Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Everything's A-OK

A new experience at
The Oregon Clinic

Harlan had a physical about a month ago and it was recommended that he get a colonoscopy. He thought it was up to him to call and set up an appointment. Nope. It was a "Don't call us. We'll call you." thing. They called and he made an appointment.
For those of you who've had them you know there is a preparation time. He did all the necessary things.

View from the waiting room
I was his designated driver so for the couple of hours we were there I had little to do but look out the window and watch how busy that little (maybe not so little) intersection of I-84 and I-205 is. It also is a main transit mall with buses and Max trains coming and going.

I watched traffic to the left of me and traffic to the right of me and even some people watching.

I've always liked these "feather"veins as I've driven by them on the freeway. I've never seen them from this direction.
I asked a nurse at one point how long the procedure was going to take. She said that Har's particular doctor was "running behind" ;0)

Grey day turned to colorful sunset

As I sat there I saw a break in the clouds and figured the sun would be peaking through before it set. It did but not before it had dropped behind Mt Tabor. It sure was a pretty sunset!

Relieved it was over and well rested
Of course I had to take a picture of him in recovery. We have other photos too, from the doctor, but I told him I wouldn't post them on the blog.

After two days of no food we went to

I was not two days without food but Har was and since he was given no restrictions as far as diet goes we went out to eat on the way home.
It was very nice to sit and enjoy a meal knowing that Courtney, Jess, Hayden and Cam and the kids were having food that was crock potted and time baked for them.

How can they say these are for kids?

One of the girls brought this tub of tiny buttery vanilla cookies to the house for the kids. These cookies are perfect with a cup of tea. They are also great fun to spell things with. Wyatt, Genevieve, Rowan, & Danika had fun trying to make words. Lyssa and I found the letters to make their names. Fun times with food.

Today with only a single layer in the bottom of the container I made this message.
Pay no attention to the grammar.
It's the sentiment that counts!

I'm glad his procedure is done with. Now it's my turn :P

Monday, November 28, 2011

Change is a-comin'

Visions of Gingerbread Cookies

Three of 4 ornaments I have up so far. I think this decorating thing is going to be taking a bit longer this year.

Redo of Katie's carseat

When Logan and Alyssa got the carseat out of storage in the garage to get it ready for Evie's arrival, they found a bit of the padding was removed and one of the holes that the straps go through was enlarged thanks to some sort of critter. Alyssa called to see if there was any way of repairing it. Yup there was.

They laundered the pieces and she and I went shopping for fabric. Since the upper part of the liner was unscathed we looked for fabric that would go with the spring green. This is the result. I think the fern pattern with tiny flowers is just perfect!

We are planning on recovering the hood part the next time they are down. So Lyssa bought a grey with spring green dots to coordinate with the fern fabric. I had her buy way too much so I was able to make the matching double flannel blanket! All ready to welcome the little bundle.

Church nursery cubby
We have been attending our church for over a year and a half. After many visits to the nursery over that time the nursery staff wanted to assign a permanent number to us. Because Alyssa was the one registering Rowan at that time for his class the cubby was labeled "Godsiff". So when Garrett started attending more often he too became a Godsiff. Henry visited multiple times in a 2 month period so he was named an honorary Godsiff as well. Poor Katie, though an actual Godsiff, still had a temporary tag. I'll have to talk to the staff there to let them know that Rowan & Katie will be moving. Then all of our grandchildren will be probably become Hilmans.

It's not easy to wait
We've been having issues with these guys tearing around after church while we wait for Harlan to finish his sound stuff. Yesterday we made them sit on the edge of the platform. Even as they were focused on their misery, directly behind them was one of the coolest displays of the manger I've ever seen. I love the straw, rustic feed box and the star above it. Just lovely!

I wonder how many people back in the time of Jesus' birth were wrapped up in their misery as well and missed the significance of the perfect gift that came to us.
We will be doing some extra reading about the true meaning of Christmas in the days ahead. Yesterday was the first Sunday in Advent so now is the perfect time to start anticipating.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving Day Morning
The day dawned with just a few high clouds and sun. I took this picture looking out of my kitchen window at all the colorful leaves still on the trees.

The "kids" that were here
Logan and Alyssa & their baby bump. (10 days til due date)

Krystle and Rylan were both here along with Hayden and Cameron.

Jess and Courtney and Charles got to come to celebrate and share a great meal.

The food was as good as it looks!
We don't get a picture of the traditional whole turkey before carving. With so many to feed, we carve it and platter it. I think it looks pretty great even sliced.
Looks even better plated!

Dessert Table
Homemade pumpkin pie, Mrs Smith's home baked razzleberry pie and Courtney's pretzel salad.

Happiness at the kids' table
They are super happy to have their own nook to eat in. This year Katie and Garrett needed too much supervision with eating. but next year perhaps they can join the big kids.

After Dinner Doings
Katie came up and sat next to me to visit after dinner. She seemed pretty happy to be included with the adults. Before long she was off to play. She and her parents followed Harlan and I on our walk over to Har's brother's house. She warmed up to Howard over a couple of cars and a toy dinosaur. She thought the Hilman Family 2000 reunion photo on Howard's dining room wall was a bunch of people having a dance party because she kept pointing at it and dancing. That reunion was as fun as a beach party!

What a good lookin' bunch! Harlan's sister Anita showed up after this was taken. I should have gathered up the gang for another picture but didn't think of it. You'll have to look back on my Sept 10th blog to see a photo of her ;0)
Howard had a gorgeous fresh flower and candle arrangement on his dining table. I think I'm going to have to hint for one of my own for next month. It was so pretty.

I'm so thankful for each and every one of our kids and grands. And our extended family as well. God is GOOD!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fall conferences

Parent/Teacher meetings
Har and I met with both Wyatt and Genevieve's teachers today.
Both kids are doing great! Wyatt has some trouble wanting to get library books out and reading them when he is needing to attend to other tasks. We'll have to address that with the young man but I'm happy to hear that he enjoys reading that much and is in the highest reading group in his grade.
I didn't take any photos of Wyatt's work but did get some of G'vieve's.

Kindergarten art
Self portrait of sorts.
Defining Fall. "Falling leaves and ripe apples" Sounds about right to me!
Large leaf print.
The classroom. Hasn't changed much hey girls?
We found Genevieve's name with those on the back side of the line hanging across the room.
She came home on Friday with her Thanksgiving crafts. The turkey feathers have dots ranging from 1 to 10 on each one. Genevieve glued them in order to make the strutting turkey's tail. Her turkey headband was so cute with long accordion pleated legs draping down.

I hope to post an official Thanksgiving message because I'm looking forward to taking pictures of the 17 of us that will be together this year. We have so many blessings to be thankful for!

Tis the season
The mall is ready for the hordes. I don't know that we are going to be among them. Need to make a list and check it twice. Not sure if I can get it all together to hit the midnight sales or the 4 a.m. sales. I think I'll wait for the kids to be back in school next week and try to enjoy the holiday season at a little bit slower pace.
"Real Joy"? I'm pretty sure I won't find it at Sears. But I will be visiting there. The third floor is beckoning. The Christmas decorations are up there ;o)

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Random paper messages

Fortune cookie fortunes are funny
This was my fortune at Panda Express (aka by Genevieve as "the fancy restaurant"). How appropriate that my time is often interrupted by diaper duty. I do make many changes and I am glad to "happily settle" each evening after everyone else is settled first.
Har's fortune. Just today, he got an email from the church administrator asking him about something to do with running the sound board for this next Sunday! It must be a sign that he is involved in the ministry that God is calling him to.

Destroy after receiving official document
Hayden could be practicing for being part of a demonstration against driver's permits. Oregon started giving paper copies of documents as a temporary permit or license. They then run a statewide check to make sure that there are no other IDs out in the population with that same name, photo or signature. It's some sort of safeguard. Hayden received his official driver's permit/ Oregon ID in the mail so to destroy the temporary one he chose to burn it.

I think he's pretty safe from identity theft now.

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