Monday, August 29, 2011

Lacey vacation part 2

Beginning Wardrobe
Alyssa showed me a few little things that she has for their new baby who is due in December. They have some things from when Katie was a baby but Kate was born in the spring and Evie is coming in the winter so the seasons are off a bit for hand-me-downs. A lot of things will work for the new baby as blankets and sweaters can be used to keep her warm.

The Camp Out

Took a couple of photos in the dark of the camping kids. Everybody was going to be toasty snuggled under quilts and blankets.

Breakfast. YUM!
Everybody brought their best appetites to the table for pancakes with bananas.

Garrett made short work of a couple plate-fuls. Wyatt salutes the chef.

Outside, we played
The girls took over the sand box with various toys and rakes. I love the contrast of hair color in this picture and especially Katie-Kate's curls!
Boys playing with planes and an aircraft carrier on the deck.

Birthday gift redeemed
Logan told Hayden he'd take him out shooting for a birthday present. He provided the weaponry and the ammo. They took off well prepared to make a dent in the latter.

Holding down the fort

With most of the men out shootin' we were well protected in the backyard by these guys.
And of course we had Mad Max the Road Warrior on guard duty as well.

Mid-day naps
Garrett had already had a nice long nap when the other big kids needed a rest so he wandered around. He helped Aunty Lyssa supervise the girls at the tent door.

He played peek-a-boo with the other tent flap. It is so cute how little kids think they can't be seen behind screens.
He went over to see what Uncle Cam and Wyatt were up to. He even managed to recruit Grampa into watching him on the slide for awhile.

Rest before the Work
Har was on vacation so he spent a little bit of time in a lawn chair in the shade. But not for long. As soon as Logan and Hayden returned the construction of a step the full width of the deck was going to commence.

As soon as I get my photo storage issues remedied, I'll blog about a few of the other fun things that we did on our visit to Lacey-town.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Cousins!!! In Lacey-town

Hitting the road

Hayden and Cameron spent hours on Saturday cleaning out the van. They did a wonderful job, taking the seats out and vacuuming. Then wiping down all interior surfaces. It was ready for our road trip.
Official farewell
Garrett is getting to be quite the waver. He waves "hi" when he gets up in the morning and after naps. He's a sweetie!

Courtney saw us off

Cousins were waiting in Lacey
Everyone on the couch! Should have taken a wide shot.

Pizza on Monday?
It was pizza for supper. Everyone's favorite.
Look at these smooshie little faces!

Rousing play before bed
The playroom is aptly named. The three musketeers, sort of.
Spider-hulk-Jedi and a gun toting Captain America!
Pirate Genevieve.
Danika is a majorly girly super hero when she decides to play along. Today she was handing out play eggs.

Camping set up
It's pretty rainy out there tonight but I think everybody that is tenting will be cozy. Logan set up a sweet configuration of tents and shelter. I'll post the good night pics later after I get them off my camera.

I love vacations! Har is off all week.

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tea for Two plus 6

I have a new teapot
Not exactly blog worthy news but I was pretty excited to find it at Goodwill.

Thursday, after Har and I had our happy hour date at Newport Seafood Grill, he rode his bike home and I crossed the street to wander around Goodwill. I don't remember the last time I was able to browse there without having time constraints: someone or something needing my attention.

It was a strange sensation, to be sure.

I try not to go there without something specific to look for. Lord knows I don't need any more "stuff" (you may have another word for it) around this house to deal with. I'm sure everyone has their favorite things to shop for there. I always look for pieces to add to my Corelle dinnerware. Other glassware, candle holders (Partylite) and picture frames. In the other glassware category I found this teapot. There are no brand markings on it and it looks hand painted. I'm wondering if it was painted at Ceramica or someplace like that.

In any event, it is large (64 oz capacity) and heavy. It is perfect for our family for after dinner tea with dessert. And it set me back $4.99!
That to me is blog worthy.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer fun and Happy Birthday!

Summer Sunday Outing
We took advantage of the Kids Eat Free at Panda Express again this week.

I had to stay home from church because Garrett was not feeling very good. Krystle got home from Family Camp in time to watch him so we could take the other three for an outing.
They sure enjoy and appreciate being treated.

I love my flowers
I have three of these impatiens baskets but only one has a hosta coming up beneath it. I'm going to try to find out what the hosta needs in the way of nutrients because I love it and want to keep it going year after year.

Water fun
This inflatable pool was the best twenty bucks I've spent in quite some time. The grands watch the weather online every day to see if the temperature is going to be 80 degrees or above. On days that we reach 80 or close to it they get to play in the pool.
Genevieve said she needed to keep the hair out of her eyes with her goggles. I think she looks like a little flapper girl from the '20s!

Wyatt was just playing around.
Danika was posing. Shocker there!

Hayden turned 17 on the 17th!
Having a birthday in the middle of a week is hard. It's also hard being the 4th person in the family with a birthday so far this month. I think we managed to make him feel adequately celebrated though.

Heading out for dinner
We were treated to excellent weather and were able to put the rag top down on the LeBaron and head out for Hayden's birthday meal.
He chose well as far as restaurants go.
He has never eaten at the Outback. We looked at various restaurant menus online today and he decided he wanted to have a steak and try a bloomin' onion.
As it turned out Wednesday is FREE Bloomin' Onion day!
Hurray for mid-week birthdays!

Headed back home
I had a blast taking pictures without windows and a roof in the way. Hayden loved the wind blowing through his hair and listening to his iPod.
Over the windshield shot.
Coming into the Lloyd District.

We have been putting up with construction for well over a year. We will eventually have a street car running from the Pearl District to OMSI. Hope the ridership is worth the cost and headaches!

Presents and PIE!
Courtney & Charlie and Cam gave him similar gifts.
He now has lots and lots of snacks and a movie to watch while he enjoys them.
Can hardly believe it's been seventeen years since we welcomed that big little 11 lb guy.

The year I turned seventeen was the toughest but one of the best years of my life.
I hope Hayden experiences a whole lot of growth and new adventures in the year ahead. It will be awesome to stand by him and support him in the challenges that are sure to come.

Happy Birthday Hayden!
We are blessed by you being in our family!!!