Thursday, October 25, 2007

Our Family's Zoo Trip weekend

We searched high and low for something fun we could do as a family. The in residence kids wanted to go to the zoo with Kiel and Cherise next time they came to town. And come to town they did. They surprised us by coming to church on Saturday night. So Sunday we headed out to the zoo. The Hilmans, Jess/Joylynn Fam (-Jess), Logan/Lyssa Fam, Kiel and Cherise (she officially is a Hilman but a visiting one so I listed her as well). We were only missing Rylan, Jess and the Bob/Lita Fam.

Here is a picture of 7 of our 8 children. Hopefully we'll get a shot in December with all 8!

Logan and Alyssa, looking happy to be with us.

Kiel and Cherise, who knows what they are looking at. It brings them much happy though.

Joylynn and her "babies" Genevieve rode in the backpack with Grandpa and then Uncle Logan.

Our 2 princesses that live at home. Courtney and Krystle and a statue of a nanny goat.
Our "little family". Courtney, Hayden and Cameron, the ones we are still totally responsible for.
Our girls, Arielle, Snow, Cindy, Belle and Aurora.
Cave Men

Our Simon being a smiley guy.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Seven week old Danika and the big kids too!

Here is Miss Danika on the day she was 7 weeks old. Not the most flattering photo. She sure is a sweet little thing. She has to be to put up with the hard lovin' given to her by her siblings.

We had a nice time in the leaves last night. We should have been out there today with all of them blowing around.

Wild Bill Hic-up, or Wyatt Burp.... He is a goofy boy. He loves to play make believe. Logan I think he is wearing your hat.

The pictures were taken with Joylynn's camera. It is getting me through my days of withdrawal. Still looking forward to a new camera of my own.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Consider it all joy.....

My latest trial is learning to live without a camera. My new (the last week of June) camera, that I loved to use, fell off my wrist on Thursday night. The cost of repairs would buy a new camera. It only took 5400 pictures in it's short life and several entertaining videos.

I am hoping to either find my old digital that could be brought back into service or find some extra monies in my budget to replace my Nikon.

I miss my little camera friend but it served me well and I am thankful.

Don't worry Rowan. Gramma will be taking pictures of you. You just hang in there.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Road trips are fun!

I have always enjoyed road trips. This past weekend we grabbed Wyatt and Genevieve to go up to visit Aunty Alyssa and Max. The fall colors are getting to be really beautiful. Nothing adds to a lovely drive like the Jimmy and Jerry Gourd singing. We know every song on the Veggie Tales Campfire CD.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Changes all around...

We have been part of an official church plant. The first service of Generations Church was this past Sunday, Sept 30th. A whole bunch of friends from New Song LaGrande came and helped us celebrate God's goodness in our lives.
One of our LaGrande friends is our daughter Cherise's very best friend, Kiel. It was terrific to have both of them here to visit, though briefly.

Our church meets at the Historic Kenton firehall. Genevieve was the only one there with the correct boots.
Danika finally got to meet here Aunty Cherise. I think they have a connection already. Jess, Joylynn and all three kids were able to come.

Our shared meal was very delicious and appropriate for the rainy weather. Tis the season for hot dishes.
Fall is finally here. Winter is on it's way. You know what that means .....CHRISTMAS!!!!!