turn out, so I stole some of Cherise's that were taken at the zoo on Friday. I picked up the hat for him at Target because it was "so him". Does he look like Kiel's little "mini me" or what!

My teacup for the day
After a wonderful weekend I'm still smiling on the outside too!

Cherise and Henry just about to leave for home.

Joylynn stopping to smell the flowers.

Alyssa and Courtney keeping babies occupied. We all were busy with something.

Logan and Alyssa treated Har to a birthday breakfast

The little kids split a kids meal only because they had both already had breakfast. If they hadn't, they'd probably each have polished off a full meal.
Logan's picture perfect strawberry extravaganza!

Work Day

We have been waiting for the weather and for Mr Motivation to come together for a good work day. It happened! Lyssa dressed for the occasion and Logan was pumped. Hayden, Cameron and Charlie put in several hours of pulling, pruning and packing stuff out of the yard and house.
It is a big improvement! I'm hoping it is going to kick off our summer construction plans. Gotta get someplace safe for the kiddoes to play outside.

Love, Peace and Flower Power

Charlie plays the guitar beautifully... and since I haven't learned to play yet, so it's nice that somebody uses it. He was entertaining the grands out on the front porch. Courtney was looking thoughtful being a flower child from the '90s.


Courtney brought over surprise dessert that we stuck candles in and enjoyed after lunch. It was a nice break from the workday. Har seemed pleased to have most of the kids and grandkids here for the day.

Life doesn't suck! Shop Vacs do!
The boys and I got Har a new Craftsman shop vac for his birthday. He also stopped by Rockler on the way home from breakfast and bought a container that attaches to it to catch the larger wood chips and debris. It works very well!
We've been through a lot this past year and sometimes my hubby can be a "glass half empty" sort of guy. Especially around his birthday time, he takes inventory of his life and accomplishments. I don't know why some people can't see their positive qualities. Harlan is an amazing man, husband, dad and grampa! Gotta work harder to get him to see that.

View from my window
This is what Garrett and I saw when we pulled back the curtain this morning. Dirty window aside, I love the view from my living room! Especially on a sunny morning.
Life is good.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Long post but we had fun makin' the memories!

Better late than never
Our rhododendron bloomed really late this year. It usually is totally bloomed out and fading by Mother's Day. I love this time of year.

Clean living

Garrett , Genevieve and Danika are the bathing cuties for this post. Genevieve is sporting a shiner under her right eye from running into a car while using her scooter.

Sometimes it's hard to be the littler one

Garrett is catching up with Katie but she is still 3 months older so she is climbing and sitting in the cart while he is in the porta-crib and in the car seat.
But he gets to be the "big guy" when our friend Vinny comes by. Garrett is cruising around furniture while 5 month old Vincent is in the exersaucer.

Enjoying ourselves!
Katie doing what Katie's like best.

She cleans up really well though!

Rowan doing what Rowan's do best. Taking a little run before we get into the vehicle to head to Babies R Us.

They humor me

There was a little Dumbo ride on thingy just outside the doors of Babies R Us. I made them ride on it. Rowan was okay with it but the others weren't quite sure they liked it.

Baby Shower for Cherise and her little Anabelle

I took many more photos but chose to show the couple of quilts that were made for her and the cute little gown that Muumuu sent from Michigan. We had a nice time seeing some folks that we haven't seen in ages.

Babysitter extraordinaire!
Cherise babysat for these two girls and their brother. It would be nice if Cherise lived closer so these girls could watch her kids.

A couple of Har's sisters
Harlan's sister Naomi is Cherise's godmother so she was planning to come to the shower. His sister Iris was here visiting from California so she came along. It was wonderful to see them both!

Harlan has been busy this weekend

Each of the grandkids is fascinated by Harlan playing the keyboard so he often has company.

The boys and Har did some yard work on Saturday. More is planned with Logan here for a couple of days.

"Signs" of things to come

Harlan celebrates his double Twenty-seventh birthday on Monday the 23rd. He's a few years from needing this parking spot but I thought it was humorous since I took the photo of the girls the day before.

We are doubling our blessings and our fun as both Cherise and Alyssa qualify for the expectant moms parking now!

The ultrasound photo shows a little head down baby on the left side of the picture. Logan and Alyssa are having baby # 3 in early December.

Our grandchildren will, at that point, outnumber our birth children.
Fun times indeed!!!