Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March Madness Hilman style

I have still been working on a few rag quilts. I cut one out this morning. It is going to be for Har's and my bed.
They are so much fun to make. I wish I had the money to make one for everybody I know.
I chose the fabrics to represent our Finnish and Dutch heritage with a little country kerchief fabric too.

We started out our Spring break by helping out a friend on his Eagle Scout project. He is refurbishing a couple of unused restrooms at the school where Generations Church meets. It will be so nice to have usable facilities near the sanctuary. He is also doing a bit of touch up painting where he can.
Here is Cam scraping. Notice the makeshift scaffolding?
Rowan wanted to help too. The roll around trash cans were a great thing to keep him busy.

We ended Spring break by going out to The Old Spaghetti Factory.
Let the shenanigans begin.

Rowan is a good eater.
Of course he has to do it himself.
A boy well satisfied.
Rowan with 3 of his biggest supporters.
Cam enjoying the air vent.
I think someone reminded Courtney that school starts back up this week.
and last but not least. Us.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The beauty of Spring...

I picked up these beauties from the store. They aren't blooming in the neighborhood yet.
They come in so many vibrant colors. Quite the contrast to our rainy gray skies.
Daffodils are showing off all over town. These are at the local Community College.
They weren't all open the day I took these but I'm sure they will be open & glorious soon.

The cuties were here this past week.
Uncle Hayden and his adoring fans. Well one of them is adoring him anyway.
One of Rowan's favorite things to do when he is here is to stand on the couch and watch for the buses to go by. He likes trucks and cars too. Oh and birds. He always notices birds. He got his cousins in the act along with Uncle Cam. They were actually watching an Uncle Hayden out on the porch.
I think Peanut is loving being back in Portland. That top shelf of their climbing tower is about 5 ft off the ground. A nice safe distance away from the youngest visitors.

Alyssa has contributed to my quilting fetish. She purchased fabric and had me sewing.
She chose the design layout.
Rowan "helped".
So did Courts.

And in todays news....
Cam and I picked her up at the train station this morning. He actually was more thrilled than he looked. He is always nervously anticipating the flash of the camera.
SPRING BREAK has also started.

Hope everybody has a terrific one.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Krystle....here's to a wonderful year ahead.

It has been quite a year since you turned 21.
Life is an adventure and you have definitely had your adventures.

You were officially old enough to have cheap food and pop at happy hour.
That is a great milestone. A lot easier on the pocketbook.

You spent time with us traveling up to Hood River for Father's Day.
Then you took off to Virginia and Michigan to visit with the Kangas side of the family.

You spent good times with family at the Hilman Family reunion.
Here is our traditional rest stop on our road trip to Eastern Oregon.
You and the rest of the girls look soooo pretty at Cherise's wedding.
Of course you spent a good deal of time mushing up those nieces....
and nephews.
We saw you off to your biggest adventure of all.
You came back to us looking pretty spiffy.
Christmas was memorable. Every one of you was home.
Then we had to say farewell again for a time.
This is a picture of your life ahead (notice that the NAVY is on your back thus "behind you"). It's time to forge new trails and trust God in all of it.
We will always be here for you no matter where you go.
We love you, Krystle.
Happy 22nd Birthday.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Not much to share

I have been working on some projects lately. Some addictive projects at that.
But due to their purpose I can not share photos of them yet. I have been having fun.

But I can share a picture of our unexpected lunch guests.
Kiel and Cherise zoomed through P-town on their way home from visiting Lyssa and Rowan.
Short and sweet (the visit not a discription of the people) but fun.

Farewell old friend!
Thanks for the memories.

The truck that we dated and honeymooned in left us this past week. We weren't going to get around to fixing it up even though that was a dream of ours.

A lovely young couple has taken it on as a project. .. a real "labor of love" in that when it is finished they want it to be sort of a focal point at their wedding.
The gal was one of the caretakers for Harlan's dad. I'm excited for them and for the truck to be getting the TLC that it has been lacking in the last few years.
I had to get one last pic of Har with "our" truck, even though it was never technically ours. We have wonderful memories and many pictures of our travels back in the day.