Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Friends: weekend of birthdays and fun times

We had a busy weekend. It started Thursday night when we gathered to celebrate our friend Kass's birthday. She seemed to enjoy herself.

Friday morning Kim, Bella and I had our "walkie talkie" at the mall.

We went to a new (to us) place for coffee. Pretty artsy and actually decent coffee.

Saturday I was running errands and running late for another birthday celebration and I happened upon this group of ladies.

I think when Kim finally catches up with me in age we could join this group and they could become our new "bff"s.

Does he look any older?

Pastor Gary is one year closer to old.

He and Ethen Webberley share April birthdays.

Ethen was 4 earlier in the month.

Nic did a nice job on the cinamon swirl cake.


Our first annual (does that make sense?)

Talladega Brunch
The omlette bar was Tom's idea. It was so yummy!

Tom, it turns out, is a Brunchmaster.
Nice job.
"Gentlemen....start your engines!"
It was a fun race. A little difficult to photograph. But look on Youtube and view the ending. Choose the longer version of any of the postings and see how exciting it was.

The kids and I did an evening Freddies run after a lovely Thai dinner to commemorate the day of "rest"aurants.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Schooling at home = good clean fun

We have taken advantage of the beautiful weather so far this week to get outside a bit.
Cam found the sun a bit too bright so made a shelter.
Boys will be boys.
Doesn't bright sunshine just beg to be combined with a magnifying glass.
The most he achieved was a bit of smoke. No living things were harmed in this activity.

Record temperatures yesterday

Water was called for.
The boys took bucket and rags and the hose and went to town cleaning Logan's Subaru.

This was the 3rd try to get a picture of the splash.
It is difficult to determine if all of the vehicle got clean when it is wet but when it dries you can determine that indeed they missed a spot.

Our maple trees have leafed out nicely in the past week. It looks like fall until the leaves start greening up.
In about 6 months they will look like this again.

The boys took all of the furniture off of the porch and scrubbed it down.
Cam diligently scrubbing. Notice our bumper crop of dandelions in the parking strip :o) a sure sign of warm weather.
Hayden and a much earned rest. I love our outdoor living space!
Thanks guys. You did good.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring break visitor and the day of "res"taurants

Our grandniece Claire got to spend a few days of her spring break here in Portland.
She flew up from California on Wednesday.
She was here to spend time with Courtney for the most part but I got to do a little shopping for fabric and we built her a quilt to take home with her.
Here is the fabric pallette she chose.
I had her cutting out the squares for the quilt top.
Here she is laying out the squares in the pattern she decided on.
Here is the entire thing laid out.
I didn't get a photo of it finished but it turned out really cute.

We got to take her to our favorite lunch place.
The gang at Chino Saigon
A farewell at the airport.

And of course it was a beautiful Sunday
(the day of restaurants) We wanted grilled burgers and I didn't want to get the grill out and cleaned up and ready for the season so we let the nice people at Burger King make our dinner.
They must have a big floral budget. Their planters and flower beds are beautiful.
Krystle and her milk.
Typical Cam pose.
Courts kickin' back.
Hayden deep in thought.
Sponge Bob came home with us.
I guess this warm weather is okay after all.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I love the displays that the church on the corner near our house puts up for holidays.

Palm Sunday
Good Friday
Easter Sunday
Isn't that a cool reminder of the season!

Alyssa and I were busy with projects.
The fabric for the granddaughter's blankets matched my Easter plates.
Danika's quilt
Genevieve's blanket.
Alyssa bought me beautiful flowers.

Easter morning
My little bunny buddies and fancy girls.
Lyssa and her little man.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's Easter Eve

I can't believe we are so far into April and I haven't posted yet. I'm sorry that I haven't gotten a huge tribute post for Cherise's birthday, Naomi's birthday and Wyatt's birthday but I do have some photos of those events and some of the other fun stuff we've been doing this month so far.

We celebrated Wyatt's 5th and Cherise's 25th with a little party here at the house.

Aren't they adorable!

Genevieve was the bow girl.

Cherise and Kiel were here for a few days. While in Portland they went for an ultrasound and found out that they will be presenting us with a grandson in August.

Cameron went to an all day "Skills Day". One of his classes was Faux Food Fun.

He made this spiffy tray of sushi. It's all edible sugar stuff.

On April 5th there was a party for Naomi's 50th!!! birthday.

We all gathered at Howard's house on one of the most beautifully sunny days so far this year. It was fun to have the kids running around outside.

Our kids bought Auntie Nomi some tulips and I made her a rag quilt.

Here is Wyatt. He is going to be in Kindergarten this fall.

Genevieve striking a pose near the willow tree. Boy does she look like her mother hey?

Danika looks more grown up with her hair up in that cute little ponytail.

Rowan spends a lot of time chuckling about something or other.


On Wyatt's official birthday (April 7th) a bunch of us took him to the zoo.

Time spent with Aunties, Uncles and a boy cousin what more could a little guy want.

I think Hayden is officially taller than Alyssa.

Portland's newest elephant baby, Samudra (Sam).

Rowan looks like his great-grandpa Earl in this picture.

He isn't afraid of heights. Just on the other side of this boulder it was downhill all the way into the Eagle Canyon.
Wrapping up our month so far...
Danika and Rowan spent and evening here with Alyssa while the rest of us were at church. They had a fun tubby together.

So there is a peek at our April . Tomorrow is Easter and time to remember what all that means to us.

Have a Blessed Easter everyone.

He IS Risen!